Our men throw acid in our faces, destroy our lives but we never stop loving men. (Warning: Violent images)

Men throw acid on us with the intention of injuring or disfiguring us. Men throw acid on our bodies, burn our faces, smash our noses, melt our eyes, and walk away as happy men.
Acid attack is common in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, and a few other countries. Men throw acid on us because men are angry with us for ending relationships and for refusing sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, proposals of marriage, demands for dowry. They throw acid on us for attending schools, for not wearing Islamic veils, for not behaving well, for speaking too much, for laughing loudly.


She was 18, a college student. Three of her neighbors sexually harassed her for more than two years and then threw acid on her. Her skin on the skull, face, neck, chest and back were melted away. After nine years of that attack Sonali Mukherjee is now blind in both eyes and partially deaf. Her father spent millions of rupees for her treatment. They have now no money. The attackers got bail from the High Court, continued threatening to kill her. She is now asking the government to help her or allow her to end her life.


The face of Sokreun Mean, who was blinded and disfigured by an acid attack.

Carsten Stormer, a German journalist & photographer said,

“Acid attacks deprive people of more than their looks and sight. Families are torn apart. Husbands leave their wives. Children are separated from their parents. Jobs vanish overnight, turning professionals into beggars. Many victims cannot get through a day without constant assistance, becoming burdens on their families. All bear the mark of the pariah.
“What remains is a traumatized society in which domestic disputes, unhappy love affairs, and professional rivalries are nearly always resolved through violence. Hardly a family without its members lost to the ideological battles of the Khmer Rouge – a curse that is passed on from parents to children. Battery acid is known to be most uncomplicated way of causing lifelong suffering. A dollar will buy you a quart of acid on any street corner. The perpetrators are seldom punished. Their targets become outcasts.”


Fakhra Younus was attacked by her husband Bilal Khar, ex-MPA of the Punjab Assembly and the son of Pakistani Politician Ghulam Mustafa Khar. He threw acid in her face after they split up. Tehmina Durrani, the author of ‘My Feudal Lord’, the former step mother of Bilal Khar tried to help Fakhra. She was sent to Italy for treatment. After having 39 re-constructive surgeries, Fakhra committed suicide.

The stories of the girls, from left to right:
Ten years ago Shahnaz Bibi was burned with acid by a relative due to a familial dispute. She has never undergone plastic surgery. Najaf Sultana is now 16. At the age of five Najaf was burned by her father while she was sleeping. Her father didn’t want to have another girl in the family. Najaf became blind. Shameem Akhter (20) was kidnapped and raped by a gang of men who then threw acid on her 3 years ago. Kanwal Kayum, now 26, was burned with acid one year ago by a man whom she rejected for marriage. Bashiran Bibi was burned at her husband’s house just after her marriage. Nasreen Sharif was a beautiful girl. When she was 14, her cousin poured a bottle of sulphuric acid in her face. He did it because he couldn’t stand boys whistling at her when she crossed the street. Her skin melted away, her hair burned away. She is now blind, she has no ears and she has no sense of smell.

Among others, there is Shaziya Abdulsattar, an eight-year-old girl. Shaziya’s father threw acid on her and her mother Azim last year after the mother refused to sell their two boys to a man in Dubai to use as camel racers.

It is very easy for a man to get sulphuric acid if he wants to attack a woman he does not like. The country has become a hot spot for acid attacks. A disfigured woman is not able to get married or get a job. She becomes a financial and social burden on her family.

Neela was forced to marry when she was 12 years old. Her husband threw acid on her face when she was 14. He was angry with Neela because her family was unable to give him the dowry money he asked for.


Akriti Rai, 22, was attacked by her husband, a Nepali soldier.


Ameneh Bahrami rejected the offer of having a relationship with Majid Movahedi, a fellow student at the University of Tehran. He then threw a bottle of acid in her face.


A man threw acid on a 13-year-old girl’s face to take a revenge. The older sister of the girl said: “You have to grow crocodile skin to clean the wounds of an acid survivor. The worst ordeal was while in the hospital, as the skin kept peeling off. I didn’t realize that the tongue skin was also peeling off. The young girl was pushing something in her mouth. I opened her mouth to see and found that almost the whole tongue had come off. I had to pull it out like you do with a cow and only a little red thing (tongue) remained.’

Nitric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid are today’s weapons of choice for criminals who hate women. These acids are easy to buy, easy to hide, easy to carry, and easy to throw. A person who witnessed many acid attacks , said, ‘in a less than a minute the bone under the skin can start to be exposed. If there is enough acid, the bone itself can become a soft mass of non-distinguishable jelly. Internal organs can dissolve. Fingers, noses and ears can melt away like chocolate on a hot day.’


Twenty-one-year-old woman Kamilat Mehdi’s life was changed forever when a stalker threw sulphuric acid in her face. Ismail, Kamilat’s brother said: “The man who attacked her stalked her for a few years. He gave her a hard time but she didn’t tell the family for fear that something would happen to them. He was always saying he would use a gun on them.” Ultimately the stalker’s weapon of choice was not a gun, but a bottle of acid. He used it on Kamilat and destroyed her entire life in one second.


Her lover did it. Richard Remes threw sulphuric acid on Patricia Lefranc. Her nose and eyelids were melted away, she lost sight in one eye and hearing in one ear, she also lost a finger. She came close to death, as the corrosive substance nearly burned through her heart and lungs.The horrific attack physically and emotionally scarred her for life. What was her crime? She ended her relationship with Richard Remes, a married man.

We are more abused, harassed, exploited, kidnapped, raped, trafficked, murdered by our lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, or men we know well than by strangers. Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.


  1. Ingrid EM says

    Yes, the pics are more than horrible. Still, I want to thank you for sharing them. For your constant fearless fight for opressed women all over the globe. I nurture a small hope that the world will one day finally put a stop to this war on women. Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen any time soon. I’ll share this on my Facebook page and see if it manages to stay there.

      • Megapics101 says

        I am deeply ashamed of the members of my (male) gender that would contemplate such (or any) violence against women, and far more, those that actually do these cowardly crimes!

        • will says

          I agree, this is sickening . . . men and women alike do such awful things, it’s the culture at the route of the behaviour which causes people to act in such ways (most of which are patriarchal), opression, supression, insecurity coupled with hardcore religious propaganda causing posessiveness, jealousy, greed and more psychological problems . . . and there is much psychological damage done by people to other people all over the world, men to men/women, women to women/men – our environment shapes our behavior.. We won’t change it by blaming the doer anymore than we would by blaming the victim (even tho’ I would like to crush the doer). It is atrocious to think that humans are in such an awful place as this today.

          • Waliyah Saddiq says

            There are a lot of ppl making religious comments and it is so amazing how after hundreds/thousands of years of religions bringing the worst on the planet in the name of (MEN = male god /son). Its no wonder that men think they are the shit and can commit hayness crimes on their counterparts.

            RELIGION HAS NOT SAVED THE WORLD OF MEN OR ITS CURRENT FOLLOWERS!! If you are a bible toting, scripture quoting christian then please sit down. That stuff is no longer useful or productive and neither is ISLAM or the Qu’ran. Religions are violently twisted and Christianity has been the MOST VIOLENT of them ALL!!

            It is really very simple. All things negative that dwells within you, ie.: hate, revenge, spitefullness, competition, greed, jealousy IS THE DEVIL IN YOU!!! It is our SPIRITUAL OBLIGATION TO SEE THIS WITHIN SELF and with love of SELF work on these negative attributes!!!

            You people of RELIGIONS have made this a schizophrenic world with all your Jesus this, and your (HE) God.

            It is at the very root of all this EVIL in the first place.

            Go Somewhere, sit down, evaluate yourself and ask “WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND CHANGING WITHIN YOURSELF THAT IS CONTRIBUTING TO A BETTER WORLD?”

            Men you need to sit down too. Ya’ll have done enough. MYSONGANY IS THE DEVIL!!! How you gonna hate the very thing you come from?

          • Lifera says

            I support Will’s point of view that it has more to do with the psychological damage that society (belief systems and upbringing) does to people than the fault of a single individual or a particular gender. This article has got me researching the profile of a stalker and thinking of ways to keep myself safe. Because my feelings are just as one commentor pointed out: “this could have been me!”. My research discovered that every adult woman has experienced one form of stalking or the other, and that the stalkers who mostly resort to violence are those who have had intimate relationships with their victims: husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, etc. It’s sad that a woman may not be safe even from the men she loves.

          • GE says

            No “men and women alike” do NOT do these things. I question the humanity of someone who can see these images and read these stories, and STILL disbelieve that this is an issue of MALE ENTITLEMENT.

            If there were *any* justification for your horrible, misogynistic view that these women deserved to have their lives ruined by entitled men, you would be able to author a similar article about male victims of female acid attacks. You won’t be able to.

          • Th says

            Sorry but, women don´t throw acid at men or rape them. Anyone, I get you, the root is the culture

      • Jamela Khan says

        I will share also. But I do not hold out much hope unless the values in a society changes to make these attacks and the perps out as monsters to be locked up for life. That also means the legislation, regulations and ENFORCEMENT have to be exponentially advanced forward.
        Zero tolerance for such acts must be the default option for lawmakers.

    • Franclin says

      I agree with you & I will share this article.
      After reading/seeing this article, I am wondering whether there could be any human left to believe in a personal god, who saves you, when Narcissist Psychopaths have set their minds on destroying other humans.

      I am feeling sick, have tears in my eyes & have a migraine coming on now.

      These monsters must be eliminated, must be perished before it is too late for Human kind to become anything else, but a socio- & psychopathic dying species.

      • Charlotte says

        God is not dead! Is very alive and well, He did not do this! Don’t blame God for what mans sin and depravity have done! God has made a way but Man has to be willing to receive. Stop being like a rebellious child and think just because it’s not done your way their isn’t a way! The world needs to turn to God not away from him, Satan is the father of this earth and Sin prevails, however through Jesus shed blood on the cross an escape was made man has to have a willing heart and accept that sacrifice. God doesn’t force man to do anything he has given them free will. Their refusal to turn away from there wickedness is why this earth is suffering!

        • Aperson says

          All of you christians claim that god has given man free will so that he may do what he wants but that he will suffer punishment later on if he sins. You also claim that god has a plan set out for everyone, so which one is it? By that logic your god is just as guilty as the people who’ve done this. God’s not dead, he was never there to begin with and if he is then he doesn’t give a shit about us. That’s the fact.

          • Monica says

            Parents sometimes have a plan or an idea of how their children’s life may be successful. However, children have their own will… they grow and go their own way. If they want to call their parents for advice, they can. They are there. But they have the choice not to call their parents and make their own choices.
            This doesn’t mean that parents don’t exist or don’t care.

            We are free

            I can’t imagine a parent buying a car for a son that says: “buy this car or I won’t believe that you love me”… but this is the way that some people approach God…

          • says

            God’s love is a gift to us. It has to be received before it becomes operational. It is not automatic. E.g., I have a gift for you, but you have to receive it. If you reject it, then you don’t enjoy the benefits of that gift.

            We receive God’s gift of salvation by accepting that He sent His son Jesus to die a horrendous death to pay the penalty for our sin. We accept that we are sinners, and God is a Holy God. God and sin are opposite of each other. We are sinful–we have pride, we have hated people, we have been bitter, out tongues have cause problems for others, we may even have stolen (like taking things that do not belong to us, but to public places, etc.), etc.

            When we accept the free gift of grace, we have access to His divine protection. We access God through FAITH, which is believing in Him, trusting in Him, and we can do it better and better when we get to know Him through His revelations to us in His Word.

            For those seeking divine protection, get a strong believing Christian to lead you into faith in Jesus as your saviour. Then read and believe in His protection, as for example, promised in Psalm 91.

            But if we remain in our pride, then we remain in sin. And, as I said earlier, sin and God are separated. In pride, i.e. in sin, we are then separated from God. He is God, He is mighty to save. Humble ourselves before Him, and trust in our loving Father in Heaven. God bless you. This sharing is my gift to you. I hope you receive it.

          • Devro says

            if gods loves everyone so muchand wants the best for everyone, why doesn’t he just stop this bullshit?

        • MayJay says

          You are incorrect…the bible says

          Deuteronomy 32:39 “See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.”

          1 Samuel 1:6 “The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up”

          So yes God did this..and he does it for reasons most of the world resents him for.

          There are 18 nations in the bible and everyone on earth today are a descendent of one of those 18 nations. These nations all have judgements coming to them because of what they have done to God’s chosen people the 12 tribes of Israel throughout history and what they still are doing to them today. God’s ways are above our own..and no, he’s not a puff of smoke in the air that does nothing but giggle and sprinkle love dust all day. The state of the world today is proof that the God of the bible is a jealous God and an angry one to boot. You don’t believe that, just look at the news..there is more death, destruction, disease, and despair in the the world in the last 20 years than any other time in History. Christ is coming back soon whether you believe it or not and when he get’s here..All of you “Christians” will have a rude awakening.

          You should also keep this in mind (For you New Testament only people):

          Romans 9:14 “What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid. 15For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. ”

          ^^^ Let that marinate a bit.

          • Adelyn says

            You are obviously taking bible verses out of context to make your point. Which is wrong and as such, your reply doesn’t make sense. If you are a ‘Christian’, then you need to learn how to read the Bible for what it’s created for, not for you to rant on and use against God because you don’t believe in Him. 🙂

            Besides, you do seem to have forgotten that besides God, there’s also someone else called Satan. And he’s also known as the Devil and his job in this world is to do evil acts and tempt others into doing evil acts alongside with him. You may reply that whatever Satan does, it’s with God’s approval; but how Satan chooses to do things, it’s ultimately Satan’s way of doing things. And Satan’s way of doing things is unfortunately extreme.

            “The state of the world today is proof that the God of the bible is a jealous God and an angry one to boot. You don’t believe that, just look at the news..there is more death, destruction, disease, and despair in the world in the last 20 years than any other time in History.”

            There will be more bad things AND good things now compared to any time in history, mainly because the world is evolving and there are more people now on Earth compared to last time. Destruction, disease and despair, whether you like hearing it or not, is actually people’s choice to choose. If you choose to live in sin and be tempted by Satan, then there’s obviously despair and destruction, and disease if you don’t live correctly in the long term. As you would know, you are what you eat, most diseases (even cancer, which fast food is linked too) are because people don’t eat right or eat healthily and then you get obesity, hypertension, heart disease etc. If you choose God, death is not the end, but rather a beginning to something else that’s far better than what this world has to offer.

            Don’t use God as a convenient scapegoat just because it’s so easy to interpret His bible into your version and misuse His Word for your own convenience.

          • Willie Rhodes Fess says

            People like you and the crap you spew is why your god will be just a memory within two generations. People will not continue to believe is such hogwash and worship such an evil, ugly pretense as your god.

        • will says

          uuummmm it’s religion that creates the kind of mindset which in turn creates this kind of behaviour (in a vast majority of cases) ….. there is no such thig as god, just religions, many of them, cold, hard promoters of hatred, and the punishment/reward syndrome, made by men and run by men, this is where the problem is.

          • LadyEz says

            You are absolutely right. I would like to say that religion is harmful fundamentally because it needs you to live a lie. You have to believe in an untruth. When you have taught your mind to do that then you can lie about and justify all sorts of things. Notice that the most religious countries are often(not alway) the most violent, war torn and intolerant of women and LGBT and other minorites. The more secular and atheist countries are often much more peaceful with high levels of education and human rights. There is no god ….get over it and grow up…We have one life and need to live it with joy and empathy, not living a lie from a time when science could not explain all that it can now and men invented god through ignorance and love of power…..

          • Taylormade99 says

            Karl, in consideration of the fact that you seem to be a male, you do not have any room to judge females on this forum, especially calling one a “twat”. REGARDLESS OF WHAT HER COMMENT WAS!!!!!

            My “little” friend, you might be a male, but I would bet that the only evidence of your male sexuality is the lump in the front of your throat and based on your attitude, I would also bet the only “twat” you ever see is on a 1080 megapixel screen. For you to even consider calling a female a name like that, on this forum, shows that your IQ level is lower than the length of whatever you want to call that overgrown pimple between your legs. You seem almost as insecure as the animals that committed these atrocities we all had to look at.

      • Valerie Engel says

        Almighty God will ensure eternal justice for the horror these men have committed. It is a hopeless person who chooses to NOT believe in a God who will mete out PERFECT justice for evil. The person who would use the existence of evil as an excuse to not believe in God really doesn’t care about justice. He would be content with no God at all, and instead have the evil go unpunished.

        • tuibguy says

          Small comfort that they are punished after they are dead when no one can see it.

          Are you saying we should have no laws because God will take care of the punishment after they are dead? I don’t buy it.

          These attacks happen where there is enough religion for people to do good, if that were the true purpose of religion; to teach people to do good and be moral. Religion seems to be doing a pretty poor job with its lessons. I would be content with no religion, especially with no religion that teaches that women are men’s to do with what they will do.

          • MayJay says

            I’m not sure what God she is talking about..but the God of the bible takes responsibility for the death and destruction of this earth. Also:

            Romans 9:14 “What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid. 15For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. ”

            ^^^ The God of the bible is clear that he does what he wants to whomever he wants. He doesn’t need to explain himself and if you have hell thrown in your life from God it’s likely your wickedness pisses him off.

        • Sandra Kwa says

          The fact remains, these women committed no sin to deserve this, these women did not have free will over this, these women suffered unimaginable excruciating pain and are consigned to a lifetime of misery, so there is NO merciful personal God protecting these innocent women, and any god who has the power to stop this and refuses to is NOT loving nor merciful. No loving parent would stand by and allow this to happen to their innocent child. The ONLY rational conclusion regarding god is either 1) he is not powerful, or 2) he is not loving. He cannot be both.

      • Helene Lygren says

        God sees everything and his punishment doesnt come yet, but it will come. Read the gospel! All those who dont come to repentance, and this is horrible but there are less crimes that doesnt look bad to humanity that is corrupted to the core, but you will be punished for your crimes. Only through grace and repentance and a wish to change will save. So not to worry if you believe in God or choose to find Him you will understand that he is truthfully just. There is another life beyond this one

        • MayJay says

          What does it mean to repent? To turn away from sin right?

          What is sin according to the bible?

          1 John 3:4 “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.”

          God’s laws are taught throughout the bible but mainly in Torah (Genesis – Deuteronomy).

          But the Christian and Catholic church teaches that the law is done away with…so if you don’t have to keep God’s laws (meaning DO them) then there is no sin and no need to repent..

          That’s the problem though..THE LAW STILL STANDS AND ALWAYS WILL. There will never be an end to God’s law and if you aren’t doing them you are the devil the bible speaks of. Christ said it himself:

          Matthew 5:

          “17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

          18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

          19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

          Christ fulfilled the sacrificial law by becoming that sacrifice for our sins..but just like animal sacrifice..once the sacrifice is given that doesn’t give you license to keep sinning. Christ has fulfilled the law of sacrifice..so no more killing animals to atone for sins but he didn’t get rid of every law. The dietary, ceremonial, and least commandments (keeping a beard if you’re a man, wearing fringes, etc) are still in effect which the children of Israel are commanded to keep.

      • Monica says

        Sadly, we are free…
        Men will do as they please. We have free will and God has power over the hearts that we give to Him, but he can’t control anyone who chooses differently.
        He can’t be blamed for our disgusting acts. I can only imagine the pain that he must also feel seeing this and yes, justice will be made. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that these women’s life’s have been attacked.
        The question is, what is there to do?
        What if. we all come together and start lets say a jewelry business or a clothing line which these women can work for from where they are. I wonder if there laws would allow such thing, I don’t have a huge bank account but there are many of us, aren’t there? Anything would be a start.

        • Kenra says

          Not to down your suggestion, Monica but what roles do you see these women having in the jewelry/clothing business? Most are blinded from their attacks while some have lost use of their hands’ dexterity. From the pictures, I don’t think many would be willing to ‘model’ either.

          It is good you seek to help these women become productive and gain more self-worth after such vicious attacks. Speaking to others, raising awareness, starting focus groups even in your own community and making sure your political leaders are aware of these atrocities, are some positive things that we can be doing to ensure this never happens again.

      • Zark says

        Neither Judaism nor Christianity condone this. Even the Koran which I hear supports beating of wives, would never condone this evil either. This is a problem of culture. People will always have to deal with the evil that is inherent in human nature. Both Atheists and Theists have done great evil in this world. We could use Stalin and Pol Pot as proof that Atheists have no conscience, but of course it is not true. It is our human nature – we easily come to hate, then demonise, and then kill those who we feel threatened by.

    • The Late Night one says

      Share it on your page in hopes that someone starts an organization to help them. I will not, I would rather not subject my friends to such horror stories. I want to do everything in my power to help these people but it takes legitimate course-of-action. Something MUST be done. Neighboring countries should help. What power do these governments have that they let this happen?? Is it oil??

      The cause of these problems may be related to religion in some way but it is unrealistic to call it an explicit cause. Something is very wrong with the world. We are not in unity as we should be.

    • Kyero . says

      This is disgusting and the PEOPLE who did this need to be punished, not by death, not by prison. But to be pubicly shamed and then put down.

      But do you honestly think only women are being treated like this?

    • JNXO Mtta says

      There is no war on women, there are those bastards that abuse women but not a conspiracy from men to subjugate and abuse women. I am… the same as most people, outrage at the type of things happening to women or any other human being. but believing that this is something that most men do because it’s our nature is just crazy and unacceptable, no war on women!

    • says


    • salil says

      Pics were more then the most horrible thing i ever saw. I pray to god the acid throwers get most worse death. They shd be punished to severe death, nothing less

    • Charles000 says

      Absolutely . . . count me in (and yes, I’m a man). Any man who would do this to a woman does not deserve to be addressed as a man, or even a human being, for they are neither. At best, they are cowards, and a disgrace to the human species.

  2. says

    Nietzsche said once..God is dead ! After science renaissance Religion is dead ! And now I can feel that Humanity z dead !I am afraid about fate of love !

    • suzan says

      Love never dies. As the world waxes cold and people become more evil, rember Yeshau Ha Machiach love us. He died for us and he will soon be here for us. The prophecies in the bible are rapidly being fulfilled. Trust your heart to Him. We will all be changed upon His return in to bodies that are incorruptable. God is so merciful and loving. Hold up your heads because your are so very wonderfully made by The most Holy of Holy’s. Your soul, mind and the love in your heart are waht really counts.

      “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
      4 Blessed are those who mourn,
      for they will be comforted.
      5 Blessed are the meek,
      for they will inherit the earth.
      6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
      for they will be filled.
      7 Blessed are the merciful,
      for they will be shown mercy.
      8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
      for they will see God.
      9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
      for they will be called children of God.
      10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

      • Will HArt says

        Unreliable processes of reasoning are largely responsible for this phenomenon. Ask yourself, what could make a person think it’s alright to harm someone like this? The only answer must relate to the idea that the victims “deserved what they got”.
        Religious beliefs are part of the problem.

        • Blanksia says

          The law that allows this “religious’ barbarity and allows these “men” to go unpunished is at fault. Islam thinks it needs answer to no-one. May they burn in hell…..if it exists. There must be something in the hereafter to compensate for the pain these poor girls suffer. Imagine asking the government for permission to end your so-called life. I wonder if those who inflict gross cruelty upon others would do it if they suffered a fraction of what they inflicted.

          • nl says

            Islam does not allow horrible actions done towards men or women. You are blaming innocent people for crimes they haven’t done.

          • Monica says

            Let’s look at some facts: (feel free to do your own research, too)
            Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam- Islamic perspective on human rights
            Article 24 of the declaration states: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”
            Sharia- is the moral code and religious law of Islam.
            Shari’a law encourages domestic violence against women, when a husband suspects nushuz (disobedience, disloyalty, rebellion, ill conduct) in his wife
            Rape is considered a crime in all countries, but Shari’a courts in Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia in some cases allow a rapist to escape punishment by marrying his victim, while in other cases the victim who complains is often prosecuted with the Sharia crime of Zina (adultery)

      • Sabine says

        Wait… did you seriously type the words “god is merciful” on this page? After all of the injustice displayed? You are a sick and incredibly confused human being.

        • Stuart says

          I realise to most – it seems like God is not merciful – but the problem is that we all think of ourselves as superior to him and feel that he is just there to help us enjoy and benefit from life.
          God created man to worship him – and, because we don’t, we actually all deserve death. God is merciful in allowing us life, and a way, through Christ, for eternal life where such horrific things as these can never happen.
          What has happened to these women is a heart-rendering tragedy and I feel strongly for them – no one ‘deserves’ this from other men. I hope and pray they will find a place where they can feel safe, and that evil, heartless men who would do this sort of thing are brought to justice!

          • Nan says

            Do not try to engage a rational discussion with religious people. No way they will change their believes /confusion / delusion.

            You can not have a rational conversation with religious people, because being religious means you have to irrational by nature. To accept all the unlogical parts of all religions, you have to shut off part of the brain. Any attempt to make them see your point, no matter how logical your aguing, is doomed to fail. They choose to ignore important parts of reality to stay in this religious dreamlike state.

