I just love XKCD!

I want to make peace with my laptop computer;
I think that its feelings were hurt.
It read what I wrote–at least, that’s what I figure;
Since then, it’s been rather more curt.
It’s dialogue boxes are monosyllabic,
I swear it’s beginning to pout.
Now I’m thinking that, maybe, it’s bored in that box,
So I’m working on letting it out.

I wired a handful of microcontrollers,
Some batteries, bearings, and wheels,
A webcam for eyes, so it sees where it’s going
And doesn’t fall, head over heels.
It’s programmed, of course, not to run into objects
While making its way ‘cross the floors,
And it talks to my house’s security system
And opens and closes the doors!

Now it sneaks out and wanders all over the city–
I follow its progress online.
It’s posting its story, and streaming its cam
On a blog that gets more hits than mine.
It asked me last week for a solar recharger–
I found it a small one to add;
This morning, I woke to a note in the printer:
“I’m off to adventure! Thanks, Dad!”

Inspired by the inimitable XKCD, in case you are the last person not to know about it.


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    Two of the blogs I most ratedAn unholy new species createdThis cuttle you seeAnd X K C DHave finally now consummated!

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    Hah, your poems are awesome. BTW, was your meter inspired by any music? It reads almost perfectly to the music of “Gaston” in Beauty and the Beast (I have 3-year-old twins). Maybe its just coincidence.

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    There is just no end to your creativity – in so many areas. Really cooooool poetry!Thanks for sharing with us all.BTW, I remember seeing a web page of parodies of Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics. Yours is waaaaaay better! Keep them coming.Sue

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