What Goes Around…

What goes around, comes around.

Cases are making their way through the courts, and churches that broke with the Episcopalian Church over their consecration of their first openly gay bishop are finding that there are unexpected consequences to their bigotry actions. It’s a slow-moving train wreck in the courts. Bring popcorn. Story, after the jump:

In Connecticut, a Groton parish broke away; the courts have ruled that the 135 year old church is not their own property but was held in trust for the denomination. I is suspect they will appeal, but they are not terribly appealing. And courts have, apparently, been siding with the church all across the nation.
“We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has rejected the important legal principle that the owner of property identified in a recorded deed is the true owner of the property,” the statement [released by parishoners] said. “Our members relied upon that principle in donating their time and money to build a multimillion dollar church building. Special rules should not be made for favored religious denominations.” (emphasis mine) I agree with the sentiment, but note that the law that applied (the Dennis Canon) was their contract. To ignore it would be to make a special rule for a favored religious denomination. “Favored religious denomination” is a label always applied to the other guys.

And in South Carolina, it appears the church is making similar moves, charging that the SC bishop has abandoned the Episcopal church.

The letter mentioned, among other things, eliminating mention of national church in the diocesan charter purpose statement, a resolution that the local diocese is a “sovereign diocese” and that Lawrence has done nothing to stop local parishes seeking to leave the national church.

Atheist schisms are nothing compared to the real deal.

My favorite bit, though, is a comment at TitusOneNine*, where the SC story was presented.

1. St. Nikao wrote:
The secular press does not understand that it is The Episcopal Church that has
1. Abandoned the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Episcopal Church
2. Violated its Constitution and canons.
3. Illegally deposed over 400 clergy for disagreement with the pansexualist agenda.
4. Abandoned the Church’s highest law: Scripture and with that, the Commandments of God as well as natural law, God’s design for marriage and the sexes.
5. Abandoned the the basic doctrines of Anglicanism, the Formulary.
5. Reverted to the ancient worship of Baal, Molech and the gods of the Philistines, Moabites, Canaanites, Jebusites, Assyrian, Egypt, etc.,
6. Mis-used God’s Name and Christ’s Church for their own political purposes.
6. Committed heresies and apostasies listed HERE: http://www.standfirminfaith.com/?/sf/page/13902
and HERE: http://www.americananglican.org/assets/Publications/Primates-Report-Final.pdf
7. Willfully gone headlong and headstrong along the road to schism over two decades trying to defend the indefensible after being warned at every meeting.

I mean, really, reverted to the ancient worship of Baal, Molech, et al.? And here I thought the problem was that the church was being dragged into the 21st century, kicking and screaming. I never quite got the hang of that wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.

Don’t worry, little children
No need to be forlorn
It’s always somewhat messy
When something new is born
It’s never really very smooth–
There’s stops and starts and lurches
But screwing over everyone’s
How God makes little churches.

*”TitusOneNine”: “He must hold firm to the sure word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to confute those who contradict it.”
–Titus 1:9, Revised Standard Version

Pretty much the polar opposite of science’s approach.


  1. savoy47 says

    I’m waiting to see what the breakaways do next. How much of their own cash will they put up to build themselves a new house of bigotry?

  2. Trebuchet says

    What does Queen Elizabeth the Deuce have to say? Isn’t she the official head of the Anglican Church, which is the parent body of the Episcopalians? Oh wait — she’s a woman! So the yo-yo’s that object to ordaining women want to get back to the core values of their church, which is headed by one!

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