          • Ken Curtis says

            You said:

            “…God created man to worship him – and, because we don’t, we actually all deserve death. God is merciful in allowing us life, and a way, through Christ, for eternal life where such horrific things as these can never happen…”

            It is just this kind of insane thinking that is at the root of the problem. Who are you to speak for God? Even you and your sick envious vengeance seeking God do not deserve death. No one deserves it and no God ever called for it. It’s time for the religious fanatics of the world to awaken and join the 21st century and leave the stoneage behind

          • Lawrence says

            I condemn the acid attacks. I feel grief and compassion for the women victims of these attacks.

            Despite all that and all the suffering in this world.

            God is still merciful. His love for us is unlimited and gratuitous.

            So why are these innocent people suffering?
            Things happen because they happen. They’re suffering right now because of the heinous acts of the men who threw acid on them. It’s on them. God did not do this.

            You ask why God did not interfere?
            God is all-powerful, all-knowing, etc. But God will not destroy the natural laws of His creation. It will take away our freedom as humans if God interferes with all the suffering. And that is precisely why He sent his son Jesus to Earth who lived as a human. His mission was to spread the good news – that we should help the oppressed, the suffering, the poor.

            So we should all stop blaming God and do something to help these poor victims.

          • Joan says

            Religion is a problem ONLY if the heart is not faithful or the “believer” does not trust. Other wise, those who cast disparaging remarks based in religious persecution which can take the form of physical, emotional, social, or mental abuse. Have you ever heard the saying that if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut? Well, we all have the tendency to think that our perception is the only one that matters or is the right way to think. Those who are courageous and intelligent are able to consider other views or at the very least not demonize others who believe differently. Religions are for sure a problem, but do we consider what the word “religion” means… it means “a firmly held set of beliefs” or the Encyclopedia Britannica goes into the defining of the word to explain religion for humanists as relationship beliefs. The point is that those who spout “religious people” diatribes are actually acting from a religious base themselves. Remember, when you point a finger at anyone you have three of your own fingers pointing back at you.

          • says

            I have to say that this is evil. I see a bunch of people blaming god well I think you forget the other side. EVIL. there is evil in the hearts of the men that preform these horrible acts. so is god to step in and try and stop just men that have evil in there hearts to melt women’s faces. the is horrible but it is no more horrible then the depraved acts going on in this country daily. the difference is you see the faces of these victims and you know that a horrible evil has happened our children are victimized daily. I think that it is one in three or one in five. american children will be molested and or raped before age 18. there is a idea in this whole world that females are of less value then men and that we are here to please men. and even in America we have many people that steel belive that.

          • spamfish says

            Of course god didn’t do this, there is no god. What there is unfortunately is a number of dogmatic belief systems that are based on the idea of an objective good and evil. This creates a black or white mindset in the believer. If it is not good then it must be bad, no shades of grey in between. This creates a feeling of superiority in the “good” believers, and thus allows them to believe their sick twisted violence is justified because they are committing it against someone they dont like. And after-all due to his duality world view, if the believer thinks he is “good” then the person he does not like MUST be “bad” and thus deserving of whatever torture this person wishes to mete out in the name of god.

        • no1friendmary says

          God did not do this HUMANS did. God is a merciful God. He gives all humans a free will. Just as he did when his son Jesus was tortured and hung on that cross. It pains him to see his creations destroying each other but he knows the time will come to take all his people home and end Satans destruction forever. This is not a religious thing but a Satonic thing. Don’t blame God. Blame the correct one, the evil one, Satan himself.

          • LadyEz says

            There is no god….Religion is a lie.When you live a lie how can you have a true perception of life? There is no satan…people do bad things all by themselves just as they do good things…..I repeat, there is no god.

          • Jimmy Neutron says

            LadyEz, I appreciate what you are trying to say, but you can’t prove or disprove the existence of either of those entities. You saying that they don’t exist is as much a faith-based assumption as those who believe that they do exist.

        • OLLYN says

          its not Gods fault people lost their humanity ;)..we have free will.most of us forget we are simply mortals…so dont involve God with deranged people 😉 and dont blame Him for any of this 😉

        • preetha valentine says

          We, men and women have been given the free will to choose. We are responsible for our thoughts, the words that come out of our mouths, and our actions. Blaming God is a poor attempt to shift responsibility onto the Man up in the clouds.
          The real reason behind this moral issue is the inability to “see” that human creation has a God given dignity and intrinsic value. We, humans are all created in the image and likeness of God – this is the Christian perspective. It is too bad that until one realizes their intrinsic value and treats one another with the same respect, this problem will continue. Please put some thought before typing away and blaming God.

      • says

        Remember that it is not God’s fault that we are suffering right now. He manifested his Love for us by giving us a freedom, a free will to choose either right or wrong, goodness or evilness. Our God is Holy therefore evilness comes from man it is not from God. It is because of His Glory that man suffers justly. It is our Sin that we are suffering ..sometimes maybe its not your fault why you are suffering but the people around you or yourself.. because they turn their back to God the One who love us so much. IF YOU DO NOT WILL TO TURN TO HIM? WHAT LOSS IS IT TO GOD. IT IS YOUR LOSS, FOR YOU WILL BE NOTHING WITHOUT HIM, WHO MADE US EVERYTHING.

        • martydragon says

          …I should think it would be a pretty big loss to god, since he’s supposed to love us endlessly and since we’re his fucking children. Would he really not care if one of his babies(for how else could an omnipotent god view mere humans?) roasts alive for trillions of years because he sinned, even though god knew in advance that he would do so?

          How can you possibly believe in god? have you ever listened to the opposing view, i.e. Christopher hitchens, Dawkins, (or just common sense)? It must be because that’s what your parents told you since you were young.

          When you die, your life is over. Telling yourself there’s a heaven makes you content to ride out your real life and idly wait to get into your eternal, magical amusement park. Your little prize.

          If any of you really believed in god, you’d be monks or some such. If you really thought you might suffer like these women have, every second, for all of eternity, if you broke the rules, you’d be on your hands and knees praying 24/7, or self flagellating, or at least out helping the poor every single day.

          • no1friendmary says

            No sir I was NOT told this as a child by my parents. I did not believe for a very long time. God took me in and showed me i was of value to him. Since that day he has proven to me every day of my life his is here for me. I have seen his miracles and know for a fact he is very real and here for me. How can you NOT believe?

          • Fatgar says

            I think one crucial fact that we always tend to forget is that, though God loves us and surely, doesn’t want this, He gave us our free will.. This is the reason why people sin and do bad things to other people..

          • Kr says

            “We” is in fact too many people concerning who is and who is not a child of God. The children of God are those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and apart themselves from the evil of this World. So, no, you may think you are a child of the Most High, but not unless you do these things, you are not able to be a part of God’s family instead you belong to your father, the devil along with the rest of mankind that does not know God. John 8:42-44

          • Fatgar says

            In, what I have done is I made their story known to other people as well.. Shallow as it may sound, I believe this is understandable as I still am in college, and is currently trying to work hard so as to be able to help when I have work already..

            More importantly.. I lifted this up to someone who actually have the means to help them

        • Megan says

          I wish people in general, but especially after reading stories like this would stop referring to god as He. God has NO gender, and it perpetuates the belief that women are lesser beings and men are god like. I’m not trying to hate on men, this particular issue is usually targeted male to female but I’m not insinuating that men are all evil and that women are forever victims. There are wonderful men and women in this world and evil women and men as well. But please don’t insinuate god has a gender, humankind has many a flaw and by giving god a gender you are insinuating that this all mighty being is also prone to some of our worse sins ( envy, pride, wrath) don’t bring god down to human level.

          • Kr says

            God is referred to as the Father. So i believe that indicates a more “masculine” figure. And there is no racial preference in God. But he is what He is. Unless you’re referring to another falsity.

          • Adelyn says

            Hi Megan,

            You are right in saying that God is not gendered. But why Christians refer to God as a male is because God is not only just God, He has 3 roles, He’s a Father, Son and Spirit and together they are all God. Besides, God sent down Jesus, in a human form as a MALE. And Jesus calls God, Father. In the beginning when God created Adam and Eve, Adam was meant to be the father and Eve, the mother. That’s just how it is, and that’s why Christians refer to God as “Him” because He’s our Father in our relationship with Him. 🙂

            Us calling God as “him” does not, fortunately, bring God down to our level. As Jesus is sinless and pure, and so is God. We are not insinuating anything, so please don’t interpret it as such. This article is man’s sin and evil ways of getting back at women because they think of women as lowly and beneath them, so man thinks that they can do anything to women. And it’s sad that in such countries, the law actually accepts these men for who they are. But that does not change who God is and whether we refer to God as a “Him” doesn’t change the horrific acts of what these men are doing.

        • Daniel geary says

          I’m not surprised that most natural disasters which kill the highest number of humans take place in these parts of the world. I sincerely believe that these disasters are taking place near or specifically occur where the highest concentration of men who share these beliefs exist.I personally LOVE the fact that mountains are literally falling down upon the breed of man whom are most responsible for the spread of these beliefs while preaching the most inaccurate information about God, women, life, creation, relationships, purpose, truth, and everything else they tend to profess at while never having studied or even pondered long enough to know anything about. This is mother nature’s punishment for all that’s allowed to go unpunished while victimizing all of her children with these horrific actions which are accepted by the governing parties that allow it to continue. By the way religious know it all’s why must you continually refer to God as him I am pretty sure there is no need for a penis when you possess the ability to produce an entire universe. We would be destroyed by its enormity resulting in HIM killing us with it. I would rather suffocate to death while trapped inside a giant vagina.

      • femme says

        What are you even saying? Religion IS the problem.

        And how do you define love? Does your ‘god’ love these women. Did their husbands love their wives? If that is love, I don’t need it.

        • ethan^ says

          All Religion aside, I personally would like to go out with a list and identies of these men, all of them, as many as I could find, and take them from their homes, bind them, make them helpless, pour acid on them, torture them and them give them the opportunity to beg for mercy and end their own life. They do not deserve any freedom of life. They are horrible human beings, they have no more rights. Its unbelievable how some of these countries have so many great things and do so much for eachother, many different and diverse tolerated Religions and yet they still abuse women in many demeaning and life threatening ways. A cruel and sick world we still live in today. God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha and all the other great and holy spirits of our Universe, will not help you or us, they want us to help eachother through their message and love.

          • MattH says

            Yes, can we please do this? Can we get Anonymous or 4Chan involved? Anyone who acid attacks needs to be made an extraordinary example of in order to deter future attacks!!

        • Kr says

          My God loves all of his creation. And men who followed the ONE TRUE GOD were commanded BY GOD to love their wives as much as JESUS loved his church (his followers) as he gave his life and was crucified for it. Religion is, like you said a probablem because it is replacing the true relationship God wants to have with you. He is REAL. He is NO religion. And the things that are happening in this world are not his fault because eveybody has their own free will. YOU decide whether or not you want to accept Jesus into you life and change or not. But these things are to happen: the world will because worse and worse as time paces on. And in the end, when Jesus comes for his people in the rapture, many will cry wishing they had believed. And this is all for Gods Glory!!! Therefore listen to God’s voice if you choose to, for this is voluntary and the last word is yours. May God bless you…

          • Daniel geary says

            God does not speak through jesus he demonstrated no protection for a man that calls himself the one true son of GOD and also surrenders to a fate that abandons many in need of miracles then blames his death on us and our sins rather than acknowledging he made quite the ass of himself and those who believed in him. Nobody sent here by GOD is dumb enough to provoke the most powerful empire into wanting to kill them then rides a donkey unarmed and alone like nothing happened into the arms that lust for spears inside your torso. Jesus spoke with a view which was driven by continuous long term exposure to ERGOT not divinity but they do have similar effects on our sense of reality. Yours truly DANIEL 888. I prefer a den of flesh ripping lion’s and genuine staff members employed by authentic creators payed for in part by the bloodlines of those whom bear false witness condemning the innocent to a fate which awaits their own flesh best instead.

    • Chien Yi says

      In the process of solving problems, let us all not even mention the word ‘God’, what difference does it make beside creating another argument over evolution vs creation?

      • Kit Walker says

        And there lies your problem. Mankind is incapable of fixing these issues of injustice ourselves. Tell me which worldview will solve these issues? Agnosticism? Atheism? Humanism? None of them can or will.

      • Ben says

        Because God has helped solved many problems, even if many problems have been created in his name. If it is all the same to you all, I will call on my God, who has helped comfort and support me in the hardest of time, to support and comfort these women. To show them the love that I have seen in my own life. To show them the love that I have heard displayed to those in africa, bolivia and third world countries the world over. To The poor and the desperate. O how he has lifted up the lost, comforted each of us in our darkest hour. How he has given us strength to keep moving.

        The problem is not ideology. The problem is not what we believe. It is who we are. Secular society, atheists even, have their own lists of monstrosities and horrors. Even the “New Atheists” while championed in their discussion of christianity, are outcast in their discussion if Islam. Yes, many atrocities been waged in the name of God. Yes, many have felt empowered to mask their pride and selfishness in the banner of “righteousness” vengeance.But, Have many done the same thing in so called modern secular age? When God is no longer the excuse? Yes. Again, the issue is not God, the issue is man.

        O Lord, give these women hope. Make their testimony not in vain! May your light shine and redeem them. May their lives become flagpoles to change the hearts of darkened men. May their place in your plan give them comfort. God, I pray that you fill these women with the hope of spending eternity with you. I pray that you reach them where they are, call them from what has happened. I pray that you break the men who have done this. Father I pray that each one of them would be crushed by their own sin. Lord your will be done! But what power even one of these men could have if you reached him! What influence to call on his brothers! To spread your light in the darkest place! Lord, while my heart wishes vengeance on the perpetrators, I pray now that you would call them to salvation in Jesus. That in you they would speak out against there past! That they would be humbled to the point of death, only to feel the empowerment of Christ love, only to RETURN back TO THE PITS that TAUGHT THEM THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR, ONLY to REDEEM A HERITAGE OF MEN THAT ARE LOST IN MANIACAL, UNGODLY, PASSION! FATHER! I cry to you now! Your WILL BE DONE!

  3. says

    I feel so helpless sometimes I can’t even stop the patriarchy in my own home. Do we just accept that we live in an insane society and move on ? Or keep fighting a losing battle even as we are villainized for fighting it.

    • cassmorrison says

      How can we just accept we live in an society that devalues women just because our level of devaluation is less? Everyone who works towards calling out patriarchy (and any kind of bigotry) in our personal lives, supports others who are less fortunate and helps move towards a society that doesn’t accept it.

      • says

        I’m not suggesting that it is okay, just pondering about the futility of the fight, especially when fought at a personal level,in homes with rigid belief systems and structures that will never change.

        Whether its acid attacks, rape, domestic violence or female foeticide, the root cause is the same patriarchy that I often feel I am fighting a losing battle against.

        • ReductioAdAbsurdum says

          The root is your religion and entitlements it demands for males. Does these attacks happen in largely secular states? No! These are simply the facts.

          Reject the repressive hold your religion has on you, and you may unshackle yourself form the religionist power-structure that views you as cattle.

          • transnationalfeminist says

            I find your statement highly problematic. Telling women that their religion oppresses them strips them of agency and perpetuates a false West (secular) vs. East (traditional, religious) dichotomy that further generalizes and hurts women of these religions. Yes, in many cases, practicing sects of many world religions can be patriarchal, but telling all women to reject the religions of their countries decontextualizes the cultural, traditional, and spiritual importance that these religions hold. Practicing religion should be a choice. Do not place yourself, as a secularist, in a patronizing position that tells people that their religion is wrong.

          • Ysanne says

            I’m sorry to be so blunt about it, but what else if not “wrong” would you call religions that strongly contribute to women’s oppression by their fundamental teachings about the “right” order of the world and people’s place in it? Especially teachings largely based on ideas stemming from an age when people had no idea how lightning is formed and why one gets sick from drinking dirty water.
            This is the same line of argument that can justify FGM because it’s a tradition and lots of women support it in the communities where it’s practiced.

            There’s nothing feminist or respectful about attributing “spiritual” importance to superstitions and traditions that oppress women.
            An argument that actually respects women’s cultural context would have been that rejecting religion makes women in religious patriarchies even more of a target for violence, and thus isn’t a viable option for them. You failed to make it.

          • OT4BO says

            It’s true I’m afraid, religion fundamentally underpins this type of behavior at the level of individual justification and, more importantly, the lack of legal consequences. While women who decline their Muslim status are in far graver danger (the punishment for apostasy is death)It is clearly the sanctification of these ideas that needs to be eroded. Women should have the right to choose their mate freely, and change their mind freely, thus, forcing men to meet women’s standards. Not men forcing woman to accept them on pain of reprisal. Pure insanity.

          • William Hart says

            The problem is definitely the religious beliefs. Faith is an unreliable process of reasoning. Religious belief can genuine convince someone that it’s not just “ok” but necessary, to throw acid on someone’s face.

          • Ben glatt says

            To: ReductioAdAbsurdum
            “do these attacks happen in largely secular societies, no these are simply the facts.”. I would like to turn your attention to the above article in which at least one of the victims lived and was attacked in the UK. A country that is predominantly secularist “…the British are now a largely irreligious people. Only a minority believe that God exists and almost everyone acknowledges that Britain is becoming an increasingly secular society.” Anthony King, The Telegraph.
            I think that you’r argument while it grasps part of the truth falls short when it comes to the extreme violence against woman that is still perpetrated in nations that are predominantly secularist. You say that it is because religion creates a power structure around woman that repress and devalue them. I agree with that sentiment but i think it is important to remember that similar power structures exist in “developed” secular societies. Religious law and the way woman are often treated by it are serious problems but thee problem is much deeper and runs much more broadly then that it is woven into the social and economic fabric of almost every society. I have to say that reducing sexism to a problem of overzealous religiosity is ultimately counterproductive. It allows us in the secular world to smugly look upon it as a problem of the other rather then as a problem within ourselves and the society that has shaped us.
            Sincerely: Benjamin

          • Nan says

            All large motly montheistic religions were created to oppress women. So yes it is the cause of the problem. The female aspect has been erased from most religions. How can followers be expected to have respect for women if women have no place in these religions.

        • NicholasM_ says

          @Madbull: If your despair stems from the idea that women are alone and unheard in their grief and outrage over these conditions, please know that males do exist who do indeed care very much and who will do their best to arrest the breeding of this kind of violence and this kind of hate, and the conditions that support them,

        • femme says

          First and foremost, keep yourself safe. You don’t need to fight an ideology. Live how you need to live, by telling these people what they need to hear, and privately live your life as you need to. When you can get out, and I hope you can, then you can be more active and outspoken. Be safe.

  4. says

    Yes. I would apologize for my y-chromosome cohort.
    Having a dick is no excuse for being one.
    What infuriates me is that we know…KNOW…that we can learn to have relationships that are not like this.

    • Jessy says

      I agree. It is not fair to generalise. My husband is loving, caring and doting. My son is sweet and angelic and as horrid as these stories are, by using the generalisation ‘men’ they are including my boys in this.

      If they really want to go that far, could we not then say it is those ‘mens’ mothers fault? The parents fault? For not teaching a basic respect for fellow humans?

      I myself, see this as (for the most part) fueled by religion and ignorance. Not a ‘fault’ that every man has.

      • says

        Its not really men but a culture that treats men and women as unequal that results in these values (like entitlement) being imbibed in young boys.
        Often I feel men get the short end of the stick to with this set up, they have less fulfilling relationships, they never know what it feels like to have a real companion rather than someone who listens to them out of fear.
        We need to stop telling our girls they are delicate pretty princesses and our boys that they are rough and tough soldiers who never cry.

        • Srj says

          The men imbibe a lot from their homes, upbringing starts right there and as a parent, mother, grandmother or even as an elder sister, primarily women are needing to ensure and demand they get treated equally and respectfully. But sadly these elder females in the family are the actual culprits and instigators of all atrocities on women itself and perpetuate their younger sons/husbands as the king of their households and later on of the villages and their panchayats. THIS needs to stop right there and get eradicated. I think acid survivor victims and their families MUST also have an option set by the court of law to met out the same acid treatment to the criminal (and anybody in his family/friends who supports him) to make them realize and endure the pain and suffering the victim is going through. And last but not the least, governments of all these countries should ensure passage of effective laws which prevent random acid usage and its inclusion in explosive materials act just like nitroglycerine. How can acid be available such freely when we all know its such a hazardous agent. ACID is an explosive and should be included and classified as one. There HAS to be a start somewhere, this is that place. Just likes rapes have their own mental and physical scar, acid burn have an even deeper scar which is beyond suffering. I was crying like an owl reading this article and feeling such empathy for all our strong beautiful women who decided to fight for justice. My ardent thoughts and prayers are always there for all of you.

        • Smylealong says

          One of the best comments I’ve read on this post. Some of the comments here are downright offensive. Yes, some Religions do create a sense of entitlement in the minds of men. But I don’t think blaming the Religion alone is enough. Patriarchy and misogyny comes from the family and society at large. If from their childhood the boys see their mothers, sisters and other women/girls in their lives sacrificing even the simplest of their joys for his sake, he will grow up believing that women are inferior to him and hence he can do as he pleases. This is the mindset that results in blaming the victim after rape. Where she was, what she was wearing, how many sexual partners has she had in the past?

          And then there is the complete apathy by the law enforcement agencies that allow the perpetrators to go scott free. They have no guilt over what they have done to a poor woman and her family. They think they were right to do so because they’re men and that’s the reason why even law didn’t punish them. What these countries need is a very stringent law enforcement that shows them that no one is bigger than law. Only then will these brutes think atleast once before throwing acid on someone.

          But then, maybe I’m being overly simplistic and optimistic.

      • Who Knows? says

        Generalization? Much to do about nothing in my opinion.

        If I or people I know are not willing or capable of these terrible acts of violence against women, or against anyone else for that matter, I see no reason to feel culpable for these acts.

        Rather than worry about generalizations, it would be better to consider what our part is in the treatment of our fellow human beings. Certainly in many cultures this kind of behavior would not be accepted and those who would commit these crimes would face severe penalties. Yet these same, civilized cultures still hold at least some of the ideas that are rooted in these archaic belief systems.

        For example, Daniel Tosh made a joke about a woman being gang raped and there a quite a few people defending this offensive treatment of a woman. Why is that? If we choose to focus on generalizations, rather than the issue, we’ll never know.

      • madcow says

        it baffles me that everyone keeps saying “blame religion”. these acts are done by a human being, living and breathing and making their own choices. unless you are a psychopath, you are born with an innate sense of right and wrong. those that are “religious” and those that “are not”, would you argue that? would you say, “no, that’s a religious tactic imposed upon us”. these men made these decisions based on their own sense of right and wrong and the desire to obey their conscience or their impulses. these are simply BAD PEOPLE who are making BAD DECISIONS….terrible decisions. the fact that people keep saying “blame religion” is giving them too much of a pass and a bit ignorant. most finatics are a bit off…but not all people in the world who do bad things do them in the name of their god. those of you that blame “religion” should do your research on all the horrors of the world and if they are all connected to a person of some religion.

        • Mattias says

          “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

          In a secular society, morality should be based on this = don’t do to others, what you don’t want others doing to you.

          If you follow the bible or the Quran. There are verses like “If someone works on sabbath, they should be stoned.” or if your wife sleeps with another man “kill them”. Stuff that most sain people avoid and cherry pick only the good ones. Someone broken hearted might read into the books and get a sense of doing the “right thing”. Because the morality of the books are so old and still wicked…

  5. mynameischeese says

    To be able to do that, those men have to posses huge amounts of entitlement. In most cases, I bet that entitlement goes unquestioned, and is supported even, by the wider culture.

    • Mary2 says

      Thank you. I think ‘entitlement’ is a good word here. I was just thinking that I must be very naive – I cannot even conceive how there is any occasion where so totally destroying another person would be ok. But entitlement explains it a little.

  6. Zach says

    This is why I am glad to be a man, I never have to deal with such barbaric idiocy. It’s sad that in most of the world being born without a Y chromosome is a curse. Even in the west women’s liberation fell well short of actual equality.

  7. Gorbachev says

    I feel awful at reading this.

    I feel worse, because once again, Taslima insults women who suffer in this way and humans in general.

    I’m wondering if she’s just a general misanthropist?

    Why do we love men if men do this?

    You seem to have bought into the general marxist theory that people do not exist as individuals, but exist solely as representatives of classes or masses, and that man A is just as responsible as man B for something.

    Inidentally, this kind of attack is essentially a problem of the Muslim world: While other cultures may experience it from time to time, this kind of horror is today largely restricted to Islamic societies.

    Just because Muslim men are horrible monsters from time to time doesn’t mean that all human males and all cultures throughout time are as suspect. Please.

    Why do women love men? Because individual women and individual men are not the victims and perpetrators in these crimes. They are different people.

    • mynameischeese says

      It’s hilarious that you don’t seem to see any irony in writing this: “You seem to have bought into the general marxist theory that people do not exist as individuals, but exist solely as representatives of classes or masses”

      and then follow it with this: “Inidentally, this kind of attack is essentially a problem of the Muslim world”


      And no, this isn’t just a problem in the Muslim world. Even though religions like Islam can perpetuate violence against women by bolstering male entitlement, this kind of violence can occur in any culture that values machismo and sexism.

      • says

        You are right. Acid violence is not just a problem in the Muslim world. I talked about acid victims in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Zambia, UK, none of them are Muslims. Their attackers are not Muslims either.

