Finally released in Kolkata and on its way to the Alberta Film Festival is the award-winning Bangladeshi movie Nirbashito, which is based on Taslima. The English title is Banished.

The Times of India last December:

Churni Ganguly’s first directorial venture, Nirbashito, has been adjudged the best film in Delhi International Film Festival.

The script of the film, which is based on the life of banished Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, has Churni playing the role of Tasleema, who, however has no screen name. In the film, the protagonist represents every women, which also tries to explain the tag line that accompanies the title of the film — A woman has no country.

The film, allegorically, tells the story of Nasreen’s difficult journey after being exiled through the story of her separation from pet cat Minu. Interestingly, Minu, too, has a Twitter page and congratulated Churni on winning the coveted award.

Yes, well, Taslima is separated from Minu again, thanks to the murderous bastards who keep wanting to kill her.

“I am extrememly proud. I am overjoyed that the film is doing so well outside Bengal, even though it is yet to release in Kolkata. Recognition certainly helps one believe in oneself. This award has convinced me even more that stories such as these need to be told,” Churni said, after coming back to Kolkata today morning.

Taslima tweeted today that it’s being released in Kolkata now, all these months later.

Congratulatory messages for the Shabdo director and his powerhouse actress wife, now a powerhouse director too, has not stopped pouring in from the moment the news broke.



  1. =8)-DX says

    So anywhere we can download it? Seems to be too obscure for torrents and not likely to come to mainstream cinemas in my area. Guess I’ll just have to give it a wait.

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