You can tell what brand and style the shoes are

Drone footage maps the damage done to the Nazca site by Greenpeace, io9 reports.

As PBS Newshour reports:

The Nazca figures were drawn between 500 BC and 500 AD by removing a thin patina of dark rocks covering light sand. This is one of the driest regions of the world, and the lack of water and wind has helped preserve the lines for centuries.

But they’re still quite fragile. “When you step on it, you simply break the patina and expose the bottom surface,” said Peru’s Deputy Culture Minister Luis Jaime Castillo . “How long does it take for nature….to again create a patina? Hundreds of years? Thousands of years? We really don’t know.”

Watch the video and pause it at 1:15 to take a good look at the Greenpeace footprints – you can see the sole-patterns very clearly. Lots of them.


  1. quixote says

    What were they thinking?!

    But then, I think maybe I can imagine. Greenpeacers often trespass where they’re not wanted: banners on bridges, corporate megabuildings, that kind of thing. If you’re 100% focused on the biosphere and 100% ignorant of and uninterested in the things humans do, then history means nothing to you. They probably saw the “No Trespassing” sign as another authoritarian obstacle to be ignored.

    I wonder if they’ve learned anything? Has everybody involved and the leadership at least fallen all over themselves apologizing? And, no, it can’t be truly fixed. Those bacterial crusts in deserts take centuries to form. There’s a kind of the-gods-must-be-crazy irony to Greenpeacers throwing themselves into stopping the thoughtless destruction of the irreplaceable planet by thoughtlessly destroying an irreplaceable part of the planet.

  2. Sea Monster says

    PBS with the late news. Heard it here first.

    Can’t quite remember who it was but one super-intelligent commenter was discussing the construction method and importance of patina here the other day.

  3. says

    Quixote @3: Yes, they put out an official apology, and their executive director flew to Peru to talk to officials (and presumably apologize). Their ED has apologized through the media as well. They’ve also agreed not to use the photos of the stunt in their advertising (though, at this point, that would be self-defeating).

  4. says

    My main gripe with Greenpeace is that they undervalue humanity and this is yet another example of that. I guess I can ask the next Greenpeace donation hound I see which non-western historical relic they’re going to deface next, right after I ask them how many hundreds of thousands of children will die/go blind this year due to their opposition to golden rice.

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