1. hotshoe, now with more boltcutters says

    Oh that was so uncomfortable to watch. Laughing at that is like whistling past the graveyard.

    Ya wonder why the young men belting on suicide vests or pushing the buttons to launch another drone attack don’t stop to ask, “Are we the baddies?”

    Is it just because they don’t have skulls on their clothes?

    Thanks for sharing, I guess.

  2. Al Dente says

    “Are We the Baddies?” is good. I also like Mitchell & Webb’s “Homeopathic A&E”:

    Okay, so you kill the odd patient with cancer or heart disease. Or bronchitis, flu, chicken pox or measles. But, when someone comes in with a vague sense of unease, or a touch of the nerves, or even just more money than sense, you’ll be there for them. Bottle of basically just water in one hand, and a huge invoice in the other.

  3. Emily Vicendese says

    There’s a similar kind of theme in the movie Boxtrolls, as a subplot. Two henchman discuss the nature of evil and how they know that they are the goodies. Eventually, it begins to dawn on them that they are in fact helping their boss do awful things to people. It’s a good film for lots of other reasons too. 🙂

  4. jedibear says

    This sketch was the first thing I thought of when I learned that gamergate were branding their opposition “Social Justice Warriors.”

  5. Saad: Openly Feminist Gamer says

    That’s one of their best ones. David Mitchell is my favorite comedian.

    Off topic: Can’t wait for Peep show series 9!

  6. sonofrojblake says

    I was lucky enough to see them perform that sketch live a few years back when they toured their show. David Mitchell is one of the best comedians currently working.

    One of my favourites is this, which is about the sheer over the top banality of sports coverage…

  7. johnthedrunkard says

    Um…did no one notice that the badge includes CROSSBONES as well?

    It really says something about Nazis that they would be so comfortable with THAT insignia.

  8. says

    It really says something about Nazis that they would be so comfortable with THAT insignia.

    It was originally the logo of The Brunswick Hussars; observe the shako on the left:
    (am I too much of a militaria geek, that I recognize the display case as being in the Musee Des Invalides in Paris? I practically grew up in that museum…) They were, literally, the original “Black Company” One of my favorite kickass aristocrats in history, Marie Louise of Prussia was the titular commander of the hussars’ regiment, and often went about splendidly turned out in her own regimentals. ( )

    I played too many napoleonic miniatures games in college and still find napoleonic light cavalry uniforms to be absolutely swoon-a-licious. I’m glad the nazis didn’t appropriate the entire look.

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