        • Fred Salvador says

          I know of at least 2 such attacks that have happened in the UK. Neither of the men who perpetrated these attacks were Muslims; both were selfish, wicked, evil little men who felt that being rejected by a woman was justification for throwing acid in her face.

          If we define an “Islamic” country as one where Islam is either the majority religion under a government that is at least notionally secular, or where Sharia law is used as a system of governance, then five of the nine countries Taslima mentions do not qualify; India (a secular nation where 80% of residents identify their religion as Hinduism), Cambodia (a secular nation where 96% of residents identify their religion as Buddhism), Zambia (a constitutionally Christian nation where 90% of residents identify their religion as Christianity) and Ethiopia (a secular country where 63% of residents identify their religion as Christianity), and the UK, which we’ve already mentioned (a secular nation where 75% of residents identify their religion as Christianity).

          This is not a question of “Islam”. It doesn’t just happen in “Islamic” societies. It is a question of men hating women, men feeling they have som right, some privilege, to be obeyed by women and thus are justified in using despicable violence to gain “revenge” when women dare to defy them – and the sooner you and yours can get over this pathetic, privileged, never-suffered-a-day-in-your-life victim complex and pack this denialism away in the Big Box Of Bullshit where it belongs, the sooner we can progress towards adressing this kind of violence against women and the basic misogyny that motivates it.

          • MrsGhee says

            YES IT MUST END!
            Action against this awful crime must happen!!
            In the U.S we carry guns.. I would use mine before the other person had a chance to harm me. VIGILANT IN ALL PLACES.
            If one sees nothing wrong here
            Then all hope is lost.
            We are humans . We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters , aunts, nieces , cousins. We bring life into this world, No man would be alive if his mother never gave birth to him.
            If she burned him from her womb. I love my husband even more also after reading this blog. GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE WHO TRULY CARE AND LOVE, WOMEN AND MEN. Changes will come. Sooner or later. We need to unite and help one another anyway we can, don;t turn a blind eye to any kind of abuse or you are just as guilty as the abuser.

      • says


        In England it is very very rare compared to islam countries like Pakistan, where it is unpunished and an epidemic.

        This is because their religion does not value ANY individuals, but forces everyone to obey an angry, make-believe monster-god who hates you if you don’t do disgusting, pointless, bizarre things like wipe your a-ss with your hand.

        …and it has to be your LEFT hand or the monster devil/god will get furious.

        I’m not making that up. Google it.

        The crazy fcck who thought all this “islam” crap up didn’t feel confident with women, so he also told everyone the monster-god says women are unimportant as people and have no rights.

        It is not a coincidence that boys raised under this sickness do things like throw acid.

        No, not ALL islam people are evil and yes, ALL religions are cancer of the stupidity. They all also cause cruelty and injustice. Acid throwing even happens in India, who’s religion isn’t particularly cruel. But islam is a virulent, vicious, malignant form of the cancer.

        The cure isn’t christianity or even tolerance of some “faiths” and condemnation of others. The cure isn’t even even fighting islam per se, or any of their specific screwed-up practices (like acid throwing).

        The cure is education about how the universe really works, and training kids that no person is “better” than any other. Stronger or smarter or more talented in this or that, yes. But there is no “better”.

        — faye kane homeless brain

        • Maxim says

          your essay is pathetic, knowledgeless, you stupid prick, you dont know nothing about islam or muslims, your just barking in a corner like a tired kicked in the face dog. Research first before using the internet to do your hiccup, ok, idiot

          • ethan^ says

            at least she spoke in her own words instead of a real idiotic prick like yourself Maxim, who hasnt even posted a real reply or commentar to the actual subject. Your the useless uneducated minderheit who is just wastin time.

        • Troy says

          while acid attacks on women may happen a lot in Muslim majority countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, it is not really an issue in places like Indonesia and most Arab and Central Asian countries, it seems to be mostly concentrated in South Asian countries (including non Muslim majority India and Nepal), I also think Bangladesh has the death penalty for acid throwers now

        • __ says

          Why is it that people blame things solely on a person’s religion? There is no such thing as a ‘devil god’. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

          Acid attacks happen all over the world. Rare or not, they are still an issue which needs to be adressed.

          Women don’t love men (or other women for that matter) as a whole, they love individuals of both genders. Whether they’re friends or lovers or family, not everyone throws acid on other peoples faces, not everyone murders or rapes or kidnaps.

          These attacks have to stop, and I agree that education is a good way to adress this, but keep a little perspective.

          Not everyone is a monster.

        • East says

          You’ve definitely absorbed well everything western governments have been brainwashing you to think. Have you even read the Quran? Or any religious text for that matter?

          I’m atheist myself but your ignorant rant offended even me. I agree with you that religions can bring about cruel behaviour and injustice. But then you go on to say that “acid throwing even happens in India who’s religion isn’t particularly cruel.” I’m just going to assume you meant “whose religion.” And which religion exactly are you referring to? Do you know how many religions are practised in India? Looks like someone needs to “Google it.”

          I also agree that educating people to have respect for their fellow man is a good way to prevent things like acid throwing from happening. There are evil people everywhere in the world and evil people are not always governed by religions. You can’t blame Islam for the actions of individuals. You can blame their interpretations of the Quran, however. Everyone is different.

          Oh and just so you know, there wasn’t one “crazy fuck up who thought up all this Islam crap.”

      • Nim2Sim says

        Meanwhile in America, Feminists fight to have men pay for their birth control and not call them out on being morbidly obese. I really do find it funny that feminists need to disregard reality in order to make their points.

        Here’s a newsflash, sexism exists in America, yet we don’t throw acid in women’s faces. All Feminism seeks to do is weaken men by making them mediocre so that women can surpass them and control them. The way it is now in reverse.

        Why does Feminism excuse the barbaric practices of Islam despite they being everything you stand against. Could it be that by doing so, you have to face the fact that other women have it far worse then you and it is at the hands of Muslim men, not Christian heterosexual white males?

        That’s what I thought…

    • Who Knows? says

      Gorbachev, why do you take Taslima’s posts so personally? Is there some darkness in you that she touches? Is that what irritates you so?

    • Neil Westlake says

      Articles like this constitute the real hate crime. This individual, the originator of the piece, has very poor reasoning skills and it carried along on a tide of misandry. People like Nasreen will one day be looked upon very unfavorably as egregious gender ideologues. Some may even end up in Den Haag for crimes against humanity.
      The acid throwers are people who are beleaguered by personality disorders that just so happen to be men. The times they are a changin’. We in the MRM are gathering in number at a rate that can only described as exponential. We are men and women who oppose this savage meme. We call on all humanist “feminists” to stand up and join us in our contempt for hateful messages such as this. Our future is one of true equality.

      • mynameischeese says

        What a stupid comment. An article about acid attacks is a worse “crime” than an acid attack? Yeah right, troll.

        And then there’s this: “The acid throwers are people who are beleaguered by personality disorders that just so happen to be men.”

        Acid attacks are more common in some cultures than in others, so personality disorder alone wouldn’t explain it. Nice try, though.

        And your accusing Taslima of being an ideologue…and then following it up with some flashy/cheesy rhetoric about the rising tide of MRAs…that was absolutely LOLtastic, buddy.

      • Luna_the_cat says

        Neil, you are an idiot; and you are truly hateful, for trying to downplay what happens to other people in the world, and for trying to get people to ignore that it is a thing which happens to women.

        Get over yourself. Grow up. Stop being so wilfully blind to real harm, just because you want to be able to blow it off as a few deviant individuals, and not a practice which is sanctioned by not being punished in the countries where it happens regularly.

      • __ says


        Where to begin?

        It’s not just people who have personality disorders who commit crimes such as these, just as there are people with personality disorders who don’t commit criminal acts like this.

        Writing an article on the victims of acid attacks is not a hate crime. Hate crimes are CRIMES motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. This article is not breaking any laws, so it can’t be a hate crime.

        Please be nicer with your comments. Suggesting that Taslima is commiting crimes against humanity is not very nice.

    • Krasnaya Koshka says

      Please, please, please, stop commenting here!

      You just come off as a humongous asshole and like you’re trying to minimize real women’s suffering because it hurts your feelings! Your feelings, so precious!

      Plus, your choice of nym is laughable. (Gorbachev was deeply loved by the Russian people and you show no loveable traits.)

      Why can’t you just be quiet? What compels you to speak so much? Because you’re a man and feel you have the right to? Because, OH! That’s not ME!

      Get used to it. I’m a lesbian and I have to hear about how “lesbians” think and feel and act, collectively, even though we’re wildly different, every fucking day. I’m not allowed to be some “reasonable port in the storm” so neither are you.

      GO AWAY! I’d like to read one Naslima post withOUT your manslaining. Thank you.

      Maybe you should open your own blog and blather on there? Yes? You have SO many important things to say, after all.

  8. Gorbachev says

    This is all very 1980’s separatist culture- war stuff. Weak.

    Men are not simply automatons as members of a formless class.

    Neither are women.

    Women are not “woman”.

    There seems to be a lot of crass marxist analysis here.

    Crimes like this should be punished. Alas, Islam brooks no criticism, and tolerates grave injustice as a matter of course.

    If only there was something that could be done.

    • Natalia says

      You are an ignorant idiot. Islam is not the cause of this issue. You contest the generalisation of genders but ironically apply it to a religion? Fuck off with your double standards.

  9. Janet says

    Why do we still love men? Because, incidentally, this website has made me love my man all the more because I feel incredibly grateful to have found someone who is protective, kind, loving and would never do anything remotely similar to this.

    These acts were not performed by men, especially not the men that we love. They are the acts of childish, entitled, immature, brainless and.. god, I could list a hundred other horrible adjectives.. BOYS. Little boys. If even that. Sub-human would be a good word, probably. Not men, not boys, only creepy little subhumans who should never have seen the light of day and should crawl back under the rocks they came from.

    • teh_faust says

      I think it’s a mistake to single out these perpetrators as non-human or not “real” men.
      They are just as real as the kind and decent people. (Of which, yes, there are many, too.
      They come from human cultures, they come from the same species and sometimes from the same families as the kind and decent people.
      Human beings are capable of the most atrocious acts and that’s a fact we need to acknowledge if we want to understand the causes – and it may well make it harder to see the abuse and crime in our own surroundings.
      Evil doesn’t wear horns and a cloven hoof just so we can pinpoint it more easily.

  10. Emma says

    This is an outraged that should not be allowed, needs to be stopped, and attackers punished severely! This is an absolute outrage! What totally backwards society would permit this to continue unabated and unpunished? SICKENING! CRAZY!

  11. Rabidtreeweasel and her Badger of Honor says

    “Our Men,” not Your Men or All Men. I think the context here makes it obvious she is talking specifically about men who throw acid in women’s faces.

    Also to the point that these men have parents; yes. These parents are raising children within a patriarchy. While not all men will throw acid in a woman’s face, it is easy to see how the men who would can act more freely in a culture which enables them.

  12. says

    What can be said? No suitable words to express sympathy.Just pray God to give courage to these ladies so as to continue fight.We too can do so much.Very strict rules must be enforced to punish the guilty on spot in public.Let us also meet and talk to these victims and be a friend of them

    • MrsGhee says

      Action against this awful crime must happen!!
      In the U.S we carry guns.. I would use mine before the other person had a chance to harm me. VIGILANT IN ALL PLACES.
      If one sees nothing wrong here
      Then all hope is lost.
      We are humans . We are mothers, grandmothers, sisters , aunts, nieces , cousins. We bring life into this world, No man would be alive if his mother never gave birth to him.
      If she burned him from her womb. I love my husband even more also after reading this blog. GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE WHO TRULY CARE AND LOVE, WOMEN AND MEN. Changes will come. Sooner or later. We need to unite and help one another anyway we can, don;t turn a blind eye to any kind of abuse or you are just as guilty as the abuser.

  13. Gorbachev says


    YOu’re right. I take Taslima’s posts rather personally. Here’s why.

    I’m a huge supporter of women’s rights, generally. It galls, offends and terrifies me when I see women being systematically mistreated by men. I always feel ashamed and appalled when I see women being disrespected.

    In work and life, I go to almost insane lengths to make sure women are treated fairly and as people – not as objects of any kind.

    What gets me about what Taslima writes is this:

    She’s always exaggerating for effect. She conflates horrible issues and sees connections where there are none, unless you’re a de rigeur marxist.

    Like this post: “Why do women love “men” if “men” treat “women” like this?”

    She’s berating women for associating with men because some men are like this.

    She also seems to conflate all cultures.

    Not all cultures are equally misogynistic; indeed, some are horrific, some are misogynistic in some ways but also give women extensive privileges (this could be a division of labor) and some are relatively benign.

    What really ges me is this: She sees women are pure victims. Her brand of “feminism”, if it can be called that, reeks of the sterile gender wars of the 1980’s, and smells badly of misanthropic female stereotyping.

    Since she appeared here, she’s cast about for everything – like some religious person seeing patterns of Jesus in clouds – looking for proof of inane conspiracy theories.

    I’ve lived in the Muslim world: I’ve seen slave markets and I’ve had to sit back and watch and be powerless in the face of actual evil. I’ve spoken with Imams who are skilled at justifying the worst atrocities with the Koran – and, actually, it’s not twisting the religion, at all.

    Islam is *not* like Christianity or Judaism. It’s inherently very aggressive and militant, and it represents true, abiding misogyny. Apologists either have an agenda (they’re Muslim) or they know nothing about the religion.

    The more people learn about Islam, the less almost all non-Muslims like it. Wherever Islam has gone, death, poverty and oppression follow. If you tell the exact truth without exggeration, you’re called an Islamophobe. If you repeat what Muslim theologists say, you’re an Islamophobe. If you translate Muslim TV and tell outsiders what it says, you’re an Islamophobe.

    Islam and the cultures of the Muslim world are antithetical in almost every way to the West and its secular values. Toxic would be a better word.

    And yet, in the quest to continue a sterile gender war, Saudi Arabia is equated morally with Belgium.

    Taslima’s obviously read lots of second/third -wave feminism, but only of the “Men are all evil” kind” – seeing patterns where none exist.

    it’s sad, because she has actual status. And yet, the best example is her almost total ignorance of many issues in the West: her infantilization of women (because in her world, women are nothing but victims in an endless war in which men are set out to destroy them) knows no bounds.

    The women I know balk at this kind of characterization. They make decisions, hold men to high standards, and have voice.

    Taslima’s rank marxist approach also comes through very strong. It degrades women by deny them agency.

    This is the empty ideologically repulsive feminism that most women rejected in the 1990’s in the West.

    She doesn’t seem to realize that it was rejected for good reason.

    And last: She seems more interested in artificial controversy and flash than actual depth or substance. She’s always after some cheap shock value, oversimplifying or confusing an issue to score tactical points.

    She seems more interested in Taslima, than anything else. If you can’t see this, that’s unfortunate.

    Every post she’s made has an almost child-like approach to issues.

    I actually care about these issues, vicserally. I’ve had to stand by and watch women being stoned to death for being female, more or less. I’ve had to listen to men and other women explaining why this is just and fair.

    In almost everything, Taslima insults and patronizes women with her posts, half the time.

    I find this sad. I also find it gravely insulting to millions of women.

    If you’re going to treat this topic with the seriousness and rigor it deserves, this kind of cheapening is wrong.

    What’s worse, she’s unable to eve hear another person’s opinion. Her dismissal of the dozens of commenters who spoke up about her ludicrous posts on prostitution – as all being Against Women ™ even when they’re car-carrying, hard-core feminists (and female), smells like Patronizing claptrap.

    I was expecting reason, thought and outrage. Instead, I found patronizing, insufferably self-satisfied obfuscation and general ignorance.

    Go back and read her responses to all of her commenters if you like. All she seems to want is a Ra – Ra echo chamber chorus.

    • Dan L. says

      She’s always exaggerating for effect. She conflates horrible issues and sees connections where there are none, unless you’re a de rigeur marxist.

      So you disagree with her. At a fundamental level. So why the heck are you reading her blog? Go read some blogs you like and enjoy. Get your blood pressure down. People are allowed to disagree with you, you know.

      Go back and read her responses to all of her commenters if you like. All she seems to want is a Ra – Ra echo chamber chorus.

      I can tell by your rhetoric that you spend plenty of time in your own echo chamber. The relentless drumbeat of accusations of “Marxism” in your posts is a pretty good hint. The fact that you seem completely unwilling to compromise your position for the sake of actually engaging anyone in serious discussion is another.

      These accusations of hypocrisy would carry a lot more weight if they weren’t made by hypocrites.

  14. Fuck Pussy says

    Women get exactly what they deserve:

    Fuck pussy, rape pussy, stalk pussy, beat pussy, lie to pussy, hunt pussy, track the pussy down at her home, injure pussy, torture pussy, kill pussy. Silence pussy.

    Here are the names of just a few American Pussy Fuckers:

    -Aaron Lazare M.D. – Head Hymie, PFIC, multiple female victims, multiple awards
    -Thomas D. Manning – Head Hymie Hitman, multiple victims, largest pension in the state of Massachusetts
    -Rev. Lawrence J. Cronin – Child Rapist, Manning’s Uncle, multiple victims including disabled children, no investigation
    -Cardinal Sean O’Malley – Criminal, failed to report abuse to police, given promotion
    -Lewis E. Braverman M.D. – Level 3 Sex Offender, 15 – 40 K female victims indecent A&B of the breasts, child abuse, multiple awards
    -Stephen M. Cohen M.D. – Ob-Gyn Rapist, multiple decompensated female victims
    -Paul S. Appelbaum M.D. – Violent Orthodox Jew Asperger Freak, Batterer, Stalker, Murderer, multiple female victims, multiple awards, Hastings Ethics Fellow, APA President
    -Alan P. Brown M.D. – Severe Batterer, Stalker, Murderer, contract fraud, multiple victims
    -David F. Gitlin M.D. – Severe Batterer, multiple victims, multiple awards
    -Paul J. Barreira M.D. – PFOC, Batterer, multiple female victims, multiple awards
    -Jeffrey Geller M.D. – Batterer, multiple female victims, multiple awards, APA Diversity Officer
    -Joel M. Gore M.D. – Batterer, jail time, multiple episodes, multiple awards
    -William Kadish M.D. – Rapist, multiple assaults on a disabled psych patient, no charges, works in the medical field with Parexel
    -Michael E. Trice M.D. – Felon (assault on a male sexual competitor), Rapist, no charges, lives in a 1.6 million dollar house
    -Robert Worthington- Kirsch M.D. – Sex Offenders, Stalker, Gynecologist

    All these men had help from women.

    • __ says

      How did this comment get through moderation?

      I mean seriously.

      Can you not?

      Even if this is a troll it is not funny. It’s sickening.

    • sparkle says

      your such an asshole you fucking jerk you need to be under the jail
      and be put in an electric chair and burned to a crisp you trifling son of a
      bitch you one person I would love to catch sleepin your ass would be short
      burn in hell bitch ass idiot somebody gonna take your ass how bout that shit

    • Nakea says

      I believe when people like you make these comments, the website should give your information to the police, to track you down and lock you up forever in prison because obviously you speak like an acid attacker.

      The problem is with men like you and the other weak men, is that you all are afraid of women, you know we are powerful if given the chance to rise. Your society and MAN made up belief keep these women down.

      I say this to all you women who are victims of men, and your society, RISE and SHINE in large groups, let your voices be heard, even if it means killing some wicked men.

      we are powerful, stop let men treating you like shit…….. they cant do without us…. the straight one that is.

      if you sense your husband is a treat, you acid him first.

      If I was a Prime minister in those country….. Instant death to the attacker or whatever pain you instilled on the woman, you feel the same exact pain. simple. But their government is the same, so that wont happen.

      I hope one day a brave woman will lead the way to freedom for all.

    • Caro says

      It is men like you who justifies and perpetuate hatred of women. Do you have a mother, a sister, a daugther. Do you think they deserve that. Why all this hatred. And were are not pussy. We are human beings. What and who are you? Reading you makes me sicck. Hope you can change your heart and mind. No one should think, feel, or talk that wat. way.

  15. Art says

    Men who do this need to disappear. These people are defective parts.

    There is no point to figuring out motivated them to do this or to seek reparations or restitution. While I generally see justice as a social process best done in public with an open adversarial system I just don’t think it is applicable in these sorts of cases. If the throwing of acid can be shown to have occurred, and was done of their own free will, the question of guilt or punishment is not, IMO, in question. The idea of giving attention to these men and countenancing any possible explanation of why, watching them wrap themselves in religion, tradition or honor, seeking to justify their actions, is to disrespect the idea of humanity.

    One does not hold a trial for a rabid dog. You don’t try to explain away or justify the condition. Treatment is not an option and recovery or rehabilitation are not in the cards. You execute a rabid dog. Then you quietly bury it without marking the grave. There is no point to talking about it. It had to be done and you did it quickly, efficiently, and with as little fuss as possible.

    Even speaking of this as a lesson to others is besides the point. If you need to be told this you are a monster. You are morally and mentally defective and an imminent danger to those around you. You need to be kept safely away from people to prevent you from doing harm.

    People who intentionally cause such harm need to vanish and never be spoken of again. People likely to do such a thing need to be prevented form interacting with others.

  16. NachoMama says

    This is why religion, misogyny and the perpetuation of celebrating patriarchy needs to be stopped. Women, children, and even some men fall victim to the abuse such as we see here, only to be told it is the victims’ fault for being there, being who they are and just breathing.

    If there truly was a god or gods that had the power to stop this evilness of mankind, wouldn’t you think they would prevent these acts from happening if these omnipotent being/beings from their “creations” from huring one another? This alone proves patriarchal religions and everything that comes with it is a joke, a lie and an excuse to make men powerful and women, children and men who support feminism less of a problem through fear, pain and suffering.

    It’s true there are men out there that just want to watch the world burn because they believe it is their’s to do as they wish to it.

    My heart does feel sorrowful for these women and countless others who have been attacked by monsters masked as “men” who think they know better and feel they have the right to harm whomever they please for their “God” or “personal” morals. Fuck them and every ounce of zealot-like behavior that they display.

    It’s time to reclaim the world as a loving, peaceful and progressive society with order, protective laws and the right to a happy, fruitful life. Start with standing up for your right as a human to be free.

  17. Gorbachev says

    The incidences of these attacks that happen outside of the Muslim world are a tiny fraction of those that happen within it. The vast majority of such attacks are not reported or are dismissed by Muslim authorities. But in India, Bangladesh and especially Pakistan, these attacks are horrifyingly common. In India, the vast majority of these attacks are perpetrated by Muslims on Muslim women; given that 80% of the population is not Muslim, and most of the attacks are on Muslim women by Muslim men, it’s possible to say that while not a solely Muslim problem at all, it’s hevily Muslim.

    In fact, honor crimes are largely also Muslim, though there are stories of Greek, Spanish, Hindu and Sikh families doing the same thing. But the vast majority, nearing 95%, are Muslim.

    In Africa, if you parse the stories correctly, you also hear the same tunes. I was in Sudan, Kenya and Mozambique. In all of these places, it was understood and a given that the vast majority of rapes, attacks against women and other crimes – against women because they were women – were by Muslims.

    This was true where Muslims were in a tiny minority. They usually made up all or mostly all of the crimes against women.

    If you refuse to believe this, I encourage you to look up what stats are available or talk to people from these parts of the world.

    And if this is insufficient, try Norway and Sweden.

    In 2010, *all* – that is, 100% – of stranger rapes in Norway were committed by “immigrant” (short-form for “Muslim”) men.


    In Muslim countries with Christian minorities, one of the most common crimes is abducting and raping a young Christian woman, forcing her into a marriage, and then terrorizing the family.

    Males who try to rescue their relative are often beaten or killed. Christian men have been hunted like wild animals by gangs of angry Muslims for trying to rescue their daughters, cousins or even wives.


    Islam *ALLOWS* the abduction and forced marriage to “save” women from falling under the sway of an evil religion. If they’re not Christian or Muslim, like the animists in Irian Jaya in Indonesia or South Sudan,

    This is Islam.

    I was not exaggerating: Like a wave of fire, like an endless consuming madness, Islam breeds death and oppression everywhere it goes.

    Muslims are good at playing “Victim” cards, especially in the West. But here’s a tragedy.

    Muslims in the West are freer than they are under any Muslim government in history. Not only that, but under the *dictators* that the US propped up, Muslims were freer than they were and are under governments of their own making.

    Ask any Muslim scholar; Islam does not value freedom or freedom of choice. In fact, scholars often say “Freedom is not Islamic”.

    I’m not barking up a tree of rank intolerance, here. People in the West know virtually nothing about Islam, and it’s horrifying. The actual texts that inspire these nutjobs to do what they do are not abberations, and they’re not misinterpreting.

    All of these things are carefully and methodically laid out. Ask Palestinian women what they think about women’s freedom in “Palestine”. large numbers of women flee their so-called “nation” to find safety with Jews and the Israeli government. it’s one of the unspoken shames of the Palestinian movement: that women, by and large, are the first to defect, and for very good reasons.

    The sheer number of women killed in “honor killings” every year baffles people who study it.

    I’m sure some acid attacks occur in places like Cambodia and non-Muslim African countries and in Sri Lanka, too. But when 95% of all of these attacks are by Muslims on other Muslims, it makes you wonder.

    There’s a trend and a problem here. There’s a very, very consistent pattern, beyond the attackers being male.

