Showing her hair

This is from three years ago, but all the same…it has its implications for the festive World Hijab Day.

The Telegraph, January 19 2011.

A British Muslim man threatened to kill his cousin if she continued to refuse to wear a headscarf, a court heard.

Not very festive.

Mohamed Al-Hakim is said to have telephoned Alya Al-Safar, 21, at her home in Hammersmith, west London, giving her a deadline to start wearing a head covering, Isleworth Crown Court was told.

Mr Al-Hakim, of Fulham, west London, is also said to have labelled his cousin’s immediate family “whores” because of her decision to a adopt western style.

The 29 year-old is alleged to have telephoned his cousin around midnight on June 9 last year to tell she had brought shame on her family by showing her hair.

There are bullies everywhere. There are secular bullies, atheist bullies, all sorts. Nevertheless, religious bullies get that extra hit of validation by self-righteousness. “Rules” and “religious obligations” make a fabulous pretext for bullies to bully in A Good Cause.

The court was told that he also allegedly telephoned Miss Safar’s mother, Fatima Al-Musawi, a few days earlier to complain about her decision not to wear the veil any longer.

During the conversation he allegedly told her: “You are all bitches and whores.”

Maybe Mohamed Al-Hakim just hates women, as so many people and gods do. But ideas about women as fly-blown meat and contaminated candy don’t help.


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