You Sang The Union Forever

The dream began with a sort of video game scenario, wherein I was a non-blue native american analog on an alien world.  I had to fight the big bad with only the power to purify poisons he produced.  I had to level up on some Dragon Ball bullshit.  There were other anime tropes involved in the scenario.  After the final battle I was trying to find clothing to wear and famous voice actor / internet funnyman SungWon “prozd” Cho was there, with some people fanning out about his anime parody content.  Despite now finding myself in the classic “where are my clothes” dream scenario, I was thinking of myself as the creator of the anime bullshit I had just played out, and I wanted to mention that to him – seeking praise from the master of that art form.  But since I was basically naked, I had to yell at him from around the corner.

This transitioned somehow to another part of the dream that was a big elaborate musical about the invention of labor unions.  It was full of ludicrous anti-history, bad songs, and Oscar bait cast, which in my head was anybody famous that I had seen recently on the internet, whether or not they would actually be cast in an Oscar bait movie – Johnny Depp, Brendan Fraser, Nicole Kidman, but also the guy that played Negan on Walking Dead, and some of those ladies from Klymaxx.  Negan was playing an intellectually delayed dude that was leading the union charge.  He also fancied himself a songwriter, but had really bad ideas.  In one scene he was trying to explain a song idea about a mixing bowl to Elvis Presley.  I was there and felt the need to explain that musicals are horrible, which in the context of this particular scene would be lampshading.

Johnny Depp was using an anachronistic computer terminal in this ambiguous early 20th century steel mill and discovered that he had a “demerit” in the system, without knowing what it was or how he had incurred it.  This would be the launching point for a subplot about how unions will protect you from arbitrary punishment, with rules about how you must be informed of impending disciplinary action and be allowed to defend yourself from them.

Then Brendan Fraser had to go talk to the boss lady and do more singing that my subconscious was ill-equipped to fill in the lyrics of, until I got tired of this and woke up at 8:50 in the morning.  And now this – the glorious reward for anybody who clicked my “subscribe” button in the sidebar.


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    you can start remembering them better if, upon waking, you lounge in bed a while, keeping yourself in a fugue state, trying to remember or think of the last thing you were dreaming about. do that often enough and it gets easier. i don’t know that it’s a healthy thing to do, but it can be interesting.

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