It Went Over Well: Quarantine-o-we’en is massively popular

I don’t believe in supernatural mumbo-jumbo one iota, but I love Hallowe’en.  I’m one of those 24/7/366 (this year) types who talks and lives Hallowe’en every day.  You wouldn’t believe how many Hallowe’en groups I’m in and the number of pages I follow.

Around March 20, one of the Hallowe’en lifers came up with the genius idea: create an event to alleviate boredom and let people have fun.  April 30th is Walpurgisnacht (aka Hexennacht, night of the witches).  That’s six months from Hallowe’en, but people desperately need a release right now.  I’ve seen people joking that they’ll be breaking out xmas decorations soon.

They called it Quarantine-o-we’en and set March 31st as the date.  People expected only Hallowe’en lifers to participate, but the regular public has joined in and now it’s taking on a life of it’s own, hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) joining in.  You stay home, but you decorate your house for Hallowe’en, wear costumes, and post pictures online.  A search of google, youtube, facebook (#quarantineoween) and many other sites turn up a plethora of results.

If you have nothing to do, join in!  There are pics of me below the fold.

I intended to do more costumes, but Transgender Day of Visibility required my attention.

First, my catgirl maid cosplay outfit, with a friend:

A gothic vampire.  The wings aren’t too visible, but you can make them out.

Two pics of decoration in my hallway.  One leading away from the street entrance…

…And one towards the main door (on the left) and my own apartment (with everything on it).