First Day Of Classes

Wish me luck–except that wishing works as well as prayer
I guess it doesn’t matter much for you to say you care
So think the thoughts you want to think, and sit there on your asses
I’m much too rushed to care right now… I’m heading off to classes.

(Best of luck to my student, faculty, staff, and any who are in the midst of the semester ramp-up. For the rest of you, just have a great day. Or not; it’s not like I’m the boss of you.)


  1. Die Anyway says

    I have yet to figure out what to say… “good luck”, “best wishes”, it’s all so indicative of woo-filled thinking. The best I’ve come up with so far is a phrase from the Red Green Show… “I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together.”

    In any case, although I’m relatively short on empathy, it would make me feel just a teensy bit better to know that someone I’ve exchanged thoughts with on the internet had a good day. But then, that makes it all about me doesn’t it? Sigh… just can’t win.

  2. Joan says

    Good luck to you! I’m of the view this works as well as any
    Fond prayers from those of whom I guess would represent the many.
    If class prays for enlightenment or not, from you, they’ll get it.
    So I can say,” Hooray first day! Just go out there and hit it “.

    The bad economy right here has whittled hubby’s classes.
    Endowments shrink and donors now are sitting on their asses.
    First day for him is rather dim, but after all, it’s work.
    And part job time in poor job clime is still a mini perk.

  3. F (entropy) says

    I read three fantastic posts above. One, two, three! Ah, ha, ha.

    I’ve got nothin’ else. Fourth post down is looking pretty lame. Sorry.

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