Only if there’s due process

Maajid Nawaz on Newsnight arguing with an Islamist called Ibrahim Hewitt who would love it if Britain became a sharia state and who won’t condemn or reject the stoning of “adulterers.”

There’s a bit starting at 4:30 where Maajid tries to get Ibrahim Hewitt to answer the question – “If there’s due process, stoning to death is ok?” – but the latter dodges and feints and Jeremy Paxman helps him get away with it.


  1. Decker says

    The only question this guy could give a straight answer to is this one: “Is Islam the best religion on earth?”

    Why people like this are even interviewed is beyond me.

  2. RJW says


    Despite the propaganda efforts of Islam’s professional apologists, Ibrahim Hewitt’s views are shared by many Muslims in the West and certainly by a majority of his co-religionists in many Muslim majority countries–refer to the Pew surveys.
    If the majority of Muslims were moderate, majority Muslim nations wouldn’t be such as they are, far from moderate, oppressive in fact.
    That’s the reason that ‘people like this’ must be interviewed, they’re representatives of mainstream Islamic opinion.

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