International Goths and Terrible Promotion

In response to the pandemic, Italian band Ash Code – together with friends like André Savetier, host of The Wave of Things – assembled a sort of online music festival to raise money for charities. They’ve transitioned to raising money to make the festival a meatspace event, using their most recent version of the online fest to hold out the proverbial cup. But not only did they do a terrible job of publicizing their newest festival, they also tempted people like me to unsubscribe from their yewchewb channel by repeatedly posting videos of this one basic joke, clogging up my subscriptions with foolery.

But if you want to know what goths are up to these days, all across the world, check out the Gothicat Festival videos. And if you’re in Europe* and it might be possible for you to go to an IRL Gothicat Festival, consider donating to the weirdos. One word of warning: All of these videos have strobing lights on some tracks, and they don’t always provide adequate warning.

*Theoretically they could do the festival anywhere. Some of the acts on these shows are from Mexico, Canada, the US, South America, Australia, and I think Taiwan? But the vast majority are based in Europe, so safe money where the IRL fest will end up – assuming they can raise enough money like this.

EDIT TO ADD: Speaking of new gothery, here’s a US track that dropped just a few days ago, from a black transwoman, if that’s a kind of person you want to support & you like heavy sounds:

Return of the Mikla

Kælan Mikla has a new video debuting like seven hours from the time of this post. I’ll be sleeping, then rushing to work, and unable to truly dig it til Friday evening. Kælan Mikla is a divisive band, with some of the most shrieky lady vocals out there. They’ve veered hard into gothy territory on recent albums and by the design of this thumbnail I expect more of the same. Will this be more chilled out, or still have the shrieks? No idea. Anyway, these girls always amuse and entertain me with their earnest ice witch theatrics. Lemme know if you love or hate them, as by the time you see this post, you can find out for yourself.

Horrible Art Goblin Chanteuse

Why it’s Kennedy Ashlyn of Them Are Us Too and SRSQ fame, of course.  This song is old enough that the other band member died in a horrible tragedy years ago ( ;_; ), but it’s delightful to slow groove on the fruits of art people going off the chain.  I have nothing useful to say about it.  Content Warnings:  Non-Eyebrow Having and Tearing Out One’s Wig.  Low Mood.

Easy Kudos for Hollywood

Hey Hollywood!  With Elliot Page out as trans, you’ve got a golden opportunity for cheap liberal kudos and award bait!  Cast Elliot as a man and treat him as a man, in a classy cool movie.  Like a Christopher Nolan joint, where he’s draped in GQ having man feels opposite a fellow gentle-looking man like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  It would be cool if you’d give him a romance plot, gay or straight, but if you wanna hedge your bets like the cowardy custards you are, you can leave that out – just have it be a bro show.

Just getting him up on the screen looking cool, doing film noir stuff, you’d have an instant cult classic for the kind of people who are horny for people like him but never get to see that in cinema – lots of blu-ray sales.  He’s sexy enough that you’d make millions of mildly transphobic cishet women uncomfortably atttracted in a way that would push controversy and attention.  You’d have all the right full-blown shitheads screaming about how you’re evil, making you look like saints to mainstream viewers.

It’s time, motherfuckers.  Do eet.

Horror Games by Small Children

Many babies love morbid content, like creepy pasta and spooky fairy tales.  I remember one time when I was wearing my Hellraiser t-shirt and a five year old in a restaurant bathroom praised me for it.  Thanks kid, I like cenobites too.

Someone I know once had the job of helping some very young children make video games, and they gravitated straight to horror.  This was some years ago, I’m sure the kids are young adults by now.  I hope they find this and turn beet red, and laugh too.  It’s charmingly over-the-top foolery.

Click the pictures to visit the works of Bloody Rose Studios, and if you’re on PC, take the several minutes to finish one of these games.  You will not regret it.  Well, Content Warning: Morbid Kid Imagination let off the Leash.  Some graphics provided by googling hamburger.


Bloody Scream was a classic point and click adventure game in the “dungeon escape” subgenre, made by kids who loved creepypasta and anime aesthetics.  It’s the first and goriest entry.


Sweet Nightmares was getting more cerebral.  If you can figure out how to get past the gnome traffic jam, it’ll really make you think, maaan.  The soundtrack and sound effects in this one all came from the mouth of one girl.  A master entertainer in the making.


Get Some Sleep or You’ll DIE!!! was an effort to make a serious, mature game in the vein of Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest, to reflect the maturing sensibilities of these young creators.  Things did not necessarily run to plan.  See if you can collect the different bad endings.

Tempo in the Soundtrack of Our Lives

This morning as I was working, two songs rotated in my head:  Spy in the Cab by Bauhaus and Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor.  It wasn’t about the lyrics – I’m not torn between lovers and Spy in the Cab is beyond meaningless.  But the tempo matched my mood.  Songs will sometimes pop into my head based on the speed I’m operating at.  If I’m trying to do something fast-paced, it might be Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry feat. Gibby Haynes or Birds by The Butthole Surfers.  Sometimes other qualities of the song will enter into it, like a song with lurching or broken rhythm or breathless vocals may pop into my mind if I’m tired or sick, like Going to a Go Go by The Miracles or LA Blues by The Stooges.

Do songs randomly pop into your mind?  How do they connect to how you’re feeling?

Whisper Dolls

I had a dream last night that The Whispers had 500 members, like a Neil deGrasse Tyson-themed version of The Pussycat Dolls, and they were trying to fund a reunion thing by fundraising at least a hundred dollars per member, which led to some mental math I was unable to manage in my unconscious state.  This wasn’t completely out of left field.  Of course, I’d been thinking about the band as I went to sleep, and had seen a video in my yewchewb recs that was a Klymaxx (Bernadette Cooper version) latter day performance.

I feel like I should photoshop these screencaps from their “Rock Steady” video to have more guys, but I just don’t have the time for it today.  Try to picture it, if you will.  Have a nice day.

Mortal Jelly

Humans are just piles of jibbly meat, highly derived structures propping up a primordial worm / digestive tract.  Our overdeveloped sensory processing node/brain wants something more.  In their earliest form, brains would have more basic info to process – dark/light, pain/satiation, things like that.  Is the human desire for a transcendant experience a misguided version of some kinda worm drive, wanting to move into the light inside the light?

Sometimes experiences feel like they’re touching on an abstract higher realm, like getting closer to god or transcendance or nirvana, whatever.  When I’ve felt this it’s usually from music or film, more rarely from physical experience.  It’s kind of like buzzing.  Like if your thoughts are all wave forms and they’re peaking.  Maybe transcendance is just your mind’s wave form hitting a ceiling, like a mistake in audio editing that causes a loud part of a song to turn into an obnoxious rattle.  We don’t like hearing that audio track, but if it had a sense of self, maybe it would feel pretty cool.

Anyway, listening to The Doors veers between wondering why you’re listening to this clownish nonsense and feeling like true magick is about more than just casting spells, maaaan.  I put my finger on the veins of the cosmos and find the pulse uncanny, retract.  Back to work.