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As I’ve been feeling the concept of leftover people lately, I’d like to do something with them.  But I dunno, I’m pretty busy in life.  Could I make the time?  The ones I’m most inspired by at the moment are the TTRPG Kult‘s “Children of the Underworld.”  Back in the day when I was inspired by something in an RPG I’d just make a character or scenario in that RPG, but for every hundred character sheets I may have played one or two sessions.  A lot of waste.  Now I’m like, how do I steal this without stealing it, so I can use it in my personal arting or writing?

The CotU are a lil’ HR Giger, a lil’ Clive Barker.  There are comparable concepts in lots of stories.  How to make this thing mine?  Also, in the spirit of not starting new projects until I get some of the old ones done, do I have an existing project I could wedge them into?  Of my recent spooktobers, maybe Conrad’s Sojourn, maybe Josefina y Blasfemina?  I dunno. Of last year’s spooktobers, maybe Blasted?  Of the year before that, maybe Hot-Handed God of Beasts?  From MonsterHearts events, maybe Die MonstervitchesI’m Your Turbo LoverDaphne?

Speaking of last year’s spooktobers and totally off topic, you can see me deliver an extemporaneous performance of Len Ross in one of the FtB podish sortacasts.

Anyhow, I percolate.  Anything you’d like to see in dismal gothique leftover peoples?


  1. says

    stand and deliver. i was trying to get: “action movie still. two animal-headed men in standoff pointing guns at each other’s heads. one has the head of a scruffy drab sparrow, two has the head of an oily rat. bluish light in a smoky warehouse at night.” got mugged by mouse newsies instead:

  2. flex says

    I’ve been giving some consideration to your LP concept.

    Some things which have been floating around in my mind are that:

    A) They are not really forgotten people. There are many novels where people who are forgotten, either people or as a race, become intrinsic to the plot. I would say Patricia McKillip’s trilogy The Riddle-Master of Hed” is my favorite example of one of these. Or they could be a forgotten god trying to die, like Lawrence Watt-Evans The Lords of Dus series. But there are dozens of examples of a person, like Obi Wan Kenobi, who are forgotten by everyone and then turn out to be critical to changing the world.

    B) Their place in fiction really has only a few possibilities I can think of. They would make a great teacher/sage for training the young heroine(s), or hero(s) if you prefer. They would have a different viewpoint, and maybe cosmic powers/understanding. Or they could be attempting to rule or destroy the new creation, and are the villain. But the idea that they are the protagonist seems like it would be awkward. I mean, what is the motivation for a creature who’s universe has ended.

    C) Finally, there are some novels about robots or other human constructs which were obsoleted, thus becoming leftover people. These are often presented as a commentary on our consumer culture, where the older model is discarded for an updated version. Like the Electric Monk in Douglas Adams’, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. However, it strikes me that the underlying concept is the same.

    Anyway, I’m taking the week off from work and I should probably get back to my housecleaning.

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