May Flowers – Black

I had a dream last night that included a song, which was kind of a feeble knockoff of the Gershwins’ “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”  It was being sung by a band leader in Cab Calloway mold, but more heavy-set and sedate.  He was wearing a black suit with bright white embroidered spider web designs on the lapels.  I just expanded the lyrics I remembered to a full length song.

Down the Drain

Woke up this morning feelin’ jazz
Felt like the world was up for grabs
Gambled and lost everything I had
Life’s goin’ down the drain

I wait for government housing
Lifeboats on fire
Better sink or swim

Is the Great Depression all that swell?
From down at the bottom I can hardly tell
Sunday is Heaven and Monday Hell
Life’s goin’ down the drain

Tho I used to be balling
You’ll never catch me
Puttin’ on that Ritz

Ride the highs, watch out for lows
I used to get kicks right up my nose
Now you can say I’m truly hosed
Life’s goin’ down the drain

Above the veins I am tying
If the smack don’t hit
Gonna drown in gin
Out of life I am nodding
But I feel no pain
With life goin’ down the drain

art by great american satan, using midjourney version 6.0


  1. says

    the image i made for this with midj is not quite spot on for my dream, but how fucking amazing is it that we can make images from our dreams, with some patience and verbal teasing at a robot? this took only a few rounds to get satisfactory results. i love it.

  2. says

    i didn’t consciously make the association, was just thinking of it as a nod to halloween or something, but i am aware of anansi, so it might not be a coincidence. interesting to consider all the thoughts we could be having with no conscious awareness.

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