Joyous World Hijab Day to you

Via Muslim & Exmuslim Women for Secularism on Facebook

Photo: Way to go, oversexualising and objectifying yourself! In all seriousness, fuck #HijabDay</p> <p>~ Yasmeen

Hell yes, because women are exactly comparable to food that can be contaminated if it’s not wrapped. (But then why is that foodwoman in the photo letting her face and hands be contaminated? Gross!!)


  1. rnilsson says

    Somehow I doubt this particular sweetie is actually on offer … wrapped or no.
    Or is it some new kind of subliminal ad for condoms?

  2. rq says

    Deen @4
    In my language, “burka” means “jar”. Take from that what you will…

    And I don’t really get it, some candies come wrapped and some unwrapped (like jellybeans by weight, for example). The wrapped candies aren’t necessarily yummier or healthier.

  3. ajb47 says

    When your analogy has me asking, “How do you mean?” you did it wrong. More than just “women are not candy”, I find myself wondering how many people eat candy with the wrapper on it. Yes, it’s a horrible analogy, but it’s horrible for another reason. In order to “enjoy” candy to its fullest, it needs to be unwrapped. In order for the piece of candy to fully participate in the world in the way it was meant to, it cannot have a wrapper on it.

    No, I don’t think women only exist to be enjoyed (like candy). I was just trying to follow the analogy. And it seems to say the opposite of what they wanted it to say.

  4. suttkus says

    Now, now, she’s completely right. Nobody wants dirty candies that haven’t been protected by a nice wrapper. Clearly, this cogent argument must be followed to it’s logical conclusions. First, since I can see nothing particular to one sex or another in the argument, all men should wear burkas so the women (or men, que sera, sera) we love don’t have to deal with our dirty, unwrapped, candy selves.

    Of course, I prefer candies in clear wrappers so I can see what’s in them. So, clearly, the logical conclusion of this argument is all people should wear translucent cellophane burkas. For maximum protection, they should be factory sealed, so that air doesn’t spoil their freshness.

    Candy for everyone!

  5. sambarge says

    Ads like this are great. It makes it explicit that veils are not about devotion to God; they are just another cog in the purity machine. Wrapped/unwrapped candy is a common metaphor in Christian purity too.

    So, keep it up! Share that bullshit on Facebook. Remind everyone that if you aren’t wearing a veil, then you are a slut; dirty and undesirable. That will make you a lot of fans and supporters.

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