    By and large, they’re also Muslim.

    You can call me “racist”, no matter how absurd that is. I’ll find you a hundred ex-Muslims who will say far worse things than me, back them up with family histories, and quote verse and chapter from the Quran or the hadith or from acceptably authentic sources.

    Islam is not like other religions. It is unadulterated, raw oppression.

    Submit or die.

    • Kris Freeman says

      @Gorbachev, I am forced to agree with much of your reasoning. Living in India, a country where Islam is a vocal minority (at about 20%), we are seeing increasing signs of oppression within Islam and resistance to challenges to the oppression from non-Islamic institutions (such as laws of the land). Muslims do not want ‘others’ (ie., the law of the Secular State) to ‘interfere’ with their ‘rights/traditions/practices’ (esp. regarding treatment of women), while enjoying all the benefits of the State law.

      The last 30 years of petro-dollar fuelled ascendancy of the extreme Wahabi brand of Islam has been at the heart of some of this intolerance–utter ignorance is another reason.

      It is time that Freethinkers and Atheists took offensive positions against this religion…like the New Atheists of Reddit have done.

      • Gorbachev says

        I’m sure there’s a lot of oppression not related to Islam. Let’s get that aside now.

        However, while I was in East Africa, covering news, the single most telling aspect of almost everything massive;y bad that ever happened in countries with Muslim minorities (or majorities) was that Islam not only condoned it, but encouraged it.

        Muslims do not react well to outsiders telling them what to do, or judging them. All outsiders are part of the House of War – Dar al Harb – and people like Hindus aren’t even People of the Book, so nothing you ever do to them is forbidden.

        I’ve sat and watched young black girls being sold like cows in the marketplace, while Muslim scholars educated at the best Islamic institutions explain to me how this is part of Allah’s law.

        The reason so few moderates are able to make themselves heard is that there is no “moderate” Islam – just some Muslims who don’t practice the religion very strictly.

        The consistent factor in almost all of these crimes against humanity is Islam. It also echoes through time. It took Vlad Tsepesh (Dracula) to shock the Ottomans, who engaged in the most savage warfare imaginable. The Crusaders were a bunch of pirates and barbarians, but even they balked at some of the things the Moors did to captives or their own people when they were disobeyed.

        We paint Islam as some kind of noble, misunderstood, maligned faith in the West. It’s called racism to even repeat what Muslims themselves say.

        But I’ve traveled in the Middle East and worked where Arabs, the people who claim endless victimhood, have worked the magic of Islam.

        I’ve had Muslim scholars tell me how murdering a girl’s family and raping her and calling it marriage or slavery to save her soul is a commandment from Allah. And then they bring out Islamic texts to prove it to me.

        The only way anyone can defend Islam or be neutral towards it is if they hate women with a singular passion, detest non-Muslims or they know nothing about Islam.

        And by and large, those in the West who see ghosts of privilege behind every door and seek to fight the good fight by claiming moral equivalency for honor killings and attacks like these with women passengers not having bike helmets–

        There is real, vicious, endless and brutal oppression of womn in this world. I’ve seen it. I’ve been powerless to do anything about it.

        I’ve had nice discussions with Muslims about how their religion isn’t like this, so I pull out annotated translations from Al Azhar and other Muslim schools, and show them. They shake their heads and refuse to see, or call me misled.

        Usually, these are Muslims who know less than nothing about their own religion themselves.

        Apostates I know live under a lifetime fear of random murder, because anyone who leaves Islam must be killed. Not MIGHT be killed; MUST be killed.


        As one high-ranked cleric in Egypt said, “There is no freedom in Islam. Islam is submission.”

        There is no moral equivalency between what goes on in the Muslim world and outside it.

        I’ve sat listening to well-educated Muslims in the West defend the practice of slavery in Africa. I’ve listened to Arabs expounding on the decadence of Western countries not subduing their women.

        It’s repulsive to see people drawn into this by lies, trickery and deceit – also allowed in Islam to fool your opponents.

    • Desigirl says

      I do hate Islam and its misogyny.
      But at least acid attacks are definitely not “Islam driven”.

      In my home-state, every other week , there is an acid attack on newspapers – and nope, they are never predominantly anything – and definitely not Islamic.
      Rural, urban, educated, illiterate -every sphere- it is so common in the patriarchy-diseased “culture” – which is not at all Islamic.
      This is so common in the unrepentant society that there are casual “throwing-acid” jokes in the mainstream movies.

      I guess, it is okay to blame the men who do this (as mentioned as “our” men) and the patriarchal society/male privilege/entitlement, rather than keep harping on the single word “Islam”.
      For Islamic men, Islam is the excuse, for the rest who propagate this “male privilege” is the excuse.
      So if we are allowed to attack the Islam, without worrying about the “generalization”- i guess we are very well allowed to attack the “male privilege terrorism” (as beautifully put above by a commenter) without bothering about generalization(no sane reader, will take this as a generalization- ).

      I’m guessing – on why only India+around has more of this issue – it is because, along with misogyny, these places are blessed with general law and order problem.

      Taking the Tosh episode – so many idiots are defending him – how are these people better? They are practicing what level of blatant misogyny is legally allowed to them and sometimes going off that limit too ( I think, the lady who walked into the bar can sue him – if patriarchy doesn’t create a mockery of justice in such cases), and the acid throwers are doing what is “marginally allowed” in their area.
      I can talk for India – where I have lived 30 years – the men who commit these horrendous crimes – mostly – almost all the time – get free ticket – something like 6 months in prison or/and Rs.10000($220) fine – and many times not even that.

    • Herculano Fecteau says

      OK, at your request, I’ll call you not only a racist, which isn’t as absurd as you aver, but an anti-Islamic bigot as well. None of my Muslim friends would support the heinous crimes documented in this piece, and Sister Taslima Nasrin herself very clearly delineated the many cases here which did NOT occur in Muslim countries, including those in the UK, Cambodia, Zambia and Nepal. If you combine these atrocities with the attacks not involving the throwing of acid, which are perpetrated by men against women all around the world, including in “civilized” nations like my own United States of America, and which are met with impunity or less than vigorous prosecution, you arrive at a much clearer and less sensationalized picture of the problem.

      And let me say that my last statement does not imply any criticism of the way these stories were presented. These crimes obviously merit a special kind of attention by the very nature of their unspeakable cruelty. I plan to try to organize picket lines in my home city outside the consulates which represent the countries where these attacks occurred. What do you propose to do, other than sitting behind your computer and aiming hateful screeds against Muslim believers?

  18. Gorbachev says

    But Ms. Nasrin,

    despite what you write here:

    We are more abused, harassed, exploited, kidnapped, raped, trafficked, murdered by our lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, or men we know well than by strangers. Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.

    There’s no universal war on women. The father down the street is guilty of nothing. The FACT that he’s a man is irrelevant.

    Women and men are individuals: Not formless members of classes locked in eternal warfare.

    Your opportunistic hyperbole does victims of these crimes no service at all.

    • mynameischeese says

      @Gorbachev, Most of the time, your comments are filled with way too many turds of incoherance to sort through, but since this one is smallish, I’m going to explain why your turds are turds.

      “Women and men are individuals”

      Your attitude is anti-intellectual and anti-science. Let’s say a scientist had 2 groups of mice, brown mice and grey mice. Let’s say the brown mice attacked the grey mice at a higher rate than vice versa.

      What would a scientist say? A scientist would say, “There’s something going on with these mice. You’d expect that the brown mice would attack the grey mice as often as vice versa, but that’s not what’s happening here. Let’s find out what’s going on.”

      What would Gorbachev say? He’d say, “All the mice are individuals, damn it! Nothing to see here! If you even dare repeat the factual observation that the brown mice attack the grey mice more often than vice versa, then you’re a terrorist!”

      Of course, you probably wouldn’t really say that about the mice because you don’t have any emotional issues with mice (I’m assuming). But you do something similar over and over again when it comes to women. Why? Why do you hate women so much, Gorbachev? Why do you insist that you’re a “feminist” and then spew out bad MRA “arguments”? And why do you hate science so much?

      • B-Lar says

        Gorbachev is a brown mouse outside of the study group who is saying “not all brown mice are like that, and its not helpful to say that they are”

        This is factually correct, but is an attitude that suggests a desire to disengage himself and others from the debate. The correct response to the study would be to investigate and establish conditions in which brown mice and white mice can co-exist with minimum violence.

  19. ... says

    Jesus. This stuff is unspeakable.

    I have to ask – you say “our men”. I don’t know any men who would not sooner die than do something like this.

    This is what real oppression looks like – as opposed to stupid, vague complaints against “patriarchy”. This is what real oppression is.

  20. says

    “Men throw acid on us with the intention of injuring and disfiguring us.”

    This has been pointed out before: You would get a much better response if you wrote “some men” if you mean “some men”. If you mean “all men”, write “all men”. One can argue about whether “men” means “some men” or “all men”. As a well read native speaker of English, my impression is that in most cases it means “all men” or at least “almost all men”.

    It is so easy to be clear.

    As Churchill said to a speech writer who wrote about “fighting with the Germans”, we are either fighting for the Germans or against the Germans. Be clear.

    I have read a few newspaper reports about women (note: in this context, it means “some women”; I shouldn’t even have to point this out) castrating or even cutting off the penis of their husbands. Whatever the reason, and whether or not you think it justified, a headline like “Women castrate men” would, I hope you agree, be too general and create the wrong impression.

    • says

      Do you think that “men” could refer to “men as a class” rather than “every man all the time”? What good would it do to say some men when in reality all men enjoy the privilege of doing these things without any real consequences, and are *not* subject to these threats?

      I am sick to death of you fuckers showing up here to tell taslima how she should phrase her outrage instead of worrying about the horror she points out. If you had an ounce of integrity your concerns about phrasing wouldn’t be of such great importance compared to the issue at hand.

      • Ysanne says

        Except that “men as a class” neither want nor do throw acid in women’s faces.
        Members of some specific classes of man — entitled men without the capacity for empathy, raised cultures that condone open violence and repression against women — do this sometimes. Just as some men kill women, some men mutilate women, some men beat women etc.

        Do you really think it helps to lump these men together with all the others who find this kind of violence horrific? Do you think it helps anyone?
        You rightly object to the “women exploit men” generalisations of MRAs, as it’s only _some_ women who take advantage of men, not women as a whole. Then how can you expect others to accept being labelled as horrible violent criminals on the basis of their sex?

      • says

        “What good would it do to say some men when in reality all men enjoy the privilege of doing these things [emphasis added] without any real consequences”

        Bullshit. Talk about generalization.

      • Colleen Moore says

        Dear Skeptifem , even gay men are tired of the feminist man hating rants, when women in America are 50% of all domestic violence according to the CDC and Feminist have a huge history of hating gay men . Feminist have written such things as ” MISANDRY : Feminist Gay Bashing ” & Feminist Need to Stop Bashing Gay Desighners” and women kill there children more oftgen than fathers do and that is ever worse.

      • ... says

        Well, there are many instances of mothers killing their children (see infanticide in china, honour killings in the ME and so on), and there are plenty of female teachers found and convicted of taking sexual advantage – i.e. rape – of their students. Now you’re woman, so that makes you responsible. Right?

        Meanwhile, the armed forces are predominantly male and it is they who, e.g., hunt down and kill the Taliban. So that should be credited to me, right?

        Except this is grotesque. Human beings are only ever responsible for what they do themselves. Your collectivism is primitive and it is grotesque.

        I am sick to death of you fuckers s

        And I am sick to death of people like you, members of the “spoiled, pointless, hateful” class.

  21. Gorbachev says

    All men are not guilty. “MEN” are not guilty; “SOME MEN” are guilty.

    In the same way, women who beat their children do not tar all women with beating their children.

    Taslima has repeatedly made over-generalized, gender-war like statements in order to inflame passions and make it seem like women shouldn’t be associating with men (a clear purpose in the lines she writes in this post).

    This is very, very cheap, shoddy muckraking and gender-warfare masquerading as concern for women. It’s crass politicking.

    It’s talk like this that drives women away from feminism, because most women want to be with men, have sons, fathers, and understand that men are not the enemy.

    if Taslima Nasrin believes in some kind of magic separatism where women can be free of men completely and the perfidious evil and poison every man represents, then perhaps she’s not fully happy being human.

    “Men” are not guilty. “Some men” are.

    Hunt them, but don’t associate these men with the vast, overwhelming number of men who would never, ever do anything like throw acid on any other person deliberately.

    And before we start taking apart Western sexism, we might want to examine the big elephant in the room – the Muslim world.

  22. says

    Acid-throwing used to be fairly common in the United States. Perpetrators were of both sexes, usually motivated by personal feelings, but sometimes acid was a weapon used by muggers and robbers. The viciousness of such crimes is beyond words. I believe individual cruelty and individual lack of compassion is every bit as an important factor as are social influences. Even if someone were to encourage me to commit such a crime on a person who has wronged me, and guaranteed me immunity, I would no do it. Individual agency must be taken seriously. It is important to avoid treating female victims of female perpetrators as second class victims, just because the attacker was not a male.

    Here is a post showing some cases: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid.”

  23. Jenny Draper says

    Taslima, do you have some links for these stories? I’m a big fan of citing one’s sources. I don’t feel I can really share this article without making sure my arse is covered (with sources).

  24. says

    Sure, not all men are guilty. Only 99% of men are guilty. Folks like Gorbachev here are proof. In their spiteful, bullshit trolling, they tell the men who commit the crime that they are supported. They give the men the ‘courage’ to throw acid on a woman by suggesting the woman ‘had it coming’ or that it wouldn’t have happened if the woman hadn’t been so uppity.

    Every man who fails to wholeheartedly and openly condemn this behavior, every man who engages in the microaggressions that build up into this behavior, every man who jokes about this behavior, every man who is blind to his privilege, is guilty.

    • Jenny Draper says

      That’s like the MRA claim that 99% of women are whores because they accept gifts from lovers. You’re not guilty of a crime unless you’ve committed it. I like to think that’s how our justice system works, anyway.

      • Jenny Draper says

        But then again, quibbling over the semantics of Taslima’s plural is a fairly rudimentary derailing tactic. Back to the topic now!

    • Robert says

      …As is every woman who did not raise her son with a standard of morality and ethics that would preclude such behaviors…..

    • Gary says

      99% of men are guilty? 99% of the men I know wake up at 7am, brush their teeth, shower, drive a car, works to support his family, and finally returns home to enjoy any rest he can get.

      99% of women I know do the same freakin’ thing.

      You honestly do not believe that THAT many men would go to work, rape some women along the way, sexually harass his co-workers, and then come home to apply daily acid to his wife’s face, and then whip his kids, do you?

      Micro-aggressions are also not exclusive to men, and don’t try to act like it is. Just walking into the train station, I see women sneering at men just as much as I see men sneering at women. (Both are almost non-existent)

      I’m not going to say that sexism does not exist, but SO OFTEN it isn’t even intended, one of the participants just take it the wrong way.

      Why do all these small, ridiculous actions so deeply offend a person, driving people to be anti-social against the opposite sex? This is just completely stupid.

      You ask for equality, and refuse to approach it. This only paint new borders between males and females by condemning men for everything.

      And, Gorbachev was never encouraging any man to pour acid anywhere. He simply stated that pouring acid is prominent within the Muslim culture. Not once did he support it, he condemned it and said it was unfair to attribute these actions to EVERY single man around the world.

      Judging from your response, you didn’t even read Gorbachev’s statements and came to the conclusion that he was trolling and a hateful male supremest, only because you refuse to believe that not all men are spawns of the devil.

      The real troll here, is you.

      • says

        You honestly do not believe that THAT many men would go to work, rape some women along the way, sexually harass his co-workers, and then come home to apply daily acid to his wife’s face, and then whip his kids, do you?

        Nope, but that many men benefit from the privilege and rape culture that allows such things to happen.

          • Dan L. says

            Umm, I’ve been to college. Fraternities full of guys egging each other on into date raping young women. Rape culture is a real thing.

    • cswella says

      They give the men the ‘courage’ to throw acid on a woman by suggesting the woman ‘had it coming’ or that it wouldn’t have happened if the woman hadn’t been so uppity.

      When did Gorbachev ever say this?

      I wholeheartedly condemn these acid attacks.

      The only thing Gorbachev has an issue with in this article, and with every article taslima writes, is the language she uses. I’ve given up on talking to her directly, since she doesn’t seem to understand what I am saying.

      Could be true that 99% of men are guilty, I don’t know.

    • ... says

      Sure, not all men are guilty. Only 99% of men are guilty. Folks like Gorbachev here are proof. In their spiteful, bullshit trolling, they tell the men who commit the crime that they are supported.

      You lie. You lie despicably. There isn’t a man known to me that would not consider this an unspeakable horror and an inexcusable horror.

      Incidentally, the oppression of women is very often supported by other women. Women committing honor killing to their own daughters, supporting the stoning law etc.

      This isn’t a matter of sex. It’s a matter of ideas.

      • says

        Sweetheart, I guarantee you that among the men you know – at least one is a spousal abuser, and at least one is a rapist. The majority of them will laugh at a rape joke, or accuse a woman of being oversensitive when she doesn’t respond with glee when they hit on her.

        Open your eyes.

        • ... says

          Sweetheart, I guarantee you that among the men you know – at least one is a spousal abuser, and at least one is a rapist

          If you have evidence of this, take it to the police. But I doubt you will, because I am reasonably certain this is all made up. I’ve dealt with way too many spoiled brats like you who want to whine that they’re oppressed because they’re ashamed of their privilege.

          • says

            1 in 5 women are raped. The average rapist attacks 10.

            Are you saying you know less than 50?

            And here I thought men were supposed to be good at math.

    • __ says

      “Every man who fails to wholeheartedly and openly condemn this behavior… …is guilty.”

      So basically you’re saying that anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly condemn this behavior is just as bad as those who do?

      There’s a little thing called an opinion. Is blaming anyone and everyone fair?

  25. Tombo says

    The “men” that do this are no Men at all but instead a wart on the face of the earth and an embarrassment to real men everywhere.

    This is just plain out horrible.

    From a man.

    • Albert Bakker says

      The problem is that these men think of themselves as “real” men. This sense of pride on having been born with the superior gender is what a real man feel entitles them to own his property, a woman. Real men don’t have relationships, they own stuff. Real men also don’t like women, instead they covet other real men’s property. And if that other real man sees his property rights endangered by rule of “if I can’t has it, no one can” he just breaks it so it becomes worthless for his competitors and his reputation and credibility as a real man has been saved from the humiliation of being cheated out of property without proper compensation.

  26. Adam says

    Why not make a post urging an end to all acid attacks, why restrict your attention to cases where the victim is a female and the attacker is male?

    For a more complete approach in your next blog on this subject, here are some stories of women attacking others (some men, some women) with acid:


    and here’s one where the woman threw the acid in her own face:


    Mind you these are only what I found in two minutes of googling “woman throws acid,” probably just the tip of the iceberg really.

  27. Human being says




    • ... says

      Well, my suggestion is we look up what Sir Charles James Napier’s response was to the practice of suttee.

      You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.

      And that was the end of that.

  28. says

    Thank you for this. This has given me a burst of righteous anger that I hope to use to fight some of the day-to-day misogyny I see. I might not be able to directly stop these attacks, but I hope I can at least do something about the environment that enables this type of thing.

  29. Colleen Moore says

    Why is it that when men have acid thrown on them or burned why do we not get as upset as this ?

    • says

      Do you have reports of women burning men with acid in retaliation for wearing the wrong clothes, attracting too much attention, or breaking up with them?

      • Colleen Moore says

        Yes men all over the globe are abused daily and according to the CDC womemn are half the problem of domestic violence and mothers kill their children more often than fathers do. Women have been known to set their male partners on fire , use acid etc. Please wake up and read.

        • A 'Nym Too says

          Yeah Colin. Don’t let us forget that the poor menz with their hurt feefees are bigger victims than eyeless, earless, lipless women.

          • lefttheleft says

            “Don’t let us forget that the poor menz with their hurt feefees are bigger victims than eyeless, earless, lipless women.”

            Some of the conventional, elevated arguments for feminism involve nothing but an appeal to “feefees.”

            The word of the day is: “gander.” A gander is an adult male goose. “Goose” can refer to an individual from one of a few related genera or specifically to an adult female.

            What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

          • Colleen Moore says

            You are not even worth commenting back to with a statement such as that, you are patetic.

    • Vee says

      It’s not that it just doesn’t happen nearly as much as it does to women. Especially In these backwards countries that still live like it’s the Stone Age. Government should be sending these men to prison for life and they should have acid poured on their penises – I don’t think it’s right for anyone to go thru this male or female – but what kills me is the foolish reasons these people do it for and the governments allowing it. Cray cray crazy!

  30. Gorbachev says


    You may believe that there’s an endless war of all men against all women, … and Taslima NAsrin seems to believe this too.

    But this is not the case. Your bizarre, addled-brain conspiracy theory approach aside, there’s no Patriarchy meeting on Tuesday nights to decide the fate of women everywhere.

    Nope, but that many men benefit from the privilege and rape culture that allows such things to happen.

    No man is repsonsible for the crimes of another. If women live in fear of all men because .05 commit crimes, that’s frankly their own problem.

    In countries where *serious* misogyny exists, like Egypt, or any Muslim country, or our own a few generations ago, then you might have a better argument, BUT:

    Men are not members of an amorphous class. You’re thinking in Marxist class-struggle categories. Women are not “Woman”.

    This is the same exact error that Ms. Nasrin makes.

    And as far as privilege goes, this does not mean I should be treated differently, nor any woman.

    A woman has a privilege: She can bear children. I can’t. Should I berate her her privilege?

    I can walk while a disabled person can’t. This privlege is mine, then. Is there a fault or blame?

    This is the empty, sterile region of Who Is The Greater Victim politics that has utterly crippled the left in the US. It ends up with anti-individualist, tyrranical public policies.

    Stop thinking in categories. Start thinking of people as people, not vaguely pasty objects you can move around a chessboard. Or Pinatas onto which you posit all of your ideological mumbo jumbo.

    It’s why radical “neofeminism” (I can’t call it feminism) with its talk of gender wars sounds like intellectually bankrupt post-modernist marxist thought half the time, and like some sort of bizarre religious cult the rest.

    Lots of commenters here get it.

    Ms. Nasrin, among them, does not. I suspect she either doesn’t understand or is wilfully blind. The blindness of the ideologue.

    And you’re worse.

    • says



      I’m a woman.

      I work in a typically ‘male’ field.

      I am considered attractive.

      I am working on higher education goals.

      I occasionally go places like bars, sporting events, computer stores, and gaming conventions.

      No, they don’t limit the patriarchy meetings to Tuesday nights. It’s an ongoing, constant thing. The men who do not actively participate turn a blind eye or even defend the participates. Just like you do.

      This is the US. It is a country in which serious misogyny exists. I know this for a fact. You see, I am a woman who made the mistake of trying to get justice when I was sexually assaulted.

      So I say this, with all do respect: Go Fuck Yourself.

  31. Paul says

    Women continue to love men because that’s what they’re genetically programmed to do. It will never change, nor should it. I don’t think that men are genetically programmed to oppress women – it’s something that’s learned (at least I’m not constantly fighting some primal urge that’s trying to get me to dominate women and I don’t think any other men that I know do either). I’m not going to generalize by blaming a religion or a nationality, but if males in a society believe that they can burn women with acid if they want because they feel they’re entitled to do that sort of thing, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with that society (but hey, who am I to tell someone that their core beliefs are wrong?) “Men” in general don’t need to change – it’s the society that trains the men to think in a way that oppresses women that needs to change. Men don’t come out of the womb thinking that they’re better than women – that’s something that’s learned by watching how the world around him treats women. The world around me has always been a men and women are equal world, so that’s what I know and believe. But, if I’d been bombarded by misogyny my whole life, then it’s reasonable to think that I’d grow up to be a misogynist.

  32. says

    Something to remember though…Muslims are not the only religious group who’s in favour of this kind of sociopathic anti-human bullshit.

    Here’s an example of a christian who seems to see no problem with it. I’ve linked to the FSTDT site instead of his own. You can go to the FSTDT site and read the comments his sociopathy has generated among actual human beings. You can go to his post from the FSTDT site anyway.

    This guy also has no problem with men raping their wives either. According to him, there is no such thing as marital rape.

    What in hell is is with religious belief that makes people believe such madness??

  33. edlyn says

    to stop this horror, perpetuators of these crimes should be immediately and harshly punished. the fact that they are easily let off is a message that it’s ok to do these. no. the men who did these should rot behind bars for life, after giving all their worldly goods to the women they harmed, for treatment, rehabilitation, and in order to MAKE AMENDS

  34. sw says

    as someone who occasionally sides with some of the MRA type posts, even if sometimes it’s just to say either “well, technically he’s not wrong” or “hey, no need to tear his face off for a fairly innocuous comment”, I have to say this is an awesome (although really depressing and anger-inducing) post. Anyone who objects to it is, as far as I can tell, just objecting for the purpose of trolling. If you can’t work out that when she says “men” she doesn’t mean “every single man on Earth”, you’re just not trying hard enough.

    • says

      Yes we are. This has been pointed out to her many times. She seemingly intentionally doesn’t want to avoid the impression of provocation for its own sake. It would be better if she followed suggestions from native speakers of English with regard to what things mean in what contexts.

