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Gotta let my two followers on tumblr know I keep it real:

AnarchoTumblr Fuck Off

Leftoid tumblr in general has gotten my motherfucking goat so many times, I’m done with it.  Hell, the only reason I have a political tumblr is as a spleendump for shit that comes across my dash I feel obligated to spread.  Honestly, I’d be better off completely unplugged from the political attitude on here.

It’s funny because I know the popular tumblr funnyman types that are pushing radical left positions now were pushing fascist shit as teenagers.  They just grew up and transed up enough to realize gamergate was a mental dead end.  But they still have that 4chan influenced nihilistic fuck-the-world attitude, paired with the snooty holier-than-thou sanctimony of the very liberals they are always shitting on.

I ain’t a political liberal.  A lot of my personal beliefs are radical left, particularly by ameriKKKan standards.  But just because I believe voting dem (when there isn’t a better local alternative) is crucial harm-mitigation and shouldn’t be discouraged, these fuckoes would have you believe people like me are genocide apologist bootlickers.

There are people on this site and especially elsewhere who are either sincerely faithful in the democrats, or just feel like spreading any negativity about them at all will harm their odds at the polls.  I don’t love those positions and I try not to RB that shit, but those people are still doing much less harm to human lives than vote discouragers.

People in gerrymandered-out hell states are making moves right now, making changes that directly save human lives because they don’t buy your shit, or aren’t here to be reading it.  I’m proud of those people, even the ones who are deluded right wing assholes about other positions, because I value the lives they are saving.

The rethuglican party is a murderous death cult and every inch of power you cede to them is lives lost.  Even in red states where “your vote doesn’t count.”  It only doesn’t count until that glorious day when it does, and it’s starting to happen.

VOTE.  Crush that shit.  Smash that motherfucking like button.  After that, be as radical as you wanna be.  I don’t give a shit how many cops or shinzo abes you detonate.  Just vote first.

Right now, it’s like that.  If you discourage voting, choke to death on your own shit.  You’re spending enough time up your ass, it’s right there.  Open up and say glug.

Meanwhile my non-political tumblr is a much better time.
The usual memes, no political crap interspersed through it.  Enjoy.



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