Remember Taslima’s extraordinary (horrific) post last summer about acid attacks?* I did a little alert post about it at the time. (A post to alert, not a post that was particularly alert.) Taslima’s post has gone viral over the past few days. I’ve been thinking all those new eyes must mean new hope for action.

And Taslima says they have. She’s hearing from people who are creating groups to help victims, and people who are going to the UN to discuss the problem. In some schools teachers are teaching their students about acid problems and handing out copies of Taslima’s post.

This is good. Education is the first step. Awareness is the first step toward change.

Well done, Taslima.

*Warning: there are pictures, and they are horrific.


  1. firsttimereader says

    It’s seems very common for avfm to write “reactive” articles like this, because they do not like feminists who write articles solely blaming “men” for evil deeds. They are offended that it is not fair to write “men” because it paints all men as being inherently bad people, when in fact a very very small minority of men are responsible for these activities.

    I am a man and I don’t feel any “splash damage” from feminists using the term “men”, although I think it would be better to find a way of describing the perpetrators in a more targeted way.

    I went to avfm and noticed a commenter linking to a Bangladeshi local support group whose statistics show approx 30% of victims were male in 2012. Also there is a rise in women-on-women attacks seemingly. I think it would be fair to criticize the original article for being a little too simplistic and not balanced.

  2. says

    That’s terrific that people are grouping together at long last to do something. OB, you’ve been highlighting this subject matter for years on end. I always found myself leaping from the computer chair when you showed images of people who suffered so badly at the hands of barbarians. I just could not bring myself to look at the images that Taslima put up on her blog. Thanks to both of you for your long-lasting courage in using your writing gifts to show up the perpetrators of Acid crimes.

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