From very far away

Oh yes.

Tobias Buckell and John Scalzi on Twitter:

I love how the phrase ‘no politics’ always comes from someone swimming in politics… just of their own brand. So little self-recognition.

John Scalzi @scalzi

. “MY politics aren’t REALLY politics, you see! They’re just plain COMMON SENSE!”

Oh yes. That “I think you are homing in on what disturbs me – it’s about trying to spin tragedy for political purposes” from earlier today is a classic example. “Your view of this is political, while my view of it is from a distant point in space where politics no longer exists.”



  1. says

    Well, whenever something like this happens we mustn’t speak because it would be politicizing the tragedy.
    When for a day or two nothing of this sort happens* we mustn’t speak because obviously this isn’t a serious problem.

    *and by that I mean “gains media attention”

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Yet, these are the same people who would complain about ‘silencing tactics’ when they are asked to be quiet and listen to the actual conversation……

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