A child who said No

I’m at the airport. Way too early. I can see the top of the Capitol from this desk-plug-in spot.

There are sparrows in here. They fly along the windows as if they want to get out but maybe they’re used to being here. Maybe they’re like children raised wearing a burqa.

Taslima talked yesterday about being a child who said No, a child who was curious, a child who always asked questions.

Taslima is so amazing.


  1. yahweh says

    Every one of us, as children, was curious, asked questions and said No. The overwhelming majority of us learned there were consequences and reigned ourselves in. Later, as adults, having forgotten what we were once was like, we raise our own children the same way. Mothers just as much as fathers, sons just as much as daughters.

    We all know how angry a crying baby can make us, we all have power over our children and unless it involves penetration or leaves bruises, we can rationalise practically treatment (it never harmed me). Religions have no monopoly here, although they do take full advantage of the damaged people which result.

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