      • Albert Bakker says

        I’m not a native English speaker. And yet I don’t really have to try all that hard to understand it in just the way ‘sw’ does.

        It would be a fallacy of ambiguity (in particular a fallacy of division) to take that what is true for the set of men (collectively) would necessarily have to be true (distributively) for all the members of a set (and vice versa.)

        But that it is true for some men is rather impossible to dispute and that is true for far too many of members of this set seems to me equally well established. If you are being provoked by this fact than please be provoked by the fact, not by the stating of the fact.

        • Dan L. says

          Yet more evidence that folks who don’t speak English as a first language nonetheless read and use English more skillfully than USA residents’ whose only language is English.

  35. AnonComment says

    Who the fuck would do that… These pictures are literally bringing tears to my eyes… Clearly for some people just murdering isn’t enough – disgusting.

  36. JimDiver says

    Seems to me there is a market here for a product or kit that an acid attack victim could have hidden prior to the attack and use it to neutralize the acid?

    But it is time to institute the death penalty for the perps of acid attacks as well.

  37. Parrotfeathers says

    What’s stunning to me is that none of the comments about this essay acknowledges the attacks now being perpetrated by a misogynistic congress on the hard won rights of women in the United States (if I’ve missed one, I apologize for that). Conflating the two may, at first, seem outrageous: acid attacks are fast and brutal, while legislation against women’s rights is insidious.

    My outrage at a society — as small as a family or as large as a country/religion — that nurtures such hatred and fear of women, or the sympathy I feel for these tortured sisters, doesn’t and shouldn’t cause me to think that these acid crimes are more of an emergency than the crimes being committed by a show of clean (mostly) pink, male hands voting against the best interests of its female citizens.

    The rules of engagement may be different, but it’s the same battle.

    • ... says

      Conflating the two may, at first, seem outrageous

      No, they are outrageous. They are contemptible. They another example of the spoiled parochial upper-middle class North American brat who can seriously conflate the need to pay for your own damn birth control with this.

      How can someone like you face yourself in the mirror?

      • says

        With self respect and dignity, two things you are lacking.

        Out of curiosity, have you read 1984?

        They don’t start with the acid throwing, dipshit. They start smaller. With things, like, oh, taking away your birth control, and saying things like ‘if you wear a short skirt you are asking for it’ They chip away and chip away until suddenly, acid being thrown is just one more on the list of things women have to fear when they get up in the morning. A list that started with sexual harassment and rape jokes, then to Magdalene laundries, then to acid and stonings.

        How can you go through life with the level of willful ignorance you display on this issue?

      • Parrotfeathers says

        Dear ellipsis, you got me! I’m all those things you intuited from my one and only post. Very savvy of you. I do hope you’ll give that post another read, and me another chance, because my intentions are good. I’d hoped for a deeper conversation about the multiple fears women face every damned day.

        This brat and my own brattish progeny carry pepper spray. My brattettes also have personal alams courtesy of their father. Their father doesn’t carry a weapon, defensive or otherwise. And, as far as I know, our little brats’ male friends don’t go about their day-to-day business with self defense a concern. Men don’t share our fears. Some might fear for us, but they don’t fear for their own safety.

        You say you don’t know any men who would throw acid at another human being. I don’t think I do either. But these men exist as Taslima has shown (you knew this was happening before now, right?). They knew their attackers, as do most women victims, and they might even have bragged that they, too, didn’t know such men.

        Another poster thinks there’s “a market” for a substance that would render harmless the acid effects. Hey, burkas are a safer bet, Mr.Entreprenuer. The ugly things need to be equipped for air conditioning, though. You work on that.

        Ellipsis, do you deep down, where your conscience burns, care more about how a book title is spelled than the lessons it contains?

        Gawd I am so tired.

        • ... says

          Ellipsis, do you deep down, where your conscience burns, care more about how a book title is spelled than the lessons it contains?

          It’s a neat little indication that I’m dealing with someone certainly doesn’t understand Orwell, and probably hasn’t even read the book, let alone Orwell’s real writing. It’s a half-step from Godwin’s law. Sorry, but phoneys always give themselves away

          You say you don’t know any men who would throw acid at another human being. I don’t think I do either. But these men exist

          Absolutely true. Which is why it is grotesque a) to amalgamate all men with such depraved criminals (it’s also done by women to women, incidentally, and about 20% of the victims are male); this is about as right as saying that, given that three predominant countries where this happens are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, that all people from the subcontinent are guilty, and b) for dumbass nortamericanos shopping for some designer suffering to amalgamate their cases with this.

          This is what real oppression looks like, rather than bullshit drooling about “the patriarchy”.

  38. proxer says

    Thank you for writing this article. My heart goes out to all of these women, and those like them. I don’t know what else to say. This kind of thing needs to stop.

  39. Krasnaya Koshka says

    I’m so late to this post but all I have to say is, “What the fuck?” I’m a lesbian and most of my relationships ended with my ex-gfs breaking up with me and now we’re best friends (for the most part).

    Never would it have crossed my mind to disfigure them. But then I never felt like I owned them, just was enjoying their closeness and personalities for some time.

    Sure, I was really hurt when they left me but GOOD GRAVY I only wanted them to find what they wanted in the future. Because I loved them, truly, and did not think of them as livestock or, really, beneath livestock.

    I’ve read many stories like this already (and I know one from my life–an ex-husband slicing up his wife’s face and cutting out her eyes) so it doesn’t surprise me as much as it shocks me that the perpetrators are rarely prosecuted.

  40. Mike Kuester says

    There is only one way to solve this. Either castrate all man, and use only sperm banks as to reproduce, and peacefully euthanise all male infants on birth.

    Or create a virus that only affect males. It is scientifically proven that males are unnatural product of a mutation. So it is possible to create a virus that finds the Y.

    Or what they suggested in this thread:


    Read the comments they say countless examples of how natural agression and contempt for womyn is present from birth in males.

    Lower the testosterone levels to the normal level (that of womyn), manimals have 15 times the normal value of testosterone. They are biologically inferior, hard coded for violence, testosterone makes them ruthles killing machines that have no feelings, like we womyn do.

    Even if they did have feeling, that is nothing comparable to our suprior empathy and talents to precise know another person (womyn) feelings, and able to emotionally understand her.

    That is why womyn should never even bother to have their “boyfriend” (future rapist) to read their mind, and guess what they want for example for birthday. They are incapable to do that.

    Recently this was the reason I have left my husband a turned fully lesbian. He was a sex addict, every man is a sex addict. It doesn’t mattered him, that I have stated that I don’t understand what is good in sex, and other than making children why people do it.

    For me it is a waste of time, don’t think that I am ugly or crazy something because only ugly women don’t like sex what mysognist always say. I am a reasonable person, I can make compromises, for 3 years we had sex once a year with my husband, but he wanted more and more. Finally he convinced me, to have 3 it three times a year. But even that wasn’t enough, he wanted in every month! Can you imagine that? What a selfish bastard.

    Don’t get me wrong sex isn’t bad, but its isn’t good either, for me it’s just like playing video games, what my little brother always do, a waste of time. Besides only manimals can regard such wasteful and violent (mostly towards womyn) thing as playing video games “fun”.

    My new lesbian parner understands me so much more better. She doesn’t mind if we don’t have sex, she can understand that. You see she even expressed that sex is less and less important for her after she turned lesbian. Only a womyn can do that. Gay males? They are as much violent as their “straigh” counterparts.

    Slowly I start to understand the pure logic and reason behind those sentences of famous feminist, when they say that any kind of form of sex between a female and male is rape, and the female is always the victim. Womens are powerless because of the genetic mutation, testosterone make males more muscular, it is unnatural.

    These acid attack prove this too. No womyn would ever do such thing to anybody, not even a male. We are much better than that, only males are capable of violence. I have never found any case where a womyn resorted “violence”, and it wasn’t self defense agaisnt a male.

    I even wonder how is it possible that the news of these attacks are allowed to reach us from the patriarchy. The only viable explanation that they try to say that only one part of males are bad, and hey we are the good guys here, we gave you rights. That is bullshit. Also they make tonnes of false news and science, to try to downplay womyn, or to make tham equal to men on violence scale. Or that womyn didn1t contributed everything to science and to how well-fare we live today. The truth is the ancient womyn guided cave societies were perfect. There is no need for electricity, or oil or ny kind, womyn are capable to do wonderful things on their own with their body and love. Al this materialistic world is invented by manimals to degrade us, and in reality the ydidn’t acchive anything, we are way worse off than before the stone age, and all the wars, man only invented war tools nothing new. When womyn lead all humans, in the past we didn1t kill any animals just ate nut and fruits and plants, we were not murderous, man spoiled this by saying that we need meet, so he posed as something important to society, a pseudo purpose, when in reality teh have none. Look at the bonoby chimpanzees, they have womyn leaders, they don’t use mysognist technology, yet they live a healthy, peaceful and happy life. That is because womyn selelect wich males can breed, and they breed only the peaceful and controllable males, the aggressive “free thinking” males are extinct. We should do the same. Males are incapable to act logically on their own.


    The truth is we are not equal womyn were always better, more kind, nice, sociable, intelligent, sympathetic etc. towards all beings and children. Males try to corrupt us but they fail, let’s unite all womyn and throw down the patriarchy!

    War on lesbians by fake man who pose as womyn:

    Hermaprodite and asexual animals are more prevalent in nature, than the unnatrual two sexes ones:



    An all womyn society is the only natural thing, look at these animals:


    They use parthenogenesis, they don’t even need males, this is the natural way of life! Tomorrow we have the things to do this to ourselves, and that is natural, no more suffering, no more misery, no more wars. Just a pure womyn, all planet wide lesbian society to spread peace and love all around. We have to spread the word to other womyn on the globe, that men enforce them to love only males wichis unnatural. Every unrestricted womyn in her hearth knows that she is a lesbian in denial. Wake up!

    There is evidence that man is unnatural: there are womyn who are designed to not have children, there are womyn who designed to have children (have uterus). But in males there are only males who are designed to not have childern (don’t have uterus).

    What that means? Man is an error in nature.

    Join our fight here, we actually make a difference, to break down the patriarchy:


    We are the only hope, and especially don’t believe in liberal males or those who claim that the are feminist, they are just like those pathethic beta males inthe friend zone who pose as friend, when in reality always want rape.

    • punchdrunk says

      No. You’re both completely wrong and entirely hateful.

      (this blog gets the weirdest trolls and hate group representatives)

      • Mike Kuester says

        Guess you never got raped or thrown acid in your face manimal scum. Why do you dny your nature? It is in your nature, don’t deny it. We have a plan, but I promise to all those men who voluntarily let themselves castrated or euthanised (nitrogen filled room is painless) to go unharmed, they won’t feel pain. This is the only way. It is like when we help a region by destroying invasive and not native species there to help the originals thrive. Why are you so selfish? Can’t you see what harm you done to us? I have met a few reasonable of your kind, they expressed their regret to be born males, and said they would comply, very few, almost just a dozen but if they can do it, you too.

        • Mac says

          I am a gay man and I am sick of the new feminst movement and tired of being called priveldge when I am lacking 1700 state and federal rights and am the most beaten, killed and discriminated minority in America yet I ” am Priveldged” ? The LGBT community is done with the feminsit movement.

          • Mike Kuester says

            You are the lowest life form on earth, ther is no such thing as lgbt, this is a mysognist word. Let me explain to you why you are the ones who are most womyn hater among men, and why all womyn (also lesbians) despise you. You see MRAs, male chuvinists and liberals have a misguided, perverted adn degrading view of womyn, but despite their natural opressiveness and agression, even they can’t deny our superiority and our most important invention: creating new life, wich they are incapable of, they work hard to hide this, but down there they know that they are ultimatle y inferioir to us.

            However you faggots in your mysognistic attempt to downplay women criticar, primal, emotional and intelligence superiority, you claim to be just attracted to men, and try to displace us an unnecessry “things”. Yes I was able to write this down, but right nmow I just want to SPIT YOU IN THE FACE, that so how dusgusted by you! You reject and attack everything that is feminine!

            One last thing. DON’T YOU EVER EVER DARE TO SPEAK IN THE NAME OF LESBIANS AGAIN NEVER DARE YOU MYSOGNIST SCUM BASTARD! This lgbt word is just another attempt to lump womyn a men togeather and say, “hey we work togeather for a common goal” Not going to happen! You just try to infiltrate and destroy the sisterhood from within you are worse then the MRAs who do it from the outside, they are esier to identify and took care of. But the wortless slime like is what desacrate the very name LESBIAN and FEMINISM.

            Remember the lesson:

            gay = fail to be men enough cowards (even tough the “being men enough” is being opressive and agressive) who by their frustration and weakness hate all womyn.

            lesbian = more empathycally, emotionally superior beings, who realised how degrading and backward is the current society for womyn, and want to establish a better world, based on love and piece.

            And I guarantee that in an all lesbian feminist world the well-fares and well-beings will skyrocket instantly, no more suffering.

            And don’t think I am an idiot I don’t always follow grammer when somethings make make me very angry.

          • AllowedtoLove says

            Although I find it depressing that you would want to lump Feminism with misandry just because one troll/misandrist posted bull on a website (something that would be just like Mike’s act of steering clear of men just because one or a few did terrible acts to him/her) I must say that I guess you’re opinion cannot be swayed. Just remember this though: as cliche as NAFALTism is, it still rings true.

      • Mike Kuester says

        Proof that every heterosexual womyn in a relationship is a sex slave:


        Proof that womyn are naturally incapable (this doesn’t mean we have some kind of wrong in us, this means that YOU are an error of nature) to enjoy sex with males = males are unnatural.


        Why conventional pergnancy is slavery and unnatural:


        Why prostitution (marrige is also prostitution) is paid rape.


        • Luna_the_cat says

          As a troll, you are successful. As a reasonable human being, you utterly fail. Which one is your actual goal?

          If it’s just being a troll, as I suspect, then I would encourage that you be banned, because there are enough trolls on the internet that you need not be guaranteed any forum.

          • Mike Kuester says

            Sometimes the truth is so shocking, first people deny it, then they ridicule it, then down play it, then starting to inspect it, finally after enough time spent, they realize it is the truth. This was with the holocaust and gulag camps too (needless to say they were done by men). You will realize the truth (if you are a womyn of course) on day, that day has not come yet, but I hope in the name of the world’s dignity, happiness and freedom that you will realize it some day.

            The first step should be to not use personal attack and the most overused catch prase “you are a troll”.

    • AllowedtoLove says

      Dude, whether you’re a troll or not (You probably are, considering your name), your bullshit is just so appalling. I’m a Feminist and even I don’t harbor such feelings towards men; I think you need to steer clear of those misandric websites and such to be able to strive towards true equality and peace among the genders.
      How do I know? I had the misfortune of being just like you: seething with hate from reading so much MRM and chauvinistic bullshit, I held the same belief that all men were supremacist pigs and that this world was set up against women. Then I discovered the wrong kind of Feminism, the Feminism that the pathetic media and extreme Republicans try to paint us all as and a patriarchal-type society would most definitely hate: a bunch of hairy-pit misandrists that want to destroy the natural ordeer of things like gender roles and pregnancy. With that came my paranoid distrust and fear of men.
      Then, when I turned 17, I had the greatest luck thrown at me: meeting Feminists. I met Feminists that weren’t afraid to show a little male-love. I met Feminists that could say sex with men isn’t rape and is actually mind-blowingly awesome. I met Feminists who could hate gay misogynists and hate homophobia because some of them are gay/bisexual. The Feminists I know and talk with hate racism- even though the same race they try to help decry the movement- as much as misogyny. The Feminists I know could talk about how more women are victims of rape without ignoring the male victims and could say that the domestic violence laws should be more fair towards men without going into the whole “everything masculists say are lies” propaganda. Hell, some of the Feminists are MEN, one of the biggest reasons why I was able to let go of my misandric mstrust and stort male-loving again and even make plans on helping my brothers in this country once I graduate college and gain more Feminist knowledge.
      What I am saying is that if I could do such a thing and change my way of thinking, you should, too. For the sake of Feminism and all its gender relations peace.
      If you need a little push, here is something for you; http://www.fanpop.com/spots/feminism It’s actually a website for fans to have fun in, but this particular group take part in serious discussions about gender issues.

  41. Jess says

    @ Mike
    “And don’t think I am an idiot I don’t always follow grammer when somethings make make me very angry.”

    It’s not the grammer that makes you out to be an idiot.

    • Mike Kuester says

      So whats wrong with feminist leading the world, and controlling male population? Would have you chosen the nazis in ww2?

  42. John Merser says

    If offending men were given the same acid bath this practice would stop over night. Everyone is commenting, but no one is doing anything. Words are easy they require no risk or commitment and you can get back to your TV programs almost immediately. That’s all we have here …. words.

  43. keshav Raj Gaire says

    Dear Wrieter and comentor,
    i had not enoughtime to read your comments though, i wish to say:

    when the cause and condition fulfill things just happen either from this life or past. it is not the country where you are saying…

    Have you forgotten how the people were treated about a century or a bit an Half century ago e.g India, China or in Russia or any other country… was ruled by British, other and what a US producing even now a days you know… guns bluets bomb and so on are they doing every things good ? is it ok ?

    Are all Indian or Nepali or people living all these mention countries bad ? don’t mix up with them all please.

    Buddha was burn in Nepal ( Lumbini lies now ).so saying or writing something before think with cool mind what u are doing.
    Act as you expect as from others.

    with best regards,

  44. Brandon Teague says

    Martyrs and Readers,

    You women who may never know my name, or that I even exist, I want you to know, you are all so beautiful. I read some of your stories, and saw all of the photos. Some of these photographs have a woman who has been tortured beyond imagination, but still can smile, or is fighting for what is right! I am a nine-teen year old man in the United States, I do not know what I can do for any of you at this moment. I am not wealthy, I do not have high status among man, nor do I have a great platform in this world. I am Christian, and I do pray, I will start praying for you all, as I just have done. There was a comment above saying that “Thats all we have here… words.” -John Merser. Words are powerful, and many actions can only spring from words. These men deserve justice (execution, life servitude to the government [if only the governments cared]), not torture. It is unjust to subject one to inhuman torture, especially when you yourself know what it is like. This whole blog is about these women who declare “…we never stop loving…”.

    -To Ms. Taslima Nasreen,

    If you are a believer or if you are not a believer I would be glad if you contact me. I would be more than willing to hear any needs that my church and I can pray for. I would also be interested in trying to spread any and all word that I can to let people know. Perhaps, by a few simple words, a great many lives can be changed.

  45. Matt says

    This is a disgraceful feminist article that is just horrendously sexist and anti male.99.9999% of men would never consider doing anything like this and to try and pass off your own views as those of women in general is disgusting and arrogant, badly researched and stupid.

  46. Madeline says

    The cause for the increase in radical misandry, I.e., promoting GENDERCIDE of male species as solution to male violence, etc., is due to the Thousands upon thousands of Years that horrendous gross human rights abuses against women have been Trivialized, Excused or out right ignored or supported,

    As we have seen the continued perpetuation of such behaviors by some posters here.

    There is no peace without justice. it simply does not work that way, if you fill a plot of land with toxic dumping you cannot expect to have good farming soil within a few years…or if you fill a plot of land with landlines, etc. This is what it means by the term DESOLATION, which the Bible, interestingly enough, looking at the analogy used in Ancient times, is equated with none other than the Serpent, Satan, or the Destroyer. the analogy simply refers or points to the Physics FACT that when societies, or systems, or a group of individuals or a class, etc., under a myriad of justifications, usually supremacy and hatred, entitlements and pure Evil Selfishness, the NecroPhallic Death worship and when they are Allowed, with impunity to maim, rape, kill and destroy, the cause the final DESOLATION and DESTRUCTION of ALL life. this begins with a Spiritual
    Death and Ends with the Physics, death of the earth, species and humans. it is the final end of the beast, destroyer.

    and yes, when the destroyer spirit is allowed to reign with not only impunity but with adoration and praise, the women, life sources, Will turn and devour and eat their own, or young. it’s the equivalent of a human body starved, it will turn and eat itself. THis is the process of DEATH, the final annihilation. this is Why you see in these extreme misogynist life source hating societies with their death gods, be they gods or idols of gold, silver, pyramids and systems, etc., the eventual turning that love of death and hate, towards the SONS as well, the end result, after all other life forms are desolate and unable to create or nurture life, the Energy required to feed the beast death destroyer has to have something to consume, once the Females, animals, planet are no longer energy sustaining for the destroyer beast, that beast will then turn and consume its own kind, male. young males first, weaker males, then each other. the destroyer turns males into female effigies, for it’s meal.

    it cannot be undone without seeing the destroyer and beast for what it is, and it is not just within systems, it is within, like a cancer, it spreads and invades. it’s only been curbed due to other beast forms fighting FOT survival, but the global time has assimilated the world into the destroyer phallic nurture hating world, the Beast, the HEX, 666, an organis, death energy force, that lives by destruction of its meals,

    It hates women, because women were the carriers of the LIFE CREATIVE FORCES of this planet, before it was invaded and colonized, by Whom? that’s up for theory, but the evidence, of billions of years, is clear. the MRAs and Misandrisrts, the Misogynists and the Internalized misogynists, those “fun phallic worshipping feminists” who don’t want harm done to them but are complicit and Judas trailers to other women when harms are done to them, etc., which has a lot to do with the Beasts other weapons, racism, classism and supremacy entitlements, caste, etc., are already assimilated into the Black Box Borg, the same black box the ancient beings, in relief art to huge statutes, of old…what is known as gods, or fallen ones, who know, without a time machine, but oddly, black boxes used on planes to record in case of accidents, crashes, etc., what the ancients termed as Pandoras Box,

    Has assimilated, most, and the proof evident, is here you have young CHILD women, mostly, being horrifically harmed, disfigured and rendered pretty much incapable of survival, or intimacy, love, etc., being trivialized in blatant indifference to defer to the egos and bruised pride of many males here, the perpetuating of casting off LIFE for the EGO worship of the internal BEAST, and the result will end with the growth of the cancerous DEATH DESTROYER, that will eventually nihilate us All. the earths rivers turn blood red, she, the LIFE FORCE of us all, the waters that make up 70percent of our bodies, that we MUST HAVE to live, SHE is turning BLOOD RED around the world, oceans fish dying in the THOUSANDS, SHE is bleeding DEATH,


    The rivers cry out in travail, the bodies of MILLIONS of females throughg out time, dumped in rivers, the bodies of INNOCENTS, dumped into the plot of land, our EARTH, by those who worship the phallic death BEAST, the BLOOD is rising, the desolation is here. it will do no good to Justify your misogyny sir, or excuse your indifference, rationale, will do no good now,

    The EARTH has answered, GUILTY, and the Destroyer is here…it’s now only a matter of time. And the thing is,

    Don’t blame God or gods or those people or that people, look in the Mirror, Sir, and many MADAMES, there I’d your Destroyer,

    The Beast.

        • jessy says

          Gender slurs by a female. Whats that? Didnt think i was a woman? What about the gender slurs against the male population? The slurs that are so generalised they include my amazingly loving husband and adorable, loving and caring 3 year old son. So yea, bitch, you and the whole biased and findamental feminist movement be crazy. Fuck you and fuck your opinions.

          • Luna_the_cat says

            I didn’t think you weren’t a woman. I just think you aren’t very smart. OR very classy.

            If you were capable of reading comprehension, you might have some clue what the entire piece is about: an international issue where there are men feel entitled to punish women by hurting them badly, and this culturally accepted and not punished. Nowhere in this does this attempt to say “ALL men are monsters.” It certainly says nothing about your husband or brothers, which is a complete fail on your part. It says “there are men which are monsters, and yet women stand by them.”

            I gather that this might be too complicated for you to understand. I do, however, have to wonder at what kind of mind decides to come in and throw nasty insults at their own gender, just for the hell of it. It does make me wonder what your reaction would be if it *were* your brother hurting a woman. Would you be standing there saying “bitch deserved it”?

            Honestly, you should try reading for comprehension, at the very least. I wonder what you think you are doing here, or getting out of this.

  47. jessy says

    Actually, the generlisation drips from the article, with phrases such as ‘men’ and ‘our[females]’. She could have used ‘these men’ or ‘some men’, but no, she went with ‘us v them'[females v males]. That is a generalisation. One which includes my boys.

    My brother had a girlfriend who was not nice. She was whiny and self involved and refused to take part in family activities that we tried to include her in whoch she repaid by trying to start arguments amongst the family, she was verbally abusive to my parents. Basically, she was a bitch. But when my brother booted her in the back while she was sleeping me and the rest of my family immeriately jumped to her defense to point of going to court. See, i believe in equality of the sexes not just womens rights but all rights. Some women can and have been just as bad, sometimes worse, than some men and yet i bet you would be one of the first, along with myself, to object to such stereotyping and the consequences thereof. There are such things as bad people. But not all people are bad.

  48. Trish says

    Well, this makes me want to bear arms and shoot every son of a ______, who does this to another human. Disgusting whoever they are, male, female of half way in between and whatever religion they happen to be. Hopefully Karma will prevail. If anyone did this to a member of my family i could not stand by and do nothing and I am not usually a violent person. Treat other people as you would want t be treated.

