Seriously unskilled impersonation


People said the impersonator is imitating my style, but no – this doesn’t sound like me at all:

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I don’t think I tell people to “ponder” things.

I hate “he or she” and don’t use it.

I wouldn’t say “in what capacity” are you Xian because that’s meaningless.

I would never say “believing in christ.”

I would never say “Others would proclaim.”

I would never, ever belittle someone by calling her “miss.” Yuck.

I don’t use a hyphen, I say trans woman, because I understand it’s the preferred way of saying that.

I would never say “may meet the requirements set by certain people” – that’s ugly and clumsy and gross, and I don’t write like that.

I wouldn’t say the substantive part the troll ends with.

That doesn’t sound like me at all.

And, of course, it isn’t.


  1. Saad says

    It sucks that people are doing this shit to you. What a bunch of cowardly assholes.

  2. says

    Lady M – Well it sounds a little like me, I think. I can see some pretty clear signs of imitation. But – not surprisingly – it gets all the details wrong.

    It reminds me of Steersman, who tries to imitate what he thinks of as intelligent writing, but manages only to sound like a prolix affected bore.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    I wouldn’t say the substantive part the troll ends with.

    I could tell it wasn’t the real Ophelia Benson because they didn’t any sentence end a preposition with.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    Do you, on those other social media thingies, use
    as a sig line?

    Pierce R. Butler’s #5 made a pain my head in.

  5. guest says

    Re the yes and no question business, I was literally just thinking about it this morning–am I a Jew? Yes, unquestioningly. No question at all that my biological mother (who raised me) is a Jew, and therefore I am a Jew. But no, I’ve been baptised into the Catholic church and was raised in a Catholic environment; any Jewish influence there was on my upbringing was unconscious. No one would know I was a Jew unless I told them, and I don’t have the Jewish experience of practicing the religion, living in the community, or directly experiencing anti-Semitism. So if anyone asked me a yes or no question, I’d have to understand what the questioner’s motivation for wanting an answer was before I could say. And it puts me in a bit of a bind if I’m in situations where I want to assert that I am a Jew, or want to assert that I’m not (though I can’t think of any situation calling for the latter, and I’m very cautious when doing the former about not ‘appropriating’ the experience of Jews who have actually lived being Jews).

  6. Athywren, Social Justice Weretribble says

    Ok, so I’m not a particularly regular reader but, seriously, have people been believing that that kind of crap was written by you?

    Dear madam, I beseech thee! Consider this wondrous confoundment of mortal befuddlement:
    Why is it that when people are imitating others, they seem to feel the need to write as if they’re reciting a olde worlde playe ‘pon ye stage?

  7. says

    chigau @ 8 –

    No, never. I hate that silly affectation of “signing” comments…except when people with handles do it to identify themselves.

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