The Essay

What a brilliant exposition of the writer’s point of view!
What an eloquent analysis, and so well written, too!
So insightful and so polished, so well-worded and concise…
Though an answer that related to our coursework would be nice.

My grading is done. There was one… interesting answer. I won’t go into detail, but it was the functional equivalent of asking an evolutionary biology question and getting an astrophysics answer. One key word was the same, but that’s about it.


  1. Kylie Sturgess says

    “When addressing the question as to whether the mind is separate from the body, one has to ask ‘Whose mind? Whose body? In what circumstances and whether quantum is the answer?’ As is the way with science, we must leave it open to the passing of time and the mysteries of the universe and the future exploration of the puzzle of quantum and the possibility that there is maybe no answer but the passing of the wind through these papers and the wrinkling of the nose as to the flatulence of a ever-careless God (or Goddess or Thing, or whateverthepreferenceofthegraderofthispapermaybe). I thank you.”

    Did I pass?

  2. Pope Bandar bin Turtle says

    Kylie —

    The opulent obfuscation observed in your pedantically proposed prose warrants wacky writing wrecognition … ooooh, shiny object!

    Also, too. You passed!

  3. Die Anyway says

    >”Though an answer that related to our coursework would be nice.”

    I’m reminded of politicians at one of those televised debates. Their response almost never answers the question that was posed and often is totally irrelevant to the question. When you have an agenda it overrides everything. Sort of like the old saying about having a hammer and everything looking like a nail.

  4. Didaktylos says

    You might have been dealing with a future politician – you know “always answer the question you want to answer, not necessarily the one asked”.

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