Kentucky Fried Adult Human Chicken

On my previous post, commenter KuraZed asked:

What is the collective noun for TERFs? Is it

But day before yesterday, this happened:

Tweet from @didoreth reading: "The word ‘Woman’ means adult human female.  Like ‘hen’ means adult human chicken. You may want to mangle language to the point of meaninglessness, the rest of us aren’t playing."

At time of posting, tweet still live at

… so I propose that from now on, it’s “coop”. A coop of TERFs, clucking nonstop nonsense.

I checked, you know. Held my nose and looked at this user’s profile. It doesn’t appear to be a parody. Either this is legit TERFposting insanity, or someone has created a truly exquisite Poe account.


  1. says

    Oh I wouldn’t even have looked. That’s such stock terfery and and terf way of presenting oneself that it could be copy-pasted from a few hundred other shitheads. I love Peanuts Marcie and find this offensive on that level as well.

  2. StonedRanger says

    So is eating adult human chicken considered to be cannibalism, cause Im hungry as heck right now.

  3. says

    @11 Intransitive

    Not sure. Given that a flock of chickens has a huge propensity for violence and an unwarranted reputation for being harmless, ‘a coop of TERFs’ is starting to feel ever more apt.

  4. KuraZed says

    I still like the sound of “Germaine Greer and JK Rowling and Graham Linehan are an old sod of TERF” but I am a Brit.

    I also think “adult human chicken” is just a sloppy typo for “adult female chicken” but should have been spotted sooner and not double downed on.

  5. says

    @13 KuraZed

    Obviously that is what it is. I doubt anyone didn’t get that. We’re here to mock a malefactor who screwed up one of her own garbage slogans, not to seriously engage with the idea of Gallus sapiens.

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