Forced to fast during Ramadan?

Kiran Opal is calling on all closeted Ex-Muslims who are forced to fast during Ramadan to send her their stories.

Are you someone who’s been fasting, pretending to fast, or forced to lie about fasting to your Muslim family and friends? Are you under pressure to stay hungry and thirsty for several hours in the hottest part of the year? Are you someone who doesn’t believe in Islam anymore, but has to remain ‘in the closet’ about it?

If so, I want to hear from you.

I am working on an idea for a blog article to be posted soon for Ramadan on

Similar to the International Women’s Day post from a few months ago, this one requires participation from as many Exmuslims as possible. I’ve compiled a few questions down below, and if you are a closeted Exmuslim, I’d love to hear your responses to them.

I’d like to hear a lot about this too, especially the thirst part. The prohibition on drinking – not “drinking” meaning consuming alcohol, but just plain drinking, as in, water – makes me really angry. It’s very unhealthy, and in hot climates and/or for extended periods it’s plain dangerous.

So spread the word, and if you’re a closeted Ex-Muslim and you want to do this, send something to Kiran by July 16. Detalls in her post.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Not quite on-topic, but the wingnuts are now claiming Obama is imposing Sharia law on US soldiers and forcing them to fast. Because they’ve been advised to avoid offending the public when out in public during Ramadan.

  2. AnotherAnonymouse says

    Military stationed abroad have always been advised to follow the local rules and customs when off-base. The right wingnuts had no problem with military women stationed in Saudi Arabia not being allowed to drive under Bush’s reich.

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