Already? No, it can’t be!


Ok, I love any excuse to share a Tom Waits video, even if it hurts. And yeah, November hurts. It’s time to set our clocks back. And I wrote a verse about that, which means that until I forget about it, this weekend will always remind me.

Time. (an illusion–lunchtime, doubly so)

As simple as they are, I find the graphics on this one just stunning. This video makes me cry (well, really, it’s Tom that makes me cry)… and I love it.


  1. lorn says

    I’m a big Tom Waits fan.

    I like his sadness, the feeling of tragedy with the dirty deal we are given as humans, lamentations over how things never quite work out, but never quite fall apart completely either. His wicked sense of humor and irony. I like how the lyrics seldom make a lot of sense taken directly but are blindingly clear and illuminating as metaphors.

    The dreams aren’t broken here … they’re walking with a limp.

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