1. Dana Hunter says

    Gives a whole new meaning to the Japanese word kamikaze (Divine Wind), doesn’t it just?

    Fun fact: the word’s literal translation is “God Wind” – which means we can safely say that Sara “god wind” her tweet.

    Thank you, I’ll be here indefinitely. *takes bow, dodges rotten veggies*

  2. leni says

    One of Sun Tzu’s lesser-known works was a sequel: The Fart of War.


    Oh shit, where is ModusOperandi when you need him. We need a bat signal.

  3. Richard Smith says

    I have seen the fog of war, and it is brown-ish.

    Although similarly not particularly naval, there is also the petard, a shaped charge used to breach fortifications. Definitely a (usually) more explosive breaking of wind…

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