International Goths and Terrible Promotion

In response to the pandemic, Italian band Ash Code – together with friends like André Savetier, host of The Wave of Things – assembled a sort of online music festival to raise money for charities. They’ve transitioned to raising money to make the festival a meatspace event, using their most recent version of the online fest to hold out the proverbial cup. But not only did they do a terrible job of publicizing their newest festival, they also tempted people like me to unsubscribe from their yewchewb channel by repeatedly posting videos of this one basic joke, clogging up my subscriptions with foolery.

But if you want to know what goths are up to these days, all across the world, check out the Gothicat Festival videos. And if you’re in Europe* and it might be possible for you to go to an IRL Gothicat Festival, consider donating to the weirdos. One word of warning: All of these videos have strobing lights on some tracks, and they don’t always provide adequate warning.

*Theoretically they could do the festival anywhere. Some of the acts on these shows are from Mexico, Canada, the US, South America, Australia, and I think Taiwan? But the vast majority are based in Europe, so safe money where the IRL fest will end up – assuming they can raise enough money like this.

EDIT TO ADD: Speaking of new gothery, here’s a US track that dropped just a few days ago, from a black transwoman, if that’s a kind of person you want to support & you like heavy sounds:


  1. avalus says

    Cool, that got added to my list. Thanks Satan!*

    *Such a goth thing to say xD

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