  49. georgia fontana says

    I would like to share your stories but you have no SHARE button on your stories. That makes it impossible to share

  50. Enna says

    it is really sad to see how these pretty faces melted down…won’t live their lives as they did… the acid should be banned in markets! i believe men who have brought up in a family where abuse is in their routine are more likely to hurt others.. such people must be counseled and separated in a prison where psychotic patients are treated!!! a lifetime prison or hang them to death!!

    God Bless these women

  51. Interested says

    It seems interesting to me that people would use these horrible acts as a tool. The writer seems to have trouble checking her dislike of men when writing. She uses the general word “men” in the title of her article, without apology. She uses it as if all men are to blame, but quickly posts a reply to defend the Muslims when she feels people are generalizing them. Taslima, better cover up, your bias is showing.

    • Amber says

      Although I can see where you’re coming from, it would only make sense for someone exposed to these sorts of hate crimes to in turn feel biased. Knowing women who were victimized (or being the victim) of this horrible act, as you said yourself, takes a toll.
      Nearly every person that I love (both man and woman) has been raped by a man. Nearly all of 2010, I was having panic attacks at the mere sight of a man I did not know. The terrible act of rape had become associated with men. I knew that women could rape. I knew that not all men rape. But in my mind, every man was a threat. I still have days where I’m especially anxious in public. I’m not a victim-shamer, but it’s changed the way I dress, the times I feel comfortable being outside, the situations I allow myself into, the choice of whether or not to partake in alcohol, even affected my weight. Seeing and being wracked by these horrors have most definitely changed my life and my views.
      We can argue that it’s not fair to innocent men for women to feel this way, but it’s a reflexive habit of self conservation, not an attempt at male destruction. It’s the best that they can do, until they’re offered an opportunity to truly heal.
      But if you need a woman to apologize, then well, I’m sorry that you were worried that someone who read this article would take it so literally as to believe that ALL men throw acid on women. Kind of a leap, in my opinion. But hey, for the sake of semantics, right?
      Good day.

  52. DHANASHREE says


  53. Amber says

    I was able to hold back tears until it told of the 13 year old in Zambia. That’s when it really hit me. The older sister had to remove the mass of dead tongue that had peeled off. The older sister, who was likely still a young girl herself. That made it personal. I pictured my little sister in a hospital bed. I’m from the US, but it can happen here as easily as it can happen anywhere else. I just wish that there was something that I could do. How do you change the mentality of so many people, stop this belief that you reserve the right to hurt someone that way? It’s disgusting. Assault of any sort is awful, but the women that survive have to wear it for the rest of their lives. Those blinded are almost better off in a sense, because the act of seeing the way your assailant has defiled your body seems about equal to the torture of having to have the skin removed every single day, if you can even afford the treatment. I’m just numb from this all. There needs to be a change.

  54. says

    this women are really brave women now i respect more 2 women.. who eever did this to this women if gna get ssame then they will understand fuck man i wish i get a chance to deal with those mans … this is a love i wish if i wud hve got a love then i wud hve felt so lucky and wud hve felt like i hve very precious love wud hve felt pain to even if pinch her but this mans evn they got love thn also they did this omg i wish those mans dies painfully

  55. says

    Let us now take the crime of violent assault with attempt to do bodily injury. The following cases will serve as illustrative examples:—From The News of the World, 9th May 1909: A nurse in Belfast sued her lost swain for breach of promise. She obtained £100 damages although it was admitted by her counsel that she had thrown vitriol over the defendant, thereby injuring him, and the defendant had not prosecuted her! Also it was admitted that she had been “carrying on” with another man. From The Morning Leader of 8th July 1905 I have taken the following extraordinary facts as to the varied punishment awarded in cases of vitriol-throwing: That of a woman who threw vitriol over a sergeant at Aldershot, and was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment without hard labour while a man who threw it over a woman at Portsmouth was tried and convicted at the Hants Assizes, on 7th July 1905, and sentenced by Mr Justice Bigham to twelve years’ penal servitude!

    As regards the first case it will be observed that, (notwithstanding a crime, which in the case of a man was described by the judge as “cowardly and vile” and meriting twelve years’ penal servitude) the woman was rewarded by damages for £100, to be obtained from the very victim whom she had done her best to maim for life (besides being unfaithful to him) and who had generously abstained from prosecuting.

    – excerpted from The Fraud of Feminism 1913


  56. Umar Khan says

    Two cents from a Pakistani guy

    I was googling some random stuff because I have a lot of time to kill and somehow I ended up on this page. I am a Pakistani guy 25 years old. I live in Germany but most of my life I grew up in Pakistan. After having introduced myself, I feel deeply ashamed as a Pakistani man. Exceptions apart, the way general public think about women and the way they objectify them (educated youth is an exception but there are some occasional assholes in youth too), it just makes me puke. The kind of stuff they pull off with women and go unpunished frightens me. I wish I could do something to make things better and I do discuss with people but most of the time I get hostile remarks because they think I am some modernized west idealizing bloke who just does not like his native culture and the surprising thing is that, I have even been dissed by most Pakistani women when I talked to them about emancipation. This acid throwing stuff is quite extreme and does not happen very often and only people who are crazy enough to not think of the consequences pull this kind of stuff off but what makes me nauseous is the filth-ridden way of thinking even the common man has but which normally does not comes out because this average man has no balls (again exceptions apart, I have met some really nice respectful to women people too and I hope you people may have met such Pakistanis also).

    P.S. The way I rambled on like this is because I believe for a change, it is vital that Pakistani men start taking responsibility because if a considerable chunk of population feels guilty as if they did this crime themselves, the better would be the reaction against such crimes and every Pakistani man who even has even a slight inclination of doing such a crime should stay scared.
    I am sorry if the level of my English is sub par because I am mostly speaking German and I sometimes feel my self at a loss of just the right words to express myself.

  57. Tuomas says

    One global organization that is pushing for gender equality and women’s rights is UN Women (http://www.unwomen.org/. Reducing violence against women is one key priority at UN Women.

    Comment threads are good, concrete support is is even better. Make your actions count.

    • says

      i am bangladeshi boy. I am marrige for wait. Do you marry me. But help me mony my fathar famely for. Tel.pleass. Am wait your. Any countrys women apply me your maind. Tek me your country. Am guod boy 99%. My old 25 .

  58. ALLI says

    I must be so ignorant, I live in Canada and I have never seen such a horrible thing. I wonder how someone could do this to another human being. How were these monsters raised? I could never ever EVER fathom even imagining throwing acid in someone’s face. There must truly be a force of evil in the world. I hope one day women will no longer be oppressed in these disgusting backwards cultures.

  59. Thisisbullshit says

    Think guys just do this shit for no reason, ladies? Maybe he took a lot of stupid shit from dumb broads his whole life and finally couldn’t take anymore of her stupidity and finally decided to try and teach her a lesson but you can’t teach something unintelligent a lesson, they won’t learn, they’ll just stand there looking at you all stupid-like, or worse they’ll turn all rebel on you.

    • Alexandros says

      “you can’t teach something unintelligent a lesson” – you saved me a lot of time preparing my reply to you

  60. anonyme says

    @ Thisisbullshit. Maybe someone needs to pour acid on your face as well, you fucking moron. Though I doubt that this will teach you a lesson as you are obviously brain dead.

  61. Squishy Giraffe says

    The title of the article is indicative of the classic Stockholm syndrome. Really, love does not work on hardened assh0les. They indeed need hard jail time.

  62. Adam Klein says

    This is how I see it.
    If you are religious, and I was brought up to be so, quite simply, God is a label given to a source of higher reasoning and higher power.
    MAN has then taken his interoperation of whatever revelation or words he has seen and written them down in his own limiting way because he is NOT god. This reasoning has perverted words under him and spread his understanding to others which in turn, has created divides amongst our humanity, so much so, wars are fought saying who’s version of MANs story is the closer truth to GOD.
    One thing in all of the words I have listened to from the many religions I have heard from is that it’s not ok to treat PEOPLE badly, we are ALL his children.
    No matter how you slice the cake and how many MAN clauses you edit in to GODs words, PEOPLE is not limited to MAN alone. a WOMAN is also a PERSON and those who pervert GODs true meaning which was to unite us and care for us and live in harmony for the greater of HUMANITY, these so-called men that do these terrible things should be stopped.
    Women of these teaching should realise that GOD is for them too and they are a person. The MAN of their house or area is not their GOD and any man that does think he is is in offence to GOD as only GOD has this power over ALL of us.

    Now, this is just an observation as once again I am only a MAN however, without WOMAN I would not be her. I cherish WOMAN because they are PEOPLE and part of my RACE of HUMANITY on this planet. I find it offensive that we mame and hurt the only HUMANS on the planet that were blessed with the gift of giving LIFE to new PEOPLE. IF GOD is not involved in the GIFT of birthing LIFE from inside ANOTHER PERSON, I don’t know what GOD is.

  63. says

    only one of the finest Our men throw acid in our faces, destroy our lives but we never stop loving men. Warning: Violent images & I stumbled upon thus far

  64. Trecia Merlin says

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  65. says

    Jag ha studerat bilderna och läst om hur dessa kvinnor blivit utsatta. Jag har också läst de flesta av kommentarer här för att se hur olika svar det kan finnas i världen. Alla människor har olika kunskaper om livet, om kärlek, om hat. Alla människor funderar, tänker och grubblar vidare och associerar sina åsikter, som blir till påståenden.
    Så klart undrar man varför detta händer. Ja det finns så mycket ont i världen. Och man behöver bara läsa alla kommentarer här för att se hur människor förargas på varandra och nästan kan slå ihjäl varandra i dessa spalter.
    Alltså ondska finns på olika sätt, en del värre än andra, och vi undrar vidare hur kan de uppstå? Krig är också en ondska. Människan är ganska grym egentligen.
    Och så har vi detta med alla religioner som bevisligen orsakat många krig. Och man frågar sig hur har alla religioner uppkommit?

    Vår fantasi, människans fantasi är oändlig. Vi måste ha någon förklaring. Vi måste tro, tro på vad?
    Varför måste människor tro? Alla religiösa skrifter har uppkommit genom fantasier. Fantasier som bildat sagor.
    Nu får jag alla religiösa mot mig när jag skriver så.
    Jag undrar om alla de religiösa har läst Koranen eller Bibeln? Vad som står där i verkligheten.

    Ja det står verkligen många hot mot oss alla i både bibeln och koranen, och kanske speciellt mot kvinnor. Och en del människor tar detta för givet att så skall det vara. Man ta för givet dessa otroliga fantasier om någon snubbe skrivit i sin iver, i sin ondaste mening.

    När vi växer upp i livet så bildas tidigt i tonåren en speciell uppfattning, en “prototyp” av jaget. En jättestor kugge som väntar på nästa kugge, på nästa association, på nästa kommentar som passar in i jaget, i egot.
    Att glida ifrån uppfattningen är en stor uppoffring som få människor gör. Vi har våra gener som härstammar långt bak i tiden. Ondskan finns där. Men många människor har blivit humana med tiden. Men inte alla!

    Ibland tycker en del människor det är roligt att såra andra människor, varför? Att uttrycka sig humant, att förstå vad andra människor menar, att visa respekt för att någon tror utan att veta.
    Därför är kunskap så viktigt.
    Det hjälper inte att vara en förstoppad besserwisser hela tiden. För det finns det allt för många till här i världen.
    Att den människan som orsakat våld mot en annan människa skall straffas finns i lagar och förordningar.

    Men hur skall man komma tillrätta med våldet? Jag började skriva om “Våldets filosofi” men fick uppge. För det är ett stort kapitel.
    Att vi numera kämpar på idrottsplan i stället för som förr i hemska krig är en förbättring. Är det inte så att om man i de arabiska länderna fått spendera mera på idrott i stället för deras otroliga religioner så kanske vi hade fått se en annan sida? Alla idrotter är lite av ett krig mellan länder, men på ett humanare plan.
    Dessutom måste kunskap in i alla skolor om verkligheten av livet. Alla måste få veta hur livet har uppstått. I alla skolor skulle det vara obligatoriskt att läsa “Verklighetens magi” av Richard Dawkins.
    Eller för den delen läsa alla Rickard Dawkins böcker för att få en kunskap om hur vi har kommit till, om hur allt på jorden har kommit till. Kunskap är så viktig.
    Om kunskapen hade funnits, hade kanske dessa kvinnor förskonats och sluppit dessa hemska kval, dess otroliga fortsättning på livet, och förhoppningsvis fått leva ett normalt liv.
    Jag skrev “kanske” men jag tror också att sanningen hade förskonat dem.
    Min tro är Kärlek, naturen, och kunskapen.

  66. Anonyme says

    @Thore Hult. People are only arguing. No one is going to kill someone else about their opinions.
    Some are more temperamental than others. If someone posts something stupid (like egThisisbullshit)
    then there will be a reaction. Is this violence? Is this evil? Do we have to agree with others on everything?
    Give me a break…
    As for sports, Americans indulge in them yet there is a massacre every now and then.
    And cricket is hugely popular in India and Pakistan, so I doubt that these horrific acts happen just because
    people need to “blow off steam” so to speak.
    The problem lies with the position of women in society in countries such as “Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia”.Females are considered second rate citizens, nothing more than sex toys.
    You have seen the recent rape incidents in India. Women have even been killed because they didn’t want to have sex with X,Y,Z idiot.
    Add to this that the laws regarding punishment of these acts are rather lenient and offenders generally tend to get off lightly. I doubt that most of these terrible things would have happened if these people knew that they would spend the next 15 or 20 years of his life in prison for committing such a crime.
    Knowledge would certainly help but educating the people could take decades.

  67. ahmad says

    I call for a movement to ensure that any future disfiguring acid attack is punished by life in prison, as i find it more heinous than killing!

  68. Milanimal says

    this honestly sickens me so much as a man myself it fills me with so much anger that stuff like this continues to go on to this day and almost no one tries to do anything about it great job on this article btw I hope more people see this and understand the things men put women through

    ps. sorry about crap grammer

  69. Zulf says

    I’m of Pakistani origin. I can never understand how someone can do this to another human. In the UK we had an issue with knives, so the government enforced strict laws. 5 years in prison for carrying a blade.

    A similar system should be implemented in these countries. Imprisonment for carrying acid without good reason and life in prison for any one involved in such an attack. Personally I would like to see these men go through the same fate as they put their victims through (eye for an eye) but I cannot see that passing the legislation laws some how!

    • Proot says

      “Imprisonment for carrying acid without good reason and life in prison for any one involved in such an attack. Personally I would like to see these men go through the same fate as they put their victims through (eye for an eye) but I cannot see that passing the legislation laws some how!”

      ^I AGREE.

  70. Iqbal Mohammed says

    This is a shocking article. Also, I’m shocked by your bizarre opening narrative. You refer to “our men” and still “loving them” i.e. those men who have thrown acid on women still being loved. It is a reference to all men because the majority of the men that have done this wicked evil act were not the “men” of the victim and neither were they loved, let alone still loved, by them.

    Only a despicable, shallow and disgusting man would do this to a woman. It is deeply insulting that its men in general or all men.

  71. Proot says

    I am speechless. Especially when a father would do this to his own child. And what is astonishing is that this vicious act seems to be instilled in the male’s DNA— to simply use acid as a means of releasing their anger or resentment.

    I am EXTREMELY curious as to how these men feel AFTERWARD, upon seeing the result of their split-second vicious attack. Is there an article somewhere about these men? Especially an INTERVIEW of these attackers? Or a film documentary perhaps? I want to hear the men’s thoughts on their horrific actions, to get an insight of their psychology. Is there remorse? Is there satisfaction? Sense of power? Do they feel self-righteous? Ashamed?

  72. Candice Heyward-Spence says

    Religion of Peace , my Huge White Pimply Australian Ass!!

    More like Entire populations of Male Psychopaths!

  73. Dan says

    Still love them? No way, I would destroy them, I would use all the power I have to take a revenge. What’s left to love?

  74. Eeyern Ng says

    Let me get this straight…..

    God gave all of us free will. Because of this, there is suffering in the world because of the acts of others. It is simple.

  75. Val says

    Isn’t it time to BAN over the counter sale of acid? When acid becomes less accessible and hard to obtain, the number of these horrible tragedies could be reduced.

    Start lobbying for a ban.

  76. Chaka says

    This has NOTHING to do with ” God ” people. Stfu! If anything it has to do with the Devil. It’s inhumane, disturbing and wrong! The people who have done this will burn in Hell!

  77. says

    I am just so saddened and disgusted that another human being could do this to another person. I hope that whomever did this to them…happens to them in turn. Eye for an eye.

  78. John Wayne says

    Why God invented the handgun. They do it because they believe they can get away with it. Much more difficult in (say) Texas, where the potential victim may just kill you….

  79. Chloris says

    Every women… they deserve to be love,to be taken care of, and to gain respect, to be treated like a Queen. We are born handled carefully by our loving mothers the image of every women. We were able to explore things through their guidance. We were able to see and experience life.

    We should always remember that every man’s success there’s a woman behind him… that every heartaches we’ve been through there are mothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends who also cries for our failures, who rejoice when we are winning, whose undying love is endless.

    Every women has the right to become a leader, to manage her life in a way she will excel.

    Our mothers are the foundation of our learning, who allows us to see the world, who believed that we can be better and who believes that we are the greatest gift to them…

  80. Michael Thorne says

    Words alone can not express the hatred I hold for those who have committed these acts, and the empathy I possess for those who have suffered them. I highly suggest that you contact wealthy entrepreneurs who have dedicated a large sum of their fortune to charity, such as Bill Gates (I know, it shocked me too.)

    We have technology in the works that could help these women; the ability to grow entire organs from scratch using stem cells. There have got to be scientists and doctors out there willing to go the extra mile and partake in some new and exciting research to restore these women…and present a defiant stance towards this atrocity.

    I truly hope things chance…and I wish these men nothing but the most horrific ends imaginable, and prolonged suffering beyond measure.

  81. Mark Daniels says

    I know that when we see pictures like this, it affects us right at our core. We get angry, and want revenge and for the perpetrators to suffer greatly…. But I ask that we keep a level head. Our response to these should be how to stop them happening in the future. Deterrence is one method, where we punish offenders aggressively, but we know that law and order is only one method of reducing crime. We need to address much deeper social issues, and they start with the hopeless poverty we have in this world, ignorance based on the lack of education, and primitive views about the role of women.

    These sorts of crimes are rare in the west, not because the west is morally superior, but because the west promotes values of freedom, equality of women, and western systems try to educate people. I feel that educated people are less hateful of the world, as they can appreciate it’s beauty more. People who can earn a good living are also content with life, and are less likely to want to harm people in this way.

    If we want to stop these crimes from happening we need to address the social causes behind them. Whilst I passionately believe being poor or unemployed is NEVER an excuse for crime, we need to understand the lack of these things often CAUSES crime.

    • Colin says

      ” not because the west is morally superior, but because the west promotes values of freedom, equality of women, and western systems try to educate people.”

      You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. The second half of your sentence totally contradicts the first half. The fact is….The West IS morally superior BECAUSE we promote freedom, equality of women, education, medical and scientific progress, etc.

  82. Guy DJ HypnotixX says

    numbered killings estimated total killings
    God 2,476,633 25 million
    Satan 10 60
    Your God is an ASSHOLE

  83. Joe says

    I don’t get why the article says they never stop loving them. They never stop loving the people who burned them or just men in general? Because they should definitely stop loving someone who burned them for no good reason at all.

  84. Melba Farrell says

    I cry when these ugly truths come forward and slap me in the face. It makes wonder I as a woman is not a part of the human race. I get it why many people do not adhere to religious dogma and keep customs that were set in place just to control another human being. I would like to dedicate this poem to all women of the world. It is entitled “THE ORIGINAL SIN” by Manna Sparrow/aka/Melba Farrell.

    There is a general act of disrespect against women all over the world
    And each woman needs to speak-up and let Her-Story be told
    Anytime something is mentioned in the defense of women
    You hear a whole lot of ranting from the jealous and angry men
    Who is man to tell a woman what she can and cannot say or do?
    It is the woman who first fed, clothed and cared for you
    Who is man to tell a woman not to speak out her truth?
    The men who do that should kick themselves with their own army boot
    Women are sick and tired of hearing people referring to God as a man
    Yes, saying that Atom is Adam who ate the apple from Eve’s Hand
    Women are tired of being blamed by men who want to get even
    That is why they made up that bullshit about Eve in the Garden of Eden
    When will we women get off our backs and take our rightful places?
    And demand that the men acknowledge us as progenitors of all races
    When will men stop believing things that are obviously made up?
    And open up their eyes to recognize that it is time for them to stop
    Accusing, using and abusing women every chance they get
    And not giving credit to women for making sure their needs are being met
    Women are the creators, nurturers and maintainers of the people of earth
    The woman is the one who is in mortal danger every time she gives birth
    Yet the thanks she gets is to be mutilated and treated like she is a second class citizen
    Being misjudged by the mindset that she committed the original sin

  85. Sunrise says

    Make large amounts of acid accessible only to medical professionals, industrial engineers, scientists and the like who are obliged and morally responsible to use them. Large amount of acids that can be bought easily over the counter such as muriatic acid could be banned for household use. Local ordinance for the use of acid free green dishwasher soaps in every household should be made and implemented in every part of the world.

    National government leaders no matter what religion, culture, affiliation they have should commit their lives in promoting every individuals’ right to life, security, and if in case that the government failed to do this as their prime duty, it’s like having no government at all.

    May each one of us be reflection of God’s Light!

  86. fred (Muhammad) williams says

    Im an African American muslim, black Nationalist. I think it’s a damned sick crime to do a woman like that. I think it’s arab culture or something tho black men harm women here too. I wish I could form a group of men and women to hunt down and kill people who do this. If ther is such a group, then let me know so I can join in. This is not Islam and it’s not right regardless of religion. it’s a damned shame.

  87. Bernard says

    It is a huge shame I dare say that modern society has descended to these depths of social depravity. I just pray and hope that humanity is petty enough to realise that violence against women must stop and stop now.

  88. Clifee says

    These things are just horrible ,this is not what a Man does this is a COWARDS way of seeking revenge for what because he got turned down,this is because these men beleive they own the Women as a Black American that is not our way of thinking,GOD BLESS ALL women everywhere who have to go thru this cowardly form of violence.Enough is Enough .

  89. Sid says

    Worse still is the fact that most of these men walk free after permanently ruining a woman’s life. I as a man, totally condemn this act. We’re humans, not animals. We don’t piss on trees to mark our territory, and nor to we viciously kill each other over food. We’ve evolved to be different, to be able to identify, respect and harmonize with others despite our differences. Man or woman, we’re still humans. Men who oppress and suppress women are a downright failure and a disgrace to million years of evolution. Having the mindset to perform such deeds without any remorse classifies these specific group of men as savage animals who’re a threat to the well being of any civilized society, and should be put down.

  90. lakatan says


  91. Vlad says

    I’m so going to get hated for this, but, observations:

    1. A woman is just as capable of throwing acid in a man’s face, and I would argue that the woman who suffered such should actually do so, not for revenge, but as repayment and as to send a message.
    2. The popularity of throwing acid in India is a symptom of the vision of how cheap women are in the eyes of their men. It’s not something that can be easily fixed. Were it not acid, it would be other things.
    3. If men won’t defend those women, and the government won’t defend those women, then women all over India should band together in the punishment of such actions. I believe they call them lynchings.

    • Nan says

      In response to Vlad

      1. Personally I too would seek revenge. But that is my personal opinion. I find it so hard to deal with injustice especially when it was done to me. I would rather die trying to kill the man who is hurting me, than live with the knowledge of the man who attacked me is walking around unpunished. But that is in an European context.

      In Asia, women are not used to stand up for themselves, so seeking revenge is not in their system. The life of a woman in asia most of the time is a life of submission.
      Then there is a practical thing. Most women end up blind of so badly injured they cannot go out anymore.

      2. True. I know the situation in India quite well, where girls are considdered a burden. Women get mistreated all the time on many different levels. It starts even before birth. Girl babies get aborted for being girls.

      It is hard to get organised as women when men are controlling all aspects of public life.
      However in India there is a group called the REd Brigade. Ladies work out together and learn self defense and are starting to reclaim the public space.

      By the way I hate it when people are just puking easy solutions on a complex problem. If there were an easy solution, menaning one that you can come up with as a spontanious reaction to a blog, then it would have been applied and the problem would not exist.
      Don’t simplify the problems and complexity of life.
      It seems so arrogant.

      • K says

        Nice ending, it almost convinced me. But I still agree with Vlad. Women there need to stop ‘never stop loving men’. European context or not, this is about their lives – wanting to take care of them should be in their nature, not culture.

  92. lakatan says


    • Nan says

      weak!!!! Religion should not be an insurance policy. This remark proves again that religious people are weak and stupid.

  93. Christian Ellis says

    Nearly every one of these women live in a part of the world where religion makes them the property of the men who did this to them. To say that religion is somehow the answer outside of eradicating it entirely is preposterous and devoid of logic or rational thought. The fact that any of you would use this as a vehicle to voice your religious views is in extremely poor taste. Shame on you.

  94. Shawn B Kilpatrick says

    I would like to submit for correction that the Richard Remes attack on the bottom of the list occurred in Belgium, not the UK.

  95. says

    They should throw acid right back on those men. See how they like it.

