Hmmmmmmyes. Holding my nose and watching the first twenty minutes of that TBQ, the part devoted to The Tragic Plight of Blokes and Their Excellent Bloke Culture. I’ve paused at 11:45 and may never watch the remaining 8:15 minutes, but I got a look at the dread Milo Yiannopoulos. At 11:10 a woman interrupts him to correct a factual claim, and he blocks her interruption with “Sorry I’m talking about men darling.” Kate Smurthwaite, I’m happy to say, goes ballistic, and the obnoxious presenter makes an obnoxious patronizing quip about oh dear I’m leaving.

Sexism as all a barrel of laughs for the masses, how revolting.


  1. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Maybe I’m just completely dense but what the hell do they mean by “men feel like they can’t be men”?

  2. says

    “men feel like they can’t be men”?

    Because under patriarchy men are supposed to be assholes. So, if men can’t be assholes they feel like they can’t be men. And thus the reasoning completes a full orbit.

  3. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Marcus at 2- That’s what I thought they meant but they kept saying it like it was a bad thing. That’s what had me confused.

  4. says

    Exactly. It’s a terrible injustice, raising boys not to be assholes and not to be angry violent explosions waiting to happen. That’s teaching them to be gurrrrrrls, you see, which is gross.

  5. says

    Also, what exactly is “banter” supposed to mean? It seems to be just a stupid euphemism for sexist shit; is it anything more specific than that?

  6. Banichi says

    Google saith: (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=banter)

    noun 1.
    the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
    “there was much good-natured banter”
    synonyms: repartee, raillery, ripostes, sallies, swordplay, quips, wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay; More
    exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way.
    “the men bantered with the waitresses”
    synonyms: joke, jest, pun, sally, quip; More

    which fits with my intuitive understanding as a native English speaker. Banter often includes sexism but I don’t think that’s intrinsic.

  7. says

    what exactly is “banter” supposed to mean? It seems to be just a stupid euphemism for sexist shit; is it anything more specific than that?

    I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily sexist shit – it might also be racist, homophobic, or sexist shit. “Banter” covers the full spectrum of “stuff I got caught saying that I want to dismiss as not mattering.”

  8. says

    I used to work with a jackass (that’s the technical term, I believe) whose passive-aggression strategy consisted of saying something nasty in meetings then immediately following it with “… just kidding.” After a bit of that I started immediately following his comment with “… no you’re not.” It was amazing how quickly that particular verbal tic of his evaporated. The meeting ended and several of the other attendees and I had a great laugh at his expense, until I asked them why they hadn’t confronted him until now and why they waited for me to do it.

  9. themann1086 says

    @2 I’m reminded of an old FSTDT classic where a fundie was called out for using Circular Logic and then preceded to defend Circular Logic as “the best logic” since it formed a circle. I can’t remember the details now, but it was hilarious.

  10. ApostateltsopA says

    Ophilia, if you can get past the smug BS those ladies hand him his smug little ass.

  11. sandi seattle says

    Sargon of Akkad did a video response to this, some good points some typical SoA rhetoric.


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