The Room Was Full Of Wealthy Men

The room was full of wealthy men
And one of them was Mitt
He felt he could speak freely there,
And lighten up a bit.

He thought his friends would have his back;
That wasn’t how it went.
And now we know how Romney feels
For the forty-seven percent.

The poor among us always thought
That Mitt was unaware—
It seems we’re wrong; he knows, all right
He simply doesn’t care

It’s not his job to care about
The folks who don’t have much;
Who don’t have yachts, or second homes,
Or Cadillacs and such

It’s not his job to give a damn
About the working poor
Which Mitt said, to the wealthy men
He’s really working for.

The wealthy play by different rules—
Why can’t we just admit?
The room was full of wealthy men…
And one of them was Mitt.

via every damn news source on the planet.


  1. Mad says

    It sounds to me more like he’s saying that he cannot change the vote on the 47%, not that he does not care about them ( which he probably doesn’t ), and that his job “in the campaign” therefore won’t be to sway the 47%. I guess as soon as he would get to office, he would very much like to “take care” of them :)

  2. Randomfactor says

    I read this, somehow, as

    “The room was full of empty men.”

    The room was full of empty men
    no luxury was spared
    the words would breach the campaign’s hull
    it could not be repaired

    Alas, the ship is sinking fast
    the rats in yachts leave quick
    each saw in Mitt their moral twin
    their candidate’s a dick.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    The room was full of wealthy men
    Each there to play his part
    The room was full of wealthy men
    But empty, still, of heart.

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