Wrestling is the New Burlesque

You remember burlesque?  That was a thing a few years back, where the sex nerds would put on pasties and pretend to be vaudeville or something, didn’t happen to go to any myself.  I feel like there was a little stand-up clown sign outside the clubs which said “you need this many sex partners to enter.”  Which is great, you know, sex nerds deserve their diversions.  But it petered out.

Suddenly, I’m seeing all these poly and queer youths doing amateur wrestling.  What is that?  It’s certainly worse for your health than glitter lung.  Hell, some of them use glitter and still get the glitter lung as well.  But yeah, seems like wrestling is the new performance art for sex nerds.  The more you know.  And no kinkshaming in this, I just think, maybe don’t break your spines.  You only get one on this bitch of earth.

Thanks for listening.


  1. lanir says

    Sounds prone to ego issues that might lead one to winning first place on the couch that night. Something like massage oil and Twister sounds like a much better bet for things like that. And you could make it more interesting by having any partners that weren’t feeling up to being oiled handing out snacks between moves. It might be interestingly challenging to eat a little chocolate or a small fruit (berries or grapes or something) while cosplaying as a slippery human pretzel.

    Of course this comes with the caveat that while I’m poly it’s more how I think about relationships than relationships I’m in currently. I tend to be shy, quiet and antisocial in real life so I’m not very good at meeting a lot of people. Which leads to not meeting a lot of poly people which leads to not a lot of poly relationships. Which is why I haven’t tried anything like what I described above. It might be a terrible idea for some reason I’m not thinking of.

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