Just a quick note, as I am grading one test, putting together another, and anticipating papers–

As you may know, Cuttlefish University does not have a Secular Student Association, or an atheist club, or anything of the sort. It has half a dozen christian clubs, two jewish clubs, at least one interfaith club (no muslim club, which my small handful of muslim students have complained about). I am hoping to be able to get some form of SSA or similar group started soon.

For whatever reasons, the students at Cuttlefish U. seem like they might need a bit of help with this one. I’m ready to do my part, but I am very glad there are experts at the national level (the Secular Student Alliance) ready to do their part as well.

Which brings me to your part, if you should choose to take part. If you would like to help Cuttlefish U. (and/or your own local college, university, or high school) with their efforts in this regard, take a look to the right of this page. There’s a widget over there, just under my “about the author” box, where you can donate to the SSA. As I have said in the past, every donation helps–no matter how small.

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