May the Fourth FOAD

An old college chum and I am in touch with on social media posted a Space Shooters image and tagged it with the name of this punnish fan day. And I say, what a great May the Fourth to reflect on the colossal failure of this franchise to stick a respectable landing, to see just how much their latest bullshit has tarnished anything worthwhile in the fun cheesy garbage that came before. What a great day to commemorate the dissolution of any interest I have in pursuing anything Disney has to offer from this cash cow ever again, for me to celebrate not feeling even slightly compelled to drop money on a ticket for their shit, or get their streaming service, or even lift a finger to pirate it.

I’ve dedicated a post like this to Rose Tico before, but better to dedicate it to Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega, who are done with the shitshow that was clearly done with them before it was over. No offense to people who can get past the burn to enjoy the old stuff in their way, but that ain’t me. Have fun with your stuff, but respect where others of us are coming from. We’re done.


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    Somebody left a comment featuring anti-SJW buzzwords and suicidal ideation. One mention of guns shy of the mass shooter trifecta. Buddy, I ain’t the guy to talk to when you are suicidal. I am something of a nihilist. Is there a point to existing? In the human race persevering? Feels like there is to me, but I recognize that it is just a feeling, and if you don’t have it, who am I to argue with you?

    But earnestly, end of the day, I don’t like anyone committing suicide. I’m a normie, we find it disturbing when people don’t value their lives. I hope you figure out how to A – Not hate living and B – Stop having such stunted empathy that you cannot recognize an earnest expression of heartfelt values when you read it, imagining that I must be as racist or misogynist as you are because you cannot imagine other people’s minds. Good luck on both points, chief.

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    Perhaps a weird tangent, but I’ve noticed that I feel similar about the Star Wars franchise and Brexit. Namely: I can’t believe nobody had a plan. How do you do something that big and not have a plan?

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    Not as much of a tangent as the last attempted commenter. And what a coincidence! My bf says the exact same thing about Space Shooters – How tf did they start making those movies with zero idea how they would end them? It’s stock jj abrams behavior, but still kinda mind-boggling.

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