In a gallery in Ballard

I was in Ballard yesterday afternoon, and I was walking down Ballard Avenue, which is a protected historical district with beautiful 19th century brick buildings – old hotels and shops and newspaper offices – and passed a gallery with some amazing sculptures in the windows, so I went in to look at all of them.

They’re like this:

The woman in the gallery said to me, “You know what they’re made of?” I said, “I assume paper.”

They are made of lottery tickets!

How cool is that?

The sculptor is Alex Lockwood.


  1. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Wow. I want those so much. LOVE pieces that reference natural forms but are so intricately constructed. . so. .”artized,” which is a horrible fake word. In college some of the sculpture students made unnaturally brightly colored stone forms that looked something like plants, but from Mars. Placed among the gardens and especially photographed at sunset in Kodachrome they transfixed the viewer. These remind me of those.

  2. clamboy says

    Wow! Thistles and artichokes were what came immediately to mind, thank you for sharing this.

  3. Cathy W says

    What Gregory said. They’re absolutely stunning! They remind me of the kinds of plants you’d expect to see around a coral reef.

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