Most were women and children

Now Boko Haram is turning its murderous violence on Cameroon. The BBC reports it has kidnapped dozens of people there.

They said many of those kidnapped in the cross border attack against villages were children.

Four villagers who tried to fend off the attackers were killed, a security source has told the BBC.

A security source told the BBC that it was the villages of Maki and Mada in the Tourou district near Mokolo city in Cameroon’s Far North region, about 6km (four miles) from the Nigerian border, that came under attack.

The suspected militants arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning when it was still dark and left in the direction of Nigeria with scores of hostages.

Cameroon’s Information Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary confirmed the attacks saying between 30 and 50 people were taken in the raids – although he said an exact number was difficult to establish as investigations were ongoing.

“They burnt to ashes almost 80 houses,” he said.

A police officer told the AFP news agency put the figure of hostages at around 60, saying “most were women and children”.

It’s like rolling back hundreds of years of human history, back to when most people were helpless before armed gangs of men.




  1. says

    It (this, and reports from the ISIL front) really does sound Medieval, or even Old Testament, doesn’t it? Take a town, slaughter half the inhabitants, rape or enslave the other half, raze the place to the ground. Only now with automatic weapons. This is what Pinker was pointing out we don’t do anymore (and we — humanity — mostly doesn’t, except this lot wants to roll that back a millenium or so).

  2. karmacat says

    The irony is that these people want to take over a country but don’t know how to manage an economy, ensure there is a good infrastructure, etc

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