Let Hyperinflation Commence: Cheetolini’s previous financial crimes were peanuts compared to this

Prepare to witness the biggest financial fraud of all time.  Cheetolini has fired Inspector General Glenn Fine whose job was to oversee the spending of US $2,000,000,000,000.  The graft, the insider trading, the misuse of office thus far, that was a pittance compared to the theft that’s about to come.  He’s removing all the watchdogs placed to prevent corruption and replacing them with puppies and lapdogs.
President Trump on Monday replaced the Pentagon’s acting Inspector General Glenn Fine, who had been selected to chair the panel overseeing the rollout of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed last month, Politico first reported.
Why it matters: A group of independent federal watchdogs selected Fine to lead the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, but Fine’s removal from his Pentagon job prevents him from being able to serve in that position — since the law only allows sitting inspectors general to fill the role.
  • The group of inspectors general will now have to choose a new watchdog to lead the committee.
  • The White House named Environmental Protection Agency inspector general Sean O’Donnell to serve as the acting Pentagon inspector general in addition to his current post. Fine will return to his role as the Pentagon’s principal deputy inspector general, a spokesperson told Politico.
The big picture: Sources close to Trump tell Axios’ Jonathan Swan that they expect him to fire more inspectors general across his government, after his Friday night removal of Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community I.G. who alerted Congress to the complaint that triggered impeachment.
  • Conservative allies of the president have told him that these inspectors general are members of the “deep state” trying to undermine him, and Trump appears to have embraced that view.

  • On Monday, Trump rebuked a reporter at a coronavirus press briefing for asking about findings from the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general. He continued to attack the HHS inspector general on Twitter on Tuesday, claiming that she spent eight years with the Obama administration and calling her report “another Fake Dossier.”

  • The HHS inspector general, Christi Grimm, has served as a federal watchdog in multiple administrations since 1999.

Cheetolini and his gang of criminals are so unconcerned with being caught that they now openly and blatantly perpetrate corruption and graft.  It’s a like watching Nicolae Ceaușescu all over again, and we know how that turned out, destroying the state before his enemies finally turned on him.  Ceaușescu was never buried in those solid gold coffins he bought for himself and his wife.
First the mass deaths, then hyperinflation, and finally economic collapse.  The USA is over.


  1. jrkrideau says

    It’s a like watching Nicolae Ceaușescu all over again.

    I had not been thinking of Ceaușescu specifically but I think you’ve hit it exactly. This type of behaviour is essentially gutting the country. It is hard to think of any country that has reduced most of its population to abject poverty that has not turned into something very close to a failed state.

    The weird thing is that some of the US elite cannot be completely stupid. I guess that there are enough of them wrapped in their own alternate world that the few who actually understand just how serious the problem is can not do anything to stop the feeding frenzy.

    First the mass deaths, then hyperinflation, and finally economic collapse.

    Given the number of firearms in the hands of US citizens and the crazy right-wing militias that we see down there, err up there in your case, I think we maybe seeing something closer to a civil war, but with nut cases on all 8 (?) sides shooting at everybody else, a little like Idlib at the moment with various fanatical jihadist groups shooting at every other fanatical jihadist group.

    This does not bode well.