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The morning update. Dawkins is still raging at feminism, still whipping up hatred against women who object to Tim Hunt’s contemptuous remarks about women scientists.


Richard Dawkins ‏@RichardDawkins 8 hours ago
“The Modern Witch-hunt.” @TheTimes letter: “Competitive condemnation.” “Ugly race to condemn.” The wish “to be in the front row of the mob.”

Condemnation can be good. But Internet today makes it all too easy to whip up a baying mob & recapture the spirit of the playground bully.

The bully here is Tim Hunt. The bully here is Richard Dawkins with his 1.2 million followers. The bully here is the consortium of Famous Pale Male Scientists trying to defend their right to express their contempt for women as colleagues.


  1. luzclara says

    Doesn’t Dawkins have better stuff to do with his time? Is he so demented that he is compelled to just keep on tweeting and saying and writing whatever nasty shit floats up to his elderly entitled mind? It’s a little bit mortifying, despite the fact that it’s so annoying.

  2. hoary puccoon says

    Dawkins has spent way, way too much time hanging out with creationists. He figures, if creationists can get people to reject all of modern biology because somebody misidentified a pig’s tooth in 1924, he can use the same technique of Expressing Outrage over any tiny, perceived infraction to keep people from thinking clearly about gender issues.

  3. says

    luzclara – I know so so so many people who have tried to cajole him to do better things with his time than tweet anything at all but to no avail – so I guess the answer is no, he doesn’t, not in his own mind at least.

  4. R Johnston says

    hoary puccoon @2:

    In the end this will be Dawkins’s legacy, an atheism built on the rejection of the scientific method and an epistemology every bit as intellectually vacuous and useless as that of the creationist dribble he ostensibly opposes. It’s not so much that Dawkins has spend too much time hanging around creationists as that he is, in the end, just another libertarian shithead who has managed to come to the right conclusion about gods for all the wrong reasons, who can repeat arguments in favor of atheism without actually understanding them, whose faulty epistemology leads him to being a misogynist douchebag reflexive defender of the status quo.

  5. anthrosciguy says

    Projection is rampant among creationists, and rightwingers, and MRAs. It’s also ubiquitous among pseudoscience proponents of all stripes. Dawkins has joined them.

  6. anthrosciguy says

    They’d just take it away from him, MrFancyPants. Actually, I’m surprised Dawkins didn’t blame THAT on the mob of rabid feminists (or at least Rebecca Watson) too.

  7. Jean says

    Since Dawkins is always telling people (mainly feminists) that there are worst situations and they should just shut up, he should himself shut up about Hunt and concentrate on real problems like right-to-work laws. Those have real impacts on the people fired on a whim.

  8. M'thew says

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist it:

    Dear Innocent People Murdered In Witch Hunts

    Please remember, dear Mr. Dawkins, that the backlash Tim Hunt has received pales in comparison to the shitstorm Rebecca Watson endured (and probably still endures) over her “Guys, don’t do that” remark. Do you see the difference? If not, I guess your emotion gets in the way. Time to contemplate that.

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