6:50 in the morning.

The second thing I see after logging on.




Rosalie McMillian

Ophelia Benson: Making you question why you still call yourself a human one blog post and comment at a time.

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Ophelia Benson: She who smelt it dealt it.

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Ophelia Benson is the reason Tinkerbell was poisoned by Hook.

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Blade Stevens: yes.

Blade Stevens: yes more of these

Ophelia Benson: There will never be enough Zoloft to make me less sad that she exists.

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I’ve never heard of this person.

My life has become so random.


  1. luzclara says

    simply and completely disgusting.
    what kind of person would post such a thing?
    shit. shit. shit.

  2. clamboy says

    Bravo, chigau, well said. I’ll start, then, shall I? Ahem:

    Ophelia Benson drained all the aquifers.

  3. Blondin says

    I’m so sorry you have to put up with this crap. What the hell is wrong with people?

  4. chigau (違う) says

    When I turned on the mobile device this morning, all my bookmarks were gone.
    I was going to blame PZ but I now think it was Ophelia.
    The bookmarks have now returned, I guess I must credit Ophelia with that, too.

  5. screechymonkey says

    There’s a fascinating lack of self-awareness involved in posting about how much a total stranger has hurt you (with words that weren’t aimed at you specifically) while simultaneously saying the vilest things personally targeted at said stranger.

  6. latsot says

    I’m not very good at this.

    Ophelia Benson: writes things I like to read.

    Oh and there’s this business about integrity and caring about what’s written and shit like that. I should probably have mentioned that.

  7. says

    Ophelia Benson made my toast fall peanut butter side-down.

    Short note to anyone genuinely finding this stressful, and reacting however they do:

    I’m pretty sure Ophelia thinks that you’re a person. There just aren’t that many other things around this planet that can type, as far as I know. I appreciate your life might be difficult, however, and so do not greatly hold this against you. It’s messy. It’s ugly. Hang in. Read, when you can. And take care of yourself.

    Shorter note to anyone gaming this to create alienation that serves or amuses you:

    Actually, I’ve nothing much to say to those. Just maybe thought I’d mention:

    I can seeeee you.

    Short note also to Ophelia:

    Also hang in. You’re good people, far as I’m concerned.

  8. sambarge says

    Ophelia Benson made me fly coach yesterday. Twice.

    Thanks, Ophelia.*

    *Looks like Obama is off the hook, too.

  9. says

    So, depression is sadness? 25 years of chronic depression tells me otherwise…

    Here was me thinking intersectionality meant not using discredited stereotypes about mental illness as the butt of jokes. I guess I’m “punching up” by complaining [insert favoured fallacy of relative privation to show how I am].

    Next you’ll be telling me that when intersectionalist cis-male guys act towards women in a way that has said women making comparisons to the Slymepit, that said intersectionalist cis-males won’t “shut up and listen”, but instead will defensively moan about the poisoning of the well, and about how “we used to be friends” (just like some other guys back in 2012).

    It really is quite a feat of engineering to install moving parts into such a monolithic and complicated set of goalposts. All the same, and excuse my ignorance and fear of the modern, but I think I’ll step away from this particular instance of the new machine – I fear it may fall on me.

  10. Rob says

    Seriously, if you start your day by sending harassing, hateful messages to a stranger, what makes you any different from the slymepit?

  11. Omar Puhleez says

    Confucius said: When an anonymous facebooker or tweeter dumps on you, they have shown their hand, which is probably a busted flush, or at best a pair of 2’s.
    When you stir up a hornets’ nest, it only shows that the hornets don’t like you.
    But the butterflies always will.

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