1. says

    So, given that you admit to wanting to do nothing as President, Mr. Perry, you won’t be wanting a salary then?


  2. says

    I think he should just leave his campaign to his god, then, too. Just as a matter of consistency.

    No, no, no need to raise funds, no need for attack ads, nor talk show appearances, nor voter drives, guy. And hey, tell the various soft money groups to stand down, too. I’m sure the Lord will take care of it all for ya/it’s time just to hand it over, &c.

  3. Cassidy McJones says

    Just in case you have not yet regurgitated your lunch here’s the entire speech from which the quote was drawn:

    I actually went a-googling because this seemed to me one of those memes using made up (or taken from a parody) quotes and attributed to whatever politician. But no…no, of course not. Silly me. It’s real.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    I should point out that most of Texas got hotter and drier after Rick Perry’s prayer rally in Houston back in 2011. But Houston and all of East Texas got heavy rain the night Christopher Hitchens made his last public appearance at the Texas Freethought convention later that year in Houston. Hitch died just a few weeks later at MD Anderson hospital just three weeks later. He came to MD Anderson to get the most extreme and experimental treatments available. It has rained close to normal levels in Southeast Texas since Hitch died. And that’s a lot of rain. Houston has a higher average rainfall than Seattle, but much of that rain is from supercell thunderstorm events that flooded us a couple of weeks ago. And there are also tropical storms and hurricanes that add to the rainfall totals.

    And it’s an El Nino year, so few hurricanes in the Atlantic, but the Gulf remains hot and moist. Plenty of chance for early short range storms like Alicia back in the 80’s and Allison back in 2001 which was even deadlier. So deadly that “Allison” is the only storm that did not reach hurricane strength that had its name retired

  5. kellym says

    The saddest part is, that aside from the single issue of religion in government, Dave Silverman would probably love to vote for Rick Perry. Texas’ defunding of Planned Parenthood, rejection of Medicaid expansion which has killed thousands, and gutting of earned benefits, are just some of the issues on which Dave Silverman and Rick Perry, both outspoken “fiscal conservatives,” are in complete agreement.

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