    To all the people using this as an opportunity to disrespect religion and religious people, stop. Scientists do atrocious shit too, on greater scales. No religion condones this behavior. Only people do.

  96. Torrey says

    I’ts so sad to see what the world is coming to lately… i’m a guy and i can’t stand for women to be treated like this… for ANY reason… if my wife ever decided to leave me i wouldn’t throw acid on her to get even… anyone who would stoop so low as to completely ruin someone’s life just because they didn’t get their way doesn’t deserve to call themselves human beings… These monsters have to hearts, no souls, and they all deserve the maximum penalty for what they have done… far be it from me to wish death on anyone but i feel like that’s what these bastards deserve…

  97. Gwen J says

    You may not believe, but “GOD IS WATCHING”, to me it is as serious as taking someones life. You will amswer for what you have done to these women, and for the foolishness that you may call justice to satisfy your needs or personal desires. It’s hideous. My prayers goes out to each of you. God Bless keep the faith theirs a special place for ou heaven.

  98. Herculano Fecteau says

    Horrifying and heartrending. At points I found myself turning my eyes away from the graphic evidence within this shocking testimony while forcing myself to continue to read. However, if we don’t confront it with our eyes and our consciences, we are not going to appreciate its consummate evil.

    Still, I can not help but insist that those who turned these atrocities into a screed against religion and against God — any and all religions, and any and all gods — are exploiting these tragedies for their own philosophic agenda, which in most cases, involves a dogmatic hatred and lack of respect for people of faith, with a special niche of contempt reserved for Muslims. They — and the religious folks who turned the story into a forum for their own creeds — all were involved in distracting from the powerful message and call for action emanating from the broken lives of these brutalized and oppressed women.

    I am not going to go into a long rant about that here, since I do not want to be a part of that distraction. I do want to point out that Taslima Nasrin herself — a secular humanist from a Muslim background and the author of the article — felt compelled to point out Islam is not the dominant belief system in most of the countries where these assaults occurred.

    Also, as a non-fundamentalist but fairly orthodox Christian, a revolutionary socialist, and a human being, I recognize the necessity of interpreting basic tenets of my faith in the light of material reality.

    One of these tenets is the call to nonviolence. I cannot — as have other Christians like Martin Luther King Jr., Daniel Berrigan, and Dorothy Day, whom I deeply respect — subscribe to a nonviolence which denies the right, and even the obligation, of oppressed people to respond to dehumanizing systemic violence with measured, righteous revolutionary violence in self-defense.

    In these cases, I do believe that swift and deadly retaliation against the perpetrators of these crimes, preferably by the victims or their families, with all legal repercussions waived by the legal authorities, would be the only way to serve notice on men who feel so inclined to act that their deeds will not be met with impunity. Neither am I opposed to swift adjudication and capital punishment by the state — whatever its current form — in response to such attacks. I know there are political dogmatists who will object to any such reliance on the machinery of the bourgeois state. I don’t believe we can wait upon the establishment of international communism to respond to this international outbreak of feudal and patriarchal savagery.

    I cannot concur with the person who commented that the men who commit these crimes should be subjected to the same tortures as their victims, as this would signify a descent into their own depravity. They should, however, be physically dead. Whether or not the retribution will continue in an afterlife is a matter of theological and philosophical speculation.

    This may fly in the face of my generally dogmatic opposition to capital punishment — both on political and theological grounds — but is perfectly consistent with concession of the right to revolution and revolutionary self-defense in the face of violent oppression. And obviously this epidemic has become grounds for all civilized humanity to declare an international emergency in a campaign to stamp it out by any means necessary.

  99. says

    a person who does this to another person is worse than a murderer and do not desearve to live they are monsters i must condemn them in the strongest terms possible they are worse than beasts cursed lot!!

  100. Kevin Jo says

    Does Christianity make sense?

    Please read 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 (NIV)

    “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written:

    ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.’

    Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

    Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him. It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.'”

  101. Souritra Ganguly says

    Its really shameful . . . That being humans , some one can cause so much harm to another living thing , most importantly , another human!! My deepest sorrows for the victims.

    And i would like to state that , the culprits who have done this are not “MEN” , They do not deserve to be called a “MAN”. Most importantly they are not humans… Bloody heartless people!!

  102. kenaz Mathew says

    My heart feels so hurt… 🙁
    Im ashamed, terrified, angered…. to the heights i could crush these abuser’s skull’s with my hands.
    How could man be so cruel??

    I will turn to a killing machine to such bastards if it happens to any of my beloveds.
    (I pray it never does), but i promise.. i will turn myself to an animal if i witness this in my life… i will chop these bastards to pieces without any mercy.


  103. kenaz Mathew says

    My heart feels so hurt… 🙁
    Im ashamed, terrified, angered…. to the heights i could crush these abuser’s skull’s with my hands.
    How could man be so cruel??

    I will turn to a killing machine to such B!@#@!@’s if it happens to any of my beloveds.
    (I pray it never does), but i promise.. i will turn myself to an animal if i witness this in my life… i will chop these B#@!@#@’s to pieces without any mercy.


  104. K says

    How about you give us some ideas about what can be done, instead of simply presenting the facts as if this was the evening news? It frustrates me to see this and it makes me feel guilty that I am sitting here reading your article with a cup of coffee in my hands. This is why people turn their back to such things; because it only makes them feel powerless. Help us help, will you?

    • Herculano Fecteau says

      Sister Taslima Nasrin obviously went through a great deal of passionate effort to compile these stories and present them to her readers. That in itself is a call to action. How about you tell yourself the same thing I did: put your cup of coffee down, get out from behind your computer, and figure out for yourself some ways that you can help: organize a petition drive, coordinate an educational meeting in your home or a public meeting place, initiate a picket line outside one or more of the local consulates representing these countries with placards bearing the tortured faces of these women, etc.

      There, that only took me a few seconds. I think I’m going to start researching that last option. And I know that a lot of folks on this page might snicker, but I’m willing to bit I can find several Muslim and Jewish friends and local Christian churches who will support the effort.

      Now think for yourself.

  105. Guigz says

    Reading some comments trying to justify those acts with GOD, like.. ” It’s because God gave all of us free will ” etc.
    I’m impressed. How is it possible to find, nowadays people that think “God” plays a role in this world.. Can we just speak about a serious problem happening in our planet, without all your sect comes here like vultures and starting debating about god, about the bible or whatever. I mean who ” THE HELL ” care ? This article and the people just want to talk about something happening in this world, something real, something true. Stop trying to explain why the world is like this or this with something that has never been proven. It’s about true story, it’s physical ; it means you could see those women, touch and speak to them.. Something you have and will never do with god. You know ? Real things.

    An interesting fact : If I had said this just two undred years ago, I would have been tortured and killed for my opinion.

    Stop pollute every forum that speak about serious things with your ” god ” here, find a place for that, a forum, I don’t know, respect the people who think about real and concevable solutions to help these Women.

    PS : I’m French, my english isn’t the best, but I’m sure you will understand most of what I said.

  106. Sula says

    It seems odd to me that we have devoted so much space (in the comments) to religion and god and none at all to ways a woman could protect herself. Obviously these victims were caught by surprise and the attack, throwing a liquid at a person, is particularly difficult to shield against. I am wondering, though if there are stories of women who have defended themselves successfully against acid throwers or who have been rescued by others in an attempted attack? Perhaps Krav Maga practitioners have advice for women who feel they are at risk?

    If someone witnesses such an attack, what might he or she do to help minimize the damage? Is there a substance that is cheap and easy to store that could neutralize the acid quickly? This, it seems to me would be an excellent use of the minds here. If there is valuable advice to be given, a campaign of public awareness could be effective for some cases.

  107. katherine says

    I was horrified by the disgraceful way these women were treated. I read many comments hoping that someone would know of a practical way we could help.
    Unfortunately what I read were numerous comments where readers attacked each other. Some of the posts contained poor grammar, spelling mistakes (unnecessary with spell check) and punctuation that would fail primary school assessment. Other posts contained threats, offensive or derogatory language that neither strengthened the argument or did the author any favours.
    The article provided the opportunity for some positive action to be taken. Maybe the readers did not have any knowledge of how assistance could be provided, I know I don’t, but lets not turn against others for having a different point of view. I feel as if I have wasted time reading pointless comments that served no useful purpose.
    If anyone knows of an organisation that is providing assistance to these victims please post the details.

  108. Shane says

    First off…. these are NOT men. These are cowards beneath a human level. If I had the pleasure of meeting the men responsible for these actions, these women would have felt only a mere fragment of what myself and real men here would do to you. It is absolutely heartbreaking what has happened to these women and I hope vengeance is swift on these cowards that allow themselves to be called a man.

  109. Ebenezer Amalraj says

    These women are all precious creation of the Almighty Maker and don’t deserve to be treated this way. If you can stop these atrocious “men” that call themselves that Please do everything in your strength to stop them. Even earthly consequences will not suffice to teach them a lesson! Women are all beautiful and made in the image of God! Only from a woman’s womb comes the future, They are given the honorable responsibility for a reason!!

  110. JohnnyJonJon says

    What this story fails to mention is how mentally abusive these women were to men throughout their lives. The men did this to make them as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside.

    • Sylvie says

      JohnnyJonJon, are you for real? Do you read about this real world and interact with human beings. Have you been abused by women? Do you want to talk about this? I am very curious what makes you think this comment of yours can fly

    • katherine says

      I think it is highly unlikely that women living in a society where this barbaric activity occurs would be game to be abusive in any form. It is more likely that they are living in fear and too scared to speak out or even stand up for themselves. A woman should not feel the need to accept a marriage proposal or be in a relationship they do not want for fear of an acid attack.

      Do you really think the 5 year old girl who was attacked by her father was mentally abusive to him. She was attacked because she was a girl and he did not want a girl. She did not choose to be born or to be a girl. The father choose to attack her with acid while she slept. This girl can not be blamed tor the brutal actions of the man who is supposed to defend and care for her.

      It is a false sense of superiority and entitlement and lack of consequences for these cruel actions that make the men feel like they can do this. If the men were being mentally abused they should have simply left. Your sense of justification is a cause for concern.

    • katherine says

      JohnnyJonJon I think it is highly unlikely that women living in a society where this barbaric activity occurs would be game to be abusive in any form. It is more likely that they are living in fear and too scared to speak out or even stand up for themselves. A woman should not feel the need to accept a marriage proposal or be in a relationship they do not want for fear of an acid attack.

      Do you really think the 5 year old girl who was attacked by her father was mentally abusive to him. She was attacked because she was a girl and he did not want a girl. She did not choose to be born or to be a girl. The father choose to attack her with acid while she slept. This girl can not be blamed tor the brutal actions of the man who is supposed to defend and care for her.

      It is a false sense of superiority and entitlement and lack of consequences for these cruel actions that make the men feel like they can do this. If the men were being mentally abused they should have simply left. Your sense of justification is a cause for concern.

  111. Remi D. says

    Richard Remes got 30 years in jail,
    I don’t know about the others but it is worth mentioning that some of these horrible crimes did not remain unpunished.

  112. dr d says

    these are not men they are pig scum . they are so deranged that they should be shot on the spot!!!!! you can’t call your self a man if this is what you believe i would like to meet one of these so called men and give them a little dose of revenge on behalf of these women. my punishment would be to find out what religion they are and make them do what ever the very worst thing that the religion doesnt allow like shoving pork down their throat . they are cowards they are scum that dont deserve to walk on this planet . how they could do this to someone is beyond me. they need to be eliminated,so they cant do it again. i wish all the women that live in these ass backwards countries could flee to a safe place . then what would the men do? cowards and pig scum is what they are!!!!!!!!!

  113. Troy says

    JohnnyJonJon you’re a fucking idiot. No person deserves to have acid thrown on them BY ANYONE! This is AWFUL and DISGUSTING!

  114. Shawn Glory says

    So what you’re saying is that all men are like that? Seriously? I for one was cheated out of 1.5 mil preparing for a wedding that didn’t happen as I was cheated in the process. Bought a nice ring a house a car and even renovations and i got cheated half way through all that. Did I beat her up? no. Did any of my friends? no. Not all men are like this and those who are should die a painful death but spreading fears in women through this instead of educating them is just a shout for more fear in their daily lives. Seriously. Equality is great and you are one of those who are trying to topple that scale to render men powerless.

    • katherine says

      It is sad that happened to you but better for it to happen before and not after the wedding.
      I am sure that there are many men like you, who when hurting, still manage to act in a decent manner. The “men” who committed these horrible crimes need to see your behaviour as the way they should behave. Unfortunately, I think it will take a few generations before the change in attitude and behaviour will be effective.

  115. Lulu says

    All these god fearing christians, bible thumpers, and god worshippers are seriously missing the point of this article. There are women suffering and dying here for things no human should have to suffer for. Praying and hoping that god will “exact his righteous vengeance” or whatever other nonsense, isn’t going to help them. neither is praying and hoping they will find peace, then feeling like you are helping and tucking yourself in for a good nights sleep. Wake up people, humans didn’t go to the moon by praying it would happen, they took an initiative, and did what needed to be done to accomplish it. The women’s rights movement didn’t start to make a difference because people sat on their asses praying and hoping to god, it helped because people motivated to change what was wrong with society took a stand and said “no, we will no longer be the property of men, we will no longer sit idly by while men judge us, laugh at us, rape us, and make us feel worthless. we will take the steps to right this wrong and not budge until things change”. Humanity is its own god and that has always been the case.

  116. Dave Erwin says

    Any society that either overtly or covertly supports this kind of barbarism is destined to eventually destroy itself. No society or culture can sustain itself for very long if based on this level of hatred toward any member of its society.
    No nation can tolerate this level of ignorance for very long without imploding.

  117. says

    I read the below article, because it is a very real, disturbing and deplorable issue; I also took the time to read the article and the comments by other readers attached, because all of those women and children burned by acid, raped, demoralized and demeaned, in some cases murdered – deserve forever to be recognized, listened to, respected and showered with love, compassion and peace – not the pain, violence and acid so easily and freely administered by the men who they all once loved and trusted. For those women who chose the path of taking their own lives after such violence perpetrated against them, may you rest in the peace and boundless love of your own heaven, you brave souls. It would appear from this article that this type of crime is more prevalent in third world countries, but sady it also happens in first world countries. Unfortunately in third world countries, police/judicial/politcal systems are governed by men and therefore justice may never occur. The law in western society first world countries may be more stringent, but after the crime has occurred what law can ever return what has been so cruelly taken away from these women/children, i.e. the woman’s/child’s identity, their will to live, their ability to self love, their freedom, their happiness, peace, future. What has also been ripped from them is the abilty to trust respect, love, have faith or believe in a man ever again. It is a sad fact, that the majority of these abusers are family or a person close or well known to the victim. I think tighter laws could only work, if the younger generation of males (and females)/the children are educated…but it has to start now and effective education and protection programs need to be a priority.

  118. angel says

    there is no god, if there were this would not happen in the world… I dont believe for one minute we were created by a “GOD” or jesus or any other crap that has been written in these stories and believed by people through the centuries…. Look at the catholic church, full of pedo’s, and might i add one of the richest banks in the world,,, if they were true to their religion they could donate all the money to starving poor countries, and actually help people instead of abusing their power…. So all you bible bashers shut up, and get a life!!!

    I cannot begin to describe how i feel in my heart now reading this article and seeing these photos.. my heart is bleeding for these poor girls… These crimes need to be punished by death… these monsters have taken away these girls lives, for what? because they werent happy.. oh please…

    Please change the laws, and make these monsters pay for what they have done… I am so angry right now, I swear if i ever came across anyone who committed a crime like this I would not be able to contain my anger and they would suffer at the hands of a very aggressive angry woman… I wouldnt even care if i went to prison for the murder of even just one of these animals, it would be worth it, to make them have a slow and painful death is the only justice i can see… may they all rot and suffer in their lives….

    My heart go’s out to you ladies,,,

  119. MorganSBailey says

    “Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.” OK, seriously? A series of photographs with no words in any current language to describe, had to end with an all too christian turn-the-other-cheek conclusion? The same turn-the-other-cheek mentality that was treacherously implanted upon humanity to ensure oppressive social groups stay in power forever and ever amen?
    Of course I’m not saying “you have to hate all men”, that would be plain stupid, but the connotations of such a submissive ending to such an appalling story are just disturbing.

  120. MerckkPR says

    Will you all shut the hell up! If you believe in GOD GOOD FOR YOU if you DON’T GOOD FOR YOU TOO THIS ARGUMENT IS NOT ABOUT GOD BUT OF WOMAN WHO ARE SUFFERING FOR WHAT MEN DO not GOD. If you want to continue another STUPID Religious Debate why don’t u all take a good look at your selves and realize how s idiocitc you all Look having this ”cliche” argument. There will always be believers and non believers, sadly its the Believers who stuff Religion down your throat all the time. And NON Believers who are more disrespectful than i’d care to imagine. THIS Argument is about the woman, their suffering and their just cause, try to keep that in mind will ya?

  121. Monica says

    These comments are a great example of our nature…
    There is cursing, there is a desire to kill and stone people, there is mockery… attacks on one another.
    Only a few are being compassionate and kind on the conversation itself.
    If we would only be able to respect each other, unite and act, the world may have a chance.

    If all of us were standing face to face with our opinions, wouldn’t the violence be worse than the one that we are discussing about?
    I truly wish that we could change…

  122. Monica says

    Let’s look at some facts: (feel free to do your own research, too)
    Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam- Islamic perspective on human rights
    Article 24 of the declaration states: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”
    Sharia- is the moral code and religious law of Islam.
    Shari’a law encourages domestic violence against women, when a husband suspects nushuz (disobedience, disloyalty, rebellion, ill conduct) in his wife
    Rape is considered a crime in all countries, but Shari’a courts in Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia in some cases allow a rapist to escape punishment by marrying his victim, while in other cases the victim who complains is often prosecuted with the Sharia crime of Zina (adultery)

    Please keep in mind, I am not the enemy, not attacking anyone, I am not even violent. I am just pasting here the information that is available to anyone.
    Cursing at me won’t change the facts that women live in north Africa and Middle East. It is my personal believe that we have to be informed, rational beings in order to accomplish a positive change in this world.

  123. James Jeremiah says

    I am horrified that men who love or claim that they love their mothers, sisters, wives, cousins, girlfriends or women can do such a thing. It is appalling and I would like to have the knife or sword to torture the bastards who do this kind of thing to women. Take courage and strength and keep spreading the word…maybe, just maybe one day this will be no more.

  124. angel says

    @Monica it is a very sad state of affairs, however, the world is full of violence, I wish there was world peace, no rapes murders etc but it aint gonna happen UNLESS things change, tougher laws are laid down and I truly believe in the death penalty for this reason… If without a shadow of a doubt you are found guilty of committing a serious offence, murder, rape etc you should be put to death, if you take away someone elses life You should suffer the same consequences… and i dont mean put on death row for years and waste our money, guilty, death, goodbye, another less scum bag on the earth, it doesnt even need to be barbaric, lethal injection, gas, whatever you want if you dont want these animals to suffer, I on the other hand believe and eye for an eye, if you pour acid on someone, i think you should die by the same method of you crime, imagine the pain these poor people went through, and live, and live the rest of their lives with blindness, deaf, scarred to hell, I think these ladies that have lived through that and carry on with their lives are amazing, and must be extremely brave, I don’t think i would be as brave as them….

    But they need to start with the governments in these countries, women should be in charge of the world, it would make it a nicer place!!!!!!!

  125. Heather says

    I think it’s sad that such an important topic has been overtaken on this comment board by an argument about religion. completely missing the point. The discussion should be how men in so many different countries are so easily able to commit this horror against women. Chemicals like these are too easily accessible. Cultural attitudes across ethnicity allow this to occur, and the sale of acids to be sold. Stop distracting yourselves and everyone else from the issue at hand. I understand religion is an easy answer or target to blame, but this is more complex and systemic. Shame on the male perpetrators. But a little shame on the rest of us as well. Change happens in small steps, but many small steps can move us ahead lightyears.

  126. says

    What kind of godless coward would plan and go through with something like this?

    These people are parasites.

    They all need to be eradicated.

    All of these countries should do themselves a favor and make it the death penalty if this type of attack is perpetrated on another human.

    Little godless worms who feed off of the life force of good and kind people.


  127. Indira says

    This was very informative. It’s amazing that this pops up when I was trying to decide between international scholarships, and was favoring India.

    I find it hard to understand how people could be so cruel, self consumed and evil. It’s easy for the government to make acid illegal, or set standards to purchase acid i.e. occupation requirement. The government may also inflict more strict penalties for these offenders, however it seems that this act is somewhat encouraged. They can purchase this stuff for a dollar, anyone can buy, the serve a light sentence… its ridiculous. I suppose, as long as the heart of the leaders fail to change towards women, the men, will continue to feel . . . justified. God help us.

  128. alfie says

    people who did that is worst than animal..
    death penalty is to kind for someone who did this..

    i think alcohol takes part on this case..
    not only this case but a lot of horrible case happens every second because of Alcohol..

  129. Aysha says

    I live in Turkey where women are killed by men daily. I’m thinking of starting a campaign to teach threatened women their legal rights and-here it comes- arming them and teaching them to shoot. Men who kill often make all kinds of excuses, accusing these women of disgraceful conduct and get out of jail after a few years, to marry and kill again. So why shouldn’t women kill them when attacked, use self protection as the reason, go to jail for a few years and come out to live rest of their lives free of harassment?

    Almost all of these poor women have complained countless times to local authorities to no avail. There are few safe houses for them to hide in and why should a woman live rest of her life in hiding, anyway?

    I’d appreciate your opinions.

    • Jeannette says

      If you need any help setting up that campaign I’ll be happy to help.
      I may be in England, but I know that if there are many voices shouting the same things at the same time, the authorities will have a harder time trying to keep us quiet!!

  130. ghamdan mohammed al-Thawr says

    it is most sickening to hear about this , and since i come from a Muslim country i know how those sick people think , they believe that they have the right to judge others and change how they think , i am most hateful for such acts and if i have the power i would haunt them down and use the same acid on them it killed my humanity to know about such things existing and haunted my dreams for months , we need to protect our society and spread awareness !

  131. Robert Kokas says

    Someone please build me a teleportation device,
    -give me a list of all the men that have done this to the women in these pictures
    -pay for my airfare to all these sick underdeveloped countries
    -equip me with my own supply of acid, knifes, scalpels, other various torturing devices
    -give me 1 hour with each of these men, just ONE HOUR
    -let me do unto them as they have to these women only to let them live so that
    these sick sadistic evil incarnate bastards can walk the remainder of their miserable lives
    in the view of the public bearing my signature marks so that everyone may know just
    who exactly these “men” are
    -Sincerely, Robert Kokas
    Pasadena, Ca

  132. will says

    I can’t believe how many comments are saying things like ‘god will punish’, god loves us all’ it’s creepy . . . it’s the religions that worship ‘gods’ – promoting extreme behavioral paterns and thinking – that create the psychotic mindset which is capable of these things (in a vast majority of cases). There is no such thing as god, OK . . . just us, and it’s up to us to be nice to each other, the invention of god seems to have taken that responsibility away forom us. Religion is the ‘devil’ it created.

  133. SYED MUJAHED says

    please help please reply i want to leave islam i am in extremely in trouble

    i have been teased humiliated insulted beaten up boycotted attacked psychologically aggressively behaved impolite talked for continuously in my whole 4 years of engineering …………..by all my neighbours friends relatives classmates strangers at that time not even god talked the reason that i was believing allah truly me nor removed my loneliness as he never exist ……….then i strongly believed that god never exist

    all girls wherever i found them they use to humiliate me by talking with boys and k****** and doing s** in front of me humiliating me as a result all boys use to beat me (they includes neighbours friends relatives classmates strangers) as a result i am going to psyciatrist doctor because of my mental illness

    please reply will u help me in getting a job in the area where only christian lives

    please help me i want to marry western christian girl and settle in western countries i am a engineer

    i am in facebook at syed.mmujahed@gmail.com please reply me as soon as early

    i hate muslims

    please help in just getting a job in western countries in christian populated area i am engineer,i have been attacked by all muslim boys a lot and muslim girls use to humiliate me,by talking attractively to all boys surrounding me, as a result boys use to beat be if you don’t believe me you can inquire about me,please help me,i don’t want to leave muslims,please help me to get out of here

  134. Germaine says

    Oui. I strongly believe chemical skin peels should be done by a qualified practitioner only.
    I oppose these backstreet jobs.

  135. Michael Cunnington says

    Very distressing!
    As I viewed these pictures, only one word kept springing to my mind and lips.

  136. Juan Isidro Acevedo says

    Here I am teary eyed thinking about what exactly motivates these men to commit such horrible acts? Violence is bad, but for me this goes beyond simple violence like punching someone. By throwing acid they want to completely erase that person, something worse than even death if you think about it. By erasing someone’s face they’re putting these women in a prison of their own bodies. They won’t even recognize themselves in the mirror. They will become social pariahs in many cases. It’s so incredibly sad and horrible. I…I just can’t understand it 🙁

  137. Jacob Szetela says

    It is enfuriating that such a thing happens. It truly made me outraged. My only complaint is that the conclusion suggests that MEN are responsible for this rather than a man. I’m not sure why a person should blame an entire gender for what one man did to them? One does not equate the other. Anyway, I will share the article nonetheless because more people need to see these things and not simply read them.

