1. JM says

    Several of the top pictures have an oriental influenced look to them. Did your brother throw some oriental keywords in or did that find it’s way in on it’s own?

  2. SasquatchAIFingers says

    I think I was trying to make a promotional poster in the style of Wes Wilson, who did a bunch of psychedelic rock show posters back in the 60s.

  3. billseymour says

    There’s a TV station in Mt. Vernon, IL that I can receive over the air, I guess by way of a repeater for the St. Louis market, which bills itself as “Retro TV” and telecasts lots of old shows including version one of Doctor Who.  I mention that because they just finished the last of them, Survival, which features cat-people who can teleport to other planets looking for prey. 😎

  4. brightmoon says

    My youngest had a bootleg CD of Disney songs that his friend gave him. The last song on the CD was Tilt a whirl. Which we ended up replaying and dancing to. 😁

  5. says

    i used to listen to KISW in the seattle area in the early 90s. became quite familiar with the Nuge before i found out he was even more disgusting than his lyrics, haha. a shame, that was cool classic ronk music.

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