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During the October FtB Poddish Sortacast, I told a story off the cuff with nothing but a slim outline (and some personal memories) to guide me.  I feel like I did a pretty good job at it, and I enjoyed it, which has me wanting to do it again.  Great American Satan, yewchoob content creator.  I know a lot of people want words to put in their ears, while doing mindless tasks like exercise, or while trying to sleep.  Would you like to get rhapsodized by this beast?  Wanna get lulled by the dulcet tones of Satan?

More importantly, would you toss a plinky coin into a patreon for that sort of thing?  I would not have the time to make patreon exclusives happen, it’d just be an incentive for me to carve out the time for this, while I’m still making my living nine-to-fivin’ for The Man.  I promise I wouldn’t spend all day on twitter and stop producing content for years at a time like the usual leftesque yewchoob comedians do.  Pinkie swear.

If I go for it, I’d aim to do two to four videos a month, at the upper end if a story runs over to being more than one video.  Most of the time I’d do short stories like Len Ross, but sometimes I might even serialize something to low novel length.  Don’t know, we’ll see or we won’t.  I would do my best to keep the videos ad-free or at least having no mid-roll ads, assuming google’s evil asses even allow that for less than a jillion dollars a month.  Also, comments will be disabled on yt completely.  I don’t have time to moderate the mass of hate I could attract there.


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    when i was a youth i used to go over to my home boy’s house and he had IBM computadoras pre-windows style. he’d play with midi files on a 386. anyway, somebody had made a pretty decent midi out of prince’s batdance, but the vocal samples were ass, so the part where vicky vale’s name is sampled over funky music is like, “mmp dmp mmp Icky Ale mmp dmp mmp Icky Ale. I like. BAT-MAAAAAAAAAN. Icky Ale.”

    that’s what’s wrong with you whippersnappers these days.

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