Iona says hello

The Iona Institute has a new self-promotion video.

It tells us what it believes. It believes every child, once conceived, has the right to be born.

It believes the separation of church and state should not mean the separation of religion and the public square.

It believes all people have the right to do what bishops tell them to do.


  1. sceptinurse says

    Did I hear that right? They want my tax dollars to pay for their religious indoctrination schools? To say nothing of the rest of it.

    Aargh….(screaming loud enough to drown out the screaming kids outside my window)

    Unfortunately I don’t feel better now.

  2. says

    “until natural death”
    I guess that saves a lot in healthcare funds.
    Let’s stop all these silly doctors from treating grandpa after his heart attack.
    Wait, that’s not what they mean? But clearly grandpa’s “natural death” would have been 3 years ago, making him a zombi! Ahhh, OK, you worship zombis. That explains it

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