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Via The Freethinker, have a cartoon:

Cartoon: David Fitzsimmons

Cartoon: David Fitzsimmons

It’s via The Freethinker, but you can also see it on the Facebook page of Shaykh Noor Ul Aqtab Siddiqi. He says he’s a public figure, but I suspect that’s aspirational more then descriptive. Barry Duke tells us more about him at The Freethinker itself.

Last month we reported that Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, of the Muslim Action Forum, praised scaredy-cat British media for not publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Oh that kind of public figure. Remember the Muslim Action Forum? And that absurd “no cartoons of the prophet” demonstration in Downing Street? That’s who our Shaykh is.

Well, the Muslim Action Forum is back in the news. It has launched a “legal strategy” to stop insults against Mohammed. MAF is also asking supporters to “lobby your MP” to make “Islamophobia” a criminal offence.

The group states that they intend “to launch a series of legal challenges in the English Court system” because:

Depictions of our Holy Prophet peace be upon Him is the worst kind of ‘Hate Crime’ that can be perpetrated on the 3 million Muslims in the UK and 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide.

No, it isn’t. You might as well say depictions of Darth Vader is a hate crime against fans of Star Wars. It takes a lot more than that to make a genuine hate crime.

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  1. RJW says

    Mohammed really didn’t like ridicule, so he probably would have approved, Fitzsimmons has missed the point completely.

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