Cephalopod Awareness Days!

I got busy and missed the beginning (yesterday), but it’s not too late! I have not seen a lot of hullaballoo this year, but the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Blogs reminds us that October 8-12 (strange, it’s usually 8-10) are Cephalopod Awareness Days. Among other things, this means the Cephalopod Awareness Days at Noadi’s (I get no kickback, but I did buy the Cuttledaughter a necklace there and she loves it), but there seems to be less cephalopod awareness this year than in previous. Ocean of Hope has a post up for the season, with a “state of the ocean” address that is sobering, as an honest state of the ocean address certainly would be. Go read it, get depressed, and come back here for a bit of silliness to bring you just far enough back to be ready to actually do something about it.

The time has come! (What time, again?)
October 8, and 9, and 10!
Each year, this time, We play the odds
And celebrate the cephalopods!
(See, Pascal’s wager must apply
To more than just that Yahweh guy—
And crosses, crescents, pentacles
Cannot compare to tentacles!)
You need to hug a cuttlefish,
Or, yes, a squid, if you should wish,
Or octopus, if you insist,
But someone, somewhere, must be kissed,
With lots of arms to hold you tight,
And though we could, we will not bite.
(I would not even make a fuss
If you should snogg a Nautilus)

If you should think these days are Holy,
You do not grasp the concept fully—
The cephalopod, the fish, the eel,
Unlike the God, you see… are real.


  1. procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now says

    I can personally vouch that coffee tastes better from a Digital Cuttlefish mug. That’s some practical Cephalopod Awareness.

  2. lcaution says

    Well, PZ seems to have completely missed the occasion. So I guess we now know who the true King of the cephalopods is on FTB.

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