Cranston T-Shirt Video

No, not “Evil Little Thing”. This is the pro-banner T-shirt. It’s actually a nicely produced bit of video reporting from the Providence Journal, in my opinion–a low-key portrait of perfectly nice people who think their rights are being trampled on, because their privilege is being reeled in.

I assume that proceeds are going toward court costs, but I haven’t been able to confirm it.


  1. LeftSidePositive says

    And another one of those insufferable fools crowing about “In God We Trust” on money–seems like he’s taking it pretty literally, and feels entitled to have the government proclaim his viewpoint. Ceremonial deism my ass!

    Of course, thanks to the magic of ballpoint pens, the bills in my wallet currently proclaim that we trust in:

    $20 “the manipulation of public opinion through exploitation of religious belief”
    $10 “the Flying Spaghetti Monster”
    $10 “separation of church and state”
    $5 “Joe Pesci”
    $1 “George Carlin”
    $1 “John Lennon”

    (no significance to the denominations, just whatever I happened to get in change and whatever trustworthy entity popped into my head at the time…)

  2. echidna says

    The facebook page dedicates the effort to removing the banner without destroying it (not a trivial task, given it was partly painted over some years ago). An earlier news report said it was for an appeal, but that idea seems to be fading.

  3. Sly says

    They are proving that they have freedom of speech.
    Good for them.
    The case was about religious freedom, and the establishment of religion by the state.
    Good for Jessica… and though they don’t realize it, good for them, too.

    And the money in MY wallet doesn’t say “in god we trust” anymore either.

  4. Randomfactor says

    The way I heard it, the money raised goes towards the banner’s “preservation.” As in, getting it off the wall more or less intact so it can be displayed somewhere else.

    I may be reading that incorrectly, but I’m pretty sure that since the vote on the original lawsuit was only 4-3 in favor, it’ll only take one flipped vote to end the circus.

    That “in god we trust” nonsense seems to be the default argument on the ProJo blogs these days. Most of them aren’t even trying to defend the banner anymore.

    I keep pointing out that Jessica will get the money in the form of a nice, godless cashier’s check.

  5. Linda Grilli Calhoun says

    A question I have asked the goddies many times, to which I have never received an answer is, “Why is it when someone does it to you, it’s discrimination, but when you do it to someone else it’s exercising your religious freedom?”

    Usually, when asked, they just stammer and walk away. L

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