Pepsi and Mania

Don’t drink mildly caffeinated beverages close to midnight when you’ve been having random nights of insomnia.  A recurring theme of these episodes is feeling the need to explain myself, in some way, to some hypothetical audience I’ll likely never face.  Last night it was the annoyance of seeing yet another leftesque person decide to take a “bold” stand against AI art, locking arms with exactly everyone in the entire universe except apparently my boyfriend and one subreddit.  And so I was contemplating making that my first ever yewchoob video, which I’ll likely never do.  But I kept contemplating, getting no sleep whatsoever.  It’s ten minutes to eight and my work alarm goes off at 8:20.

So I’ve decided to make eight posts, so I can have the top article in every category on FtB’s front page.  Here I am, born to be kings, I’m the princes of the universe.  This post has already mentioned art, and so it will be the top post for “Arts and Culture.”  I rule.


  1. Bruce says

    As the world strives for purity in art, we will reject inauthentic tools that distance ourselves from art, such as AI, and computer graphics, and ink pens, and pre-made paints and canvas.
    Anyone who isn’t gathering their own plants and soil to scratch things on their own cave walls is clearly an inauthentic artist.
    Yes, Neanderthals and Paleolithic Homo sapiens, I’m talking about you too. To save art, all human art must be rejected as having used tools that make it not truly human.
    The only true artist of the past millennium must have been that Jan 6 rioter who rejected the social constraint of feeling that toilet time requires a toilet when in the capitol. True truth?

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