Kill The Atheists!

(The title is satire, not hate speech. I don’t want anybody killed.)

Atheists are hateful (1); they’re annoying, rude, and loud;
They’re a total waste of oxygen (2), the godless and the proud
They are spiteful un-Americans, rejecting Jesus’ call—
The solution? Let’s just shoot them. Shoot them all(3).

Those atheists are radicals, and militants as well;
For their blasphemous beliefs they’ll all be heading straight to hell
We could wipe them from the planet, and be grateful for the loss—
The solution? Fucking nail them to the cross(4).

They deny the Holy Spirit; they deny a God above
They deny that Christ was crucified to save us through His love
By rejecting God’s forgiveness, they choose nothingness instead
So they all deserve a shotgun to the head(5).

We should crucify their leader; shove a spear into his side
Let him know the pain that Jesus felt, the hours before He died(6)
So that maybe he’ll appreciate what Jesus Christ is worth—
Nah, let’s wipe the fucking godless from the earth.

I follow in Christ’s footsteps; I adore the Prince of Peace,
But these atheists grow bolder as their numbers have increased
It’s my patriotic duty now, to walk where Jesus led
And He wants these godless bastards fucking dead.

(1) Michael Perri
(2) Casey M Jones
(3) Joe Martinez, Casey M Jones, Bob O’Connell, Joseph Sneckenberg
(4) Chris Dunn, Mike Holeschek
(5) Joe Martinez
(6) Chris Dunn

Edited to add: Here’s another source for a bit more of the background. It is noted there that, although these comments were taken down quickly by site owners (Fox News’s facebook page), Chris Dunn’s comment got 19 “likes” in the few minutes it was up.


  1. cuttlefish says

    Indeed, Matthew!

    In the interest of fairness, if any of you see Fox spokespeople or Church spokespeople decrying the words of these few, let me know!

  2. Die Anyway says

    I haven’t read those specific entries but they don’t surprise me. I’ve been active on atheist/skeptic forums since 2001 and have seen plenty of such violent sentiments. I have been an atheist since the late ’60s but did not “admit” it publicly until 2001 because of the danger and opprobrium. Finally, after reading Douglas Adams’ “Salmon of Doubt”, I decided it was time to join the fray. So far I haven’t faced personal violence but a subtle level of threat seems to always be out there (vis-a-vis this DC verse).

    p.s. I figured out how to use the Nickname field to turn myself back into Die Anyway but I didn’t see a way to upload an avatar pic, although it appears that some people have done so.

  3. cuttlefish says

    Die Anyway–Great to see you here! I think the little avatar pics are done through; that’s how I did mine, anyway (after running to Ed to ask how to do it).

  4. Leia says

    Yeah, and that’s terrible. Maybe they should “fuck themselves sideways with a rusty knife” or any of those other totally nice and peaceful sentiments you see on Pharyngula.

  5. ScaredofDissent? says

    Unwilling to even allow mentions of similar sentiments from those you admire? Weak. I won’t be coming back here.

  6. cuttlefish says

    Scared–the site is set up such that first comments need to be approved. I’m perfectly willing to have others disagree, but I do need to sleep at times.

  7. cuttlefish says

    Leia–I talked to mental health professionals while pursuing the best way to handle Mabus’s threats; they drew a keen distinction between insults and bluster on one hand, and death threats on the other.

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