As more women come forward

Bill Cosby is losing gigs now.

Additional Bill Cosby shows have been canceled as more women come forward alleging he sexually assaulted them many years ago.

Officials at the Treasure Island hotel-casino on the Las Vegas strip said they’ve mutually agreed with the comedian to pull the plug on his Nov. 28 performance.

Jenny Carpenter, the manager at Virginia Theatre in Champaign, Illinois, confirmed that Cosby’s April appearances are canceled.

The moves come after the Diamond Desert casino in Tucson, Arizona, on Thursday scrapped his Feb. 15 gig. No reason was given.

He’s 77. That’s a lot of decades of getting away with it. His tv sitcom ran from from September 20, 1984 to April 30, 1992, eight full seasons. He played Mr Fabulous Solid Humorous But Also Responsible And Wise Father. Think about that. Think about playing that kind of part while being a guy with a pattern of drugging women and then raping them and then getting away with it because they were drugged. Think about combining those two things. He didn’t present himself as just a stand-up comic, but also as a quintessential good guy. A paradigm of the good guy, a pattern for all aspiring good guys.

The allegations from a growing number of women have prompted the cancellation of interviews and much-anticipated projects on NBC and Netflix, and reruns of“The Cosby Show” have been pulled off the air.

I wonder if he’s going to be another martyred hero for the people who think Matt Taylor is a martyr to feminism.




  1. ceesays says

    I have never, never forgiven him for firing Lisa Bonet from the Cosby show. They cited “creative differences” but we all know that he was slut shaming her for taking a role in a movie called Angel Heart where she had a sex scene with a much older mickey rourke, and doing a photospread with Interview with no shirt on. He killed her career over respectability politics. Bill Cosby can rot in disgrace, the disgusting old hypocrite.

  2. PatrickG says

    “Pull up your pants!” he was fond of telling them.

    To be fair, that’s a necessary step after sexually assaulting someone.

    Ugh. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  3. Kevin Kehres says

    The parallels between Cosby and “the skeptic who shall not be named” are chilling, aren’t they?

    I wonder if Mr. Bicycle Pants is at all concerned. If even the tiniest bit of sweat has started to bead on his skeptical brow.

    Probably not. He still counts the Eminence Gris as his primary defender. I’m sure he’s every bit as untouchable as he was before.

  4. Jackie the social justice WIZZARD!!! says

    There’s a line from Being Human that I have used softer variations of when talking about bad people with my kids.

    “If kiddie diddlers looked like kiddie diddlers, they’d never get to diddle kiddies”.

    I don’t like the wording. It minimizes sexual assault, imo. But, the meaning rings true. Perpetrators wear masks to get close to their victims. Like any successful predator, their victims don’t know they are in danger until it’s too late. Bill Cosby wore a very convincing mask.

  5. sigurd jorsalfar says

    @1 Anthony K

    And let’s not forget that he was once held out as a paragon of fatherhood.

    It’s looking more and more like Cosby’s image was all carefully crafted by him as a cover behind which he could live the life he was really looking to live – that of a serial rapist.

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