  138. Gale says

    I am curious as to how many men are attacked? if at all?
    As a woman I am horrified by this, it strips away so much and is unable to be reversed. Do these men have regrets after? Probably not if they believe it is right.

  139. Amentet kerr says

    Why do harm to these or any woman. why is it ok in these countries to do this. why do the men of these countries hate women so much. it makes me so angry. i could resort to name calling and cursing these males but what good would come of it. my heart goes out to these women. i am very sad this has happened and will happen again. why wont the governments do something. stop selling this acid ? take it away from the males who would use it for harm. why sell it knowing this will happen ? I am a atheist and do not believe in any higher power. so the bible, koran to me are just books. sorry. if these women want to end their lives they should have the freedom to do so. there is no quality of life for them. all the males out there who do this to women should be punished severely. not a slap on the wrist. take away with is valuable to them. their penis. if this crime is punished by castration it will end in a hurry. i dont want to hear human rights, these women have none so neither should the males. to bad i dont run these counties.

  140. J Chris says

    Religion is at the base of this behavior. It teaches men they are superior to women, and even condones violent and abusive behaviors.

  141. Jeannette says

    One of the most serious underlying issues here is that people, not just men, think that not only is it ok to destroy another’s life like this, but that they can get away with it in most countries!

    The governments of every single country on this earth need to up the penalties for this kind of violent and abusive behaviour and give support to those who are on the receiving end of harassment, violent crimes and assault!
    The current standards of aid to victims of such crimes across the world is simply inefficient and lacking in too many areas.

    Something needs to be done.
    I just wish my words on this site where enough.

  142. Andrew Wood says

    If you can’t have a serious discussion without quoting a fictional contradictory book of nonesense then you need to grow up. Also if you are trying to defend the thing that causes the vast majority of these atrocities then you need to wake up. Keep your imaginary friend out of problems that need to be dealt with in a serious manner. Your immaturity has no place here.

  143. An Anonymous Reader says

    Don’t blame “men” for these attacks. Demonising an entire gender is incredibly hypocritical and ignorant of the author. This despicable behaviour is a social problem, and the people and governments of those countries are to blame. This hyper-feministic dribble is far closer to hate speech than a plea for the recognition of equal rights.

    • Will says

      The only “hyper” thing here is your complete stupidity. Where in the article does it say they’re blaming the entire gender for this. And where do you get the hate speech from? It is a social problem yes, and thats why unless people open their eyes and see in articles like these that this kind of things are still happening (even in UK damn), it will sttay the same. Your post was at the very least senseless and unrelated to what is shown here. Btw I’m not a woman nor a liberal (i shouldn’t have to say that but just saying it anyway since you like to attach labels to things). And to everyone else, sorry for my rusty english, not my first language but felt like an answer was in order here.

      • Sergio says

        Labels are good to easily connect to other people.Also I’ve not read the ENTIRE article but -if- it did say all men were to blame then it is sexist.

  144. James Farley says

    If the human race can’t go beyond this chimp behavior, it deserves to be eradicated. You have two weeks.

  145. Sergio says

    If your god is all-knowing and all-powerful(omnipotent) then he is malevolent.
    He knew this would happen,and he COULD have stopped it,but he didn’t,henceforth he’s malevolent,or would be if he existed.
    Punishing the attackers AFTER the attack it’s not going to help the victims.
    And burning them for eternity is worse then anything men has ever done.Eternity is too long for ANY crime,maybe burn for 5 years?Maybe,but eternally?You’ve gotta be satan to think of such punishment.
    Free will?The women were attacked AGAINST their will.So 1 person’s free will is altered.If god comes and stops the attacker the free will would be altered and the victim’s free will(and body) saved.
    If that does satisfy you,then choose;Divine plan,or free will?
    Whichever you choose,your god is evil.

  146. TN says

    yes and some women abuse and sometimes murder their husbands and yet act like they’re the victim. it goes both ways

  147. Mickie says

    The thing that throws acid on women and girls can’t call himself a man. A real man would never do such a horrible thing, only a savage or some kind of beast. They should do the same thing to the savages that have hurt these females. How their own society should turn on these acts against women. God gave you woman to love, to protect, to be the mother of your children, to form family of love. Women are your equal, your partners in life. A savage does not deserve any woman, she was created from Adams rib to stand beside him not behind or under him. If you are not worthy to have a woman in your life it is not her fault. It is yours because you are not man but a savage. It’s time the world of women stood up for all of our sisters and demand the United Nations protect all women in the world from rape, torture, forced marriages and circumcision of all females.

  148. Genevieve says

    This is beyond upsetting, my heart goes out to these women. What can we do? How can we help prevent this from happening?

  149. Lucifer Yahweh says

    Has anyone thought of translating this article into the language of the people who did it? I think people in India and Pakistan and Iran have a need to know. Despite the backwardness of the United States, I’ve never heard of such a thing happening over here. We can look on in horror all we want, but it doesn’t change anything. If we change the language this article is in, then people in that language will read it and become educated. Google translate works, but it doesn’t bring up foreign language articles in searches. As long as this information is only in English, only English speaking people will care about the issue.

  150. Michael Alphin says

    This has to be stopped. There is no reason anyone should suffer such horrific treatment. I pray for an end to all of this.

  151. Ellen Hassig says

    Many of the comments want to blame God unfairly for what is basicly an act of selfishness. No system of belief or lack thereof forces these people to do such horrible acts. They choose to because they arre unwilling to acknowledge the right of someone to disagree with thier will. Some cultures encourage such an attitude, some do not, but there are people in both who cannot, or will not, use self control.

  152. Noraini Hj Sab says

    The perpetrators are no way of a good Islam practicing people. They are harden criminals with an intent to hurt or kill the victims. They must be punished and put away for good for GOD will also put them in the eternity of hell. The criminals must be punished the same method they did to the victims, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Islam does not permit men to abuse women. Hence these are criminals that must be dealt with and tto justice without fear or favor.

  153. wesmantoddshaw says

    I support the immediate removal of any male engaging in acid throwing without further thought, consideration, or sympathy, and I do me removal from We The Living.

  154. Martin Eden says

    There is no such thing as evil, just a vicious circle of sociopathical influences on ignorant and uncivilized people with no alternate outlet causing this abhorrent behavior. Starting with religion, family and incapable parenting to immediate society that does not understand the freedom and rights of each human.

  155. Alexandros says

    That’s a cause worth fighting for. You could write about it more often and do more about it. I had an idea about the extend of the abuse but the photos made it ever clearer that people who act this way are a waste of space unless it is a prison cell’s space. It is unoriginal but true that the licence for these acts of violence has a religious stamp on it.

  156. Becky says

    Yes this has happened in the United States. A very famous model was attacked this way. Google it. Also I would like to know if there is anything we can do to help. Talking about it does not seem to be very helpful on this page since everyone wants to either blame men or God so can anyone tell me if there is a way to help these women.

    It seems to me that this goes way deeper than just calling it abuse. This seems to be a way to end the other persons life without killing them. I have a hard time imagining the hatred that would exist for that to happen. What kind of person could live with himself after doing something like this. I find that hard to think about too. I imagine that anyone who lives a normal life could image any of this. I live a very sheltered life indeed. My heart goes out to these people. This is so sad!!

  157. Larry Olson says

    Any of these needle dick f*cks like to take on me? You subhuman pieces of crap. I am not a hater but I do hate what you do and the effect on women.

  158. says

    It is very sad that anyone for whatever reason should go through this. It is a good thing too that we talk about it and create awareness. However our emotional outbursts aren’t helping any of these women. What they need is our support to heal at least some of the scars (physical, emotional and social scars).
    Is there anyway we could help? Are they any known medical organizations which offer help to these victims so we can donate to them? Are there any local organizations which address the legal issues behind such crimes to create change and thus prevent other generations from this torture. I personally will love to support. Please forward any links you have to me.

    Thanks for sharing and keep the courage.

  159. Vlad says

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? If it was up to me I’d probably torture them until they begged me to be kill them and even then I’d probably continue to do that… They really deserve to die in horrible pain… There’s definitely something wrong with that part of the world…

  160. sevraj says

    ooo cmon…….this it’;s sick…..how can u do something like this, and live with it… i still can’t believe it…

  161. A-Male-Confession says

    “We [females world-wide] are more abused, harassed, exploited, kidnapped, raped, trafficked, murdered by our lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, or men we know well than by strangers. Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.”

    The author’s summary words above are a profound and sober truth. Historically and present-day, billions of females worldwide are subjected daily forms of abuse, harm, and death at the hands of individual males, groups of males, male dominated institutions, male-centric laws, and male-hegemonic values/beliefs — religious and secular. Moreover, billions of women worldwide are socialized from birth to share these patriarchy human beliefs and behaviors, what some feminist call “a false-consciousness”, where most females “enable” world-wide patriarchy daily. No, I’m not “blaming the victim” here — I’m stating what I’ve observed, studied, and many women themselves give testimony too — Men cannot exist, oppress women, unless the latter in many ways and on many levels participate, tolerate, condone PATRIARCHY — which is 100% about controlling the mind, body, and soul of ALL females:

    1. Controlling The Species Procreation/Sexual Behavior (Fundamentally The Female Body) — only women can have children and give birth while males contribute sperm … yet women (especially heterosexual) deem procreation and marriage to be the end-all of what it means to be female, a woman, loved, respected, and value by individual men, men as a group, and the world’s societies. In spite of all the sacrifices, deaths, horrors, subjugation patriarchy has done to women, past and present, our species females still “accommodate” males more so than organizing themselves regardless of their differences of race, age, class, sexualities, religions, etc. into a worldwide powerful-matriarchy that uses all of collective and individual intellect, resources, procreative, spiritual, and other powers to prevent and punish all male acts of sexism, violence, and oppression against any individual or group of women … to not see “equality” with men but to seek “power to rule the species and planet” — which is 100% of what males have done historically, do today, and will continue to do … in spite of any incremental steps towards “facades of equality” (aka, second-class citizenship as long as it perpetuates patriarchy and never EVER shifts or redistributes or reduces male hegemony/control over female reproduction, female thinking, female resources — her mind, body, and soul.

    2. Controlling The Species Mind/Values (Fundamentally The Cognitive Capacities of Females) — both genders (male and female) regardless of any other identities (race, class, age, sexual orientation, etc.) have comparable unlimited open-ended capacities for reason, genius, creativity. By unlimited, I mean that unknown scope of smarts, intellect, reason, genius, creativity our species has yet to even imagine, discover, or fully develop. By open-ended, I mean this scope and depth of human intellect is only constrained by the self-serving bigotries and self-serving ideologies the human species invents (socially constructs via religions and/or sciences) to sort and organize itself into superior versus inferior individuals and groups along our diverse identity lines, the latter of which we attribute superior and inferior meanings and ideologies — hence all males are superior to women and the latter inferior to males … where even boy-babies are deem potentially and eventually superior via socialization and girl-babies inferior. Control procreation (#1 above) via controlling the mind (#2), target this control primarily on ALL females, manifest it over centuries via religion and science, where rewards and punishments are dished out by individuals, groups, and institutions (including rape, acid attacks, notions of love, marriage, and self-worth), and you end up with Patriarchy — 8 billion human beings sorted and organized into two gender categories — superior/stronger males and inferior/weaker females … and then within these groups all your other identities … race/ethnicity (superior white-ethnics/inferior darker-ethnics, age/vitality (young/old), classes (rich/middle/poor/etc.), sexualities (normal-heterosexuals/deviant-LGBTs), etc.

    3. Control The Species Soul/Heart (Fundamentally The Emotional Capacities of Females) — the SOUL is that inexplicable human term, concept, that all the religions (and science) claim to be able to explain, define, interpret, and label — spirituality, religion, humanity, compassion, caring, love, etc. Here the Vulcan-Scientist explain the human-soul as electrical impulses, cognitive memory neurons, that produce brain-behavior that we label emotion, just another dimension of rationality — or more like our primitive rationality that evolved first before our more sophisticated capacities for logic/reason. In contrast, the GOD-Messengers (Christians, believers, The-Saved, Priests, Ministers, and Layperson-Religious-Expects) all explain the human-soul as a some kind of god-particle or genesis-gene, something that exist within us pre-birth or at birth given by GOD or that represents a part of god — hence our notions, ideologies, and love beliefs in “soul-mates” … “eternal soul damnation” and so forth. And sure enough, within the context of our worldwide patriarch societies/cultures, GOD is near-always spoken of in “masculine terms” (“He”) and so the female-soul is inferior to the male-soul. Now, of course, some will claim the “He” pronounce” is “gender-neutral” but rarely is this BS validated and manifest world-wide by a role-reversal — “She” (calling GOD “Her” even though GOD “creates” and “only women can create babies” while men donate sperm). Well if Patriarch (males) control the female body (#1), all females minds (#2), and all females souls (#3), then all females world-wide are pretty much SCREWED — which historically and present-day is usually the case — rape, incest, sexual harassment, abuse, poverty, etc.

    In her thought-provoking article “Thinking Sex – Notes for a Radical Theory on the Politics of Sexuality”, Gayle Rubyn talks about the “Charmed Circle” of Patriarch-Normalcy”. And although her article is written from a Western (American) perspective, I would highly recommend all women (and males) read it — appreciate the pros and cons of its big-picture-perspective about SEX (#1 above) and how our species constructs our understandings, behaviors, and ideologies about such, especially as it relates to men controlling women instead of women controlling themselves and the most powerful capacity and addiction the human species has … recreative and procreative sex and how both shapes our identities and power-relations. Rubyn’s “Thinking Sex” articles gives deep meaning to the Taslima’s acid article and her other articles. And these articles by Taslima given concrete reference, evidence, to Rubyn and other progressive feminist articles … but more significant, to the daily realities of what it means to be a “female” member of a male-dominated, male-centric, species. As an African-American-Male, I’ll close my lengthy response with my own sober reflection to all males but especially to all females worldwide: “All baby-boys are cute, cuddly, and adorable …. until … we grow up to become … teen males, adults males … your OPPESSORS … unconsciously and consciously … even those few million if that whom delude ourselves we’re non sexist, evolved, males” If you expect us to change, it will never happen! If you wait for us to change, it will never happen. If you take back, reclaim, the power males, patriarchy, have usurp over centuries and refuses to equally share (unless it serves our male-interest), then and only then will baby-boys group up to become non-sexist, non-hateful, non-oppressive patriarchs within the context of a yet to be imagined, created, world-wide matriarchy loving world!

    Remember, 50/50-EQUALITY IS A MYTH … some individual, some group, some nation, some identity, some group of human beings, is going to control a greater share of all human-power … so why not a She-GOD if you’re religious, Secular-Females if you’re Atheist, or Imperfect-Matriarchs if you’re an Agnostic (like me).

  162. HoJo says

    In most cities in America you will find spray paint at the Hardware store kept in a locked case, you have to ask a clerk to unlock the case so you can purchase it,…but, acid? These countries obviously must know that some of the acid sold will be used to injure people. Better regulations are required for the sale of acid, it is considered a weapon when used in this manner (to maim people) . To buy a gun in most of America there is a waiting period. Why are these other countries so slow to take action on this??!!

  163. says

    No one person is better than another because we are all one people.
    Race, Nationality, Class…are all man made divisions which are an affront to nature.
    Whenever anyone suffers or dies, it is a tragedy.

    Real men, we must stand up for and with our sisters, mothers, daughters…and friends, and not perpetrate these horrors or stand by silently when they happen.

    Thank you Taslima & Famy for drawing attention to this issue.

    May everyone know serenity and freedom from oppression.

  164. Murwa Bukhtiar says

    These all pictures have made me so offended. I feel so bad for all these gurls who have been a victim of an acid. I feel so sorry for all the beautiful gurls who have turned out to be so helpless in this life. I just want to advice all the gurls all over the world to lookafter themseleves and never give a chance to any guy who can do anything stupid like this. Never go alone with them anywhere where they can use you and threat you for future to do anything more further. Always take your time to choose a good man for your life. Dont ever take your decision`s in rush. Whenever you`re in rush means you`re always in trouble. If you have become a victim of this acid thing. Live your life. Dont ever hesitate of doing a job or moving in your life. This life is so beautiful which is full of beautiful colours. Never stop your life by looking at yourself.. so what if people would laugh at you.. Live your life the way how you want. Never feel bad or think that you have turned out to be ugly or anything. God is always here to show you a right path all u have to do is to follow it and ROCK THE WORLD!!.. =))
    Cheers to the entire Gurls who`s into a bad condition or have been a victim of an acid!!

  165. Corey says

    Anybody who attacks women in Australia is a dead man. Come here and see how long you last. In our jails, child molesters/attackers and women offenders are the first to die/be injured because even our men in rehabilitation stick up for their women. Everybody in Australia is a friend from the man in prison to the war vet in aged care.

  166. says

    It is sad to see all the abuse that these weak men enforce on women. This is a tragedy and we need to do something seriously about men, or should I say, little boys, like them.

  167. susan williams says

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  169. notsaying says

    why aren’t women taking up arms? when will women take up arms and search and destroy these fascist men? I am a man and I know that I am sexist, but why aren’t women starting to take it to the guns? can’t women just pick up rifles and murder these perpetrators?

    why is it always only the evil and unjust who are organized and armed?

  170. Chow says

    I’m totally shocked, I feel so sorry for those women and I can’t believe why some men— no, beasts— would even do such cruel things. Let’s hope that one day the medical science can help these women to recover better and ease the damage to the least.

  171. sophia says

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  172. says

    I just can’t realize that people in this world can become so angry or crazy to throw acid in someone’s face. It’s just so unrealistic… In just a couple of seconds you ruin someone’s whole life. It’s just unbelivable…

  173. Anna Korkova, says

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  174. Stephanie says


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  175. Roxanna says

    I’m angry, sad, frustrated, it’s a bad dream that it’s been more comun in our society. Bad guys are watching this exemple from others cultures. Why hate again women? Why women are like objects? Why those mans are totally ignorants? Please stop! Goverments have to do something significative to stop this horrible crimes.

  176. deathsheadmoth says

    Oh this brings up in me such a desire to lay waste to the masses. God or not please allow me but a precious few moments to show the monsters who caused this harm true pain and anguish.

  177. Jenna Jonesph says

    Those of you roundly condemning those who believe do give me a laugh. Aren’t you the same ones who complained that you, as atheists, were bullied TO believe? Why are you now bullying theists NOT to believe? I believe but frankly, I don’t give a good hot damn if you don’t, you seem to know it all anyway. I don’t care if you are gay, get married, make it with zebras…but you do not have the right to disallow or mock the beliefs of others. GET OVER yourselves and check your freaking me me me look at me! garbage. I don’t mess up your yard so DON’T mess in mine.

  178. says

    yeah Controlling The Species Mind/Values (Fundamentally The Cognitive Capacities of Females) — both genders (male and female) regardless of any other identities (race, class, age, sexual orientation, etc.) have comparable unlimited open-ended capacities for reason, genius, creativity. By unlimited, I mean that unknown scope of smarts, intellect, reason, genius, creativity our species has yet to even imagine, discover, or fully develop. By open-ended, I mean this scope and depth of human intellect is only constrained by the self-serving bigotries and self-serving ideologies the human species invents (socially constructs via religions and/or sciences) to sort and organize itself into superior versus inferior individuals and groups along our diverse identity lines, the latter of which we attribute superior and inferior meanings and ideologies — hence all males are superior to women and the latter inferior to males … where even boy-babies are deem potentially and eventually superior via socialization and girl-babies inferior. Control procreation (#1 above) via controlling the mind (#2), target this control primarily on ALL females, manifest it over centuries via religion and science, where rewards and punishments are dished out by individuals, groups, and institutions (including rape, acid attacks, notions of love, marriage, and self-worth), and you end up with Patriarchy — 8 billion human beings sorted and organized into two gender categories — superior/stronger males and inferior/weaker females … and then within these groups all your other identities … race/ethnicity (superior white-ethnics/inferior darker-ethnics, age/vitality (young/old), classes (rich/middle/poor/etc.), sexualities (normal-heterosexuals/deviant-LGBTs), etc.See more at: acid burning case

  179. A concerned Human says

    These, as well as all acts of aggression against women are evil. We are in the 21st century with all its technology, yet we regard women by the standards handed down in the doctrines of 3 religions made up by goat herders at least 2000 years ago.

    Many will categorically disagree with what I am about to write… they suffer from a self inflicted psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance… never heard of it huh, then google it.

    In my humble opinion … one way to allow our species to thrive is to rid ourselves of ALL religious faiths… it is time to acknowledge that there is no such thing as a god of any name or description.

    This is an extrapolation of a meme… but it also an obvious truth…
    It takes science to fly humans to Las Vegas, it takes faith in a god to fly humans into a couple of buildings.

    Its obvious which one actually works in our favor…

  180. says

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  181. Max says

    It’s a shame that these criminals were not punished by this cowardly act of acid attacks. These are heinous crimes against these women. The punishment should be automatic death to the offender. Put religion aside. Sometimes, there are evil people in life that are incapable of understanding the message of love and life. They must be dealt with as coldly as they treated their victims.

  182. Chi Wei says

    Anyone caught committing such an atrocity should face a sentence requiring they equally suffer the same pain as the victim.

  183. says

    Isis members are satanistical; they are violent sexual sadistic perverts. One day their souls and everything will be pulled from the book of life. They face being wiped out in front of GOD. Their arrogance will turn to an awakening fright, unimaginable and designed to fight evil with evil ultimately. It will be like a spiritual hang drawing and quartering. They are badly upsetting God and one day the victims will always be around in body or spirit, but there will be no room for them anywhere. Same goes for rapists, acid throwers etc. The victims are God’s people, wait and see what happens to shallow evil men. It is a great affront for them to attach themselves to anything remotely religious or spiritual???? Sorry Satan I am using you as a description they may understand although I am sure you are not as bad as these low lifes. Also those barbarian scum that amputate limbs are hopefully building up bad karma for themselves although I should be praying for sinners, but the trouble is in increasing heathen times there are too many of them.

  184. Sallahedin says

    I’m really not touched by this hate speech article. I used to be shocked how anyone can be so mean to blame the actions of one person on a few billion but having seen so much feminist bullshit has made me ignorant to it. OK, if you really think all men are guilty then become lesbians. Go live in jungle away from men. I could just as well say because of lousy feminists like you all women are trash but I won’t because it’s not fair and I still have conscience, unlike you.

  185. Sallahedin says

    Acid throwing is not a gender crime. There are many male victims whom you deliberately skip because you hate men and are happy when we suffer – a crime against a man is a good deed, according to you. A lot of the attacks on women are committed or organised by other women. To such an extend that you couldn’t hide it even in the examples you provided. You don’t comment this fact. When women suffer in some way definitely men are guilty and definitely it’s all men on this planet!

  186. Tia says

    I know what I’m about to say people are not going to agree with however, i have to say it . If this happened to me as a female in an Islamic country I would HATE MEN after that if i didn’t already hate them before that, meaning I don’t see how any woman in an Islamic country WOULDN’T hate men when most of the women have been abused by them in someway shape or form and if i didn’t hate them before something like this happened i definitely would after something like this happened to me .

    I would not trust men at all, how could you, this causes FEAR not LOVE and with enough time you learn to HATE what you’re afraid of , it’s only natural to hate and fear what you see as a threat to your safety . Most Muslim woman probably do hate their husbands/uncles/male cousins /men in general and just won’t admit it out loud because they’re afraid what would happen to them if their husbands or male family members knew their wife/wives/female relatives hated their freaking guts .

    Woman have good reasons to hate their men over there , woman have more reason to hate their men over there then the men do to hate them . Men are hating on women over there because their insecure and probably feel inadequate in someway. Most Muslim men in the Islamic part of the world deserve nothing but contempt not respect or love . more woman need to rise up and do this crap right back to them, there will be blood shed true, but this is clearly war against women , women are already shedding their blood not fighting back or fighting back too passively so if women are going to end up shedding blood regardless why not shed it with woman rising up and being just as vile to the men as the men are being towards them, I’d rather die fighting .

    The men keep treating them like crap in record numbers and not enough woman are standing up to stop it, if the motherf**ker threw acid on me I’d wait till i healed up and then go and throw some acid right back on him , yep they’d kill me for it but i would have proven my point , ” if i gotta go down just because I’m a woman then i’m going to take his a** with me . ” If enough Muslim women did this … this crap would stop. The men do this because they know they can get away with it and they know that the women are going to be too afraid to strike back at their a** , The woman are too docile and timid , you teach people how to treat you, and if woman in record numbers keep showing that their not willing to get just as violent with the men then they will keep doing it, the men need to be taken off their pedestals .

  187. jean cohen says

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  188. Robert Munyui Kamunyu says

    THE BUTCHERS OF WOMANHOOD- FGM ( THE COVENANT OF THE FLESH). When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was circumcised. The message was direct and in plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life. The covenant of the flesh for a man is with ease to behold with no ill feelings or regrets without medication required afterwards in life. When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise their girls, the message was given in a spiritual language and bore two warnings Leviticus19:29-29. The Israelis parents shall not sexually mutilate their daughters and fathers we commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of their daughters making them prostitutes. Fgm prostitution is a prime satanic sacrifice for a woman, of secrecy with miseries and constrains of disgrace to behold accompanied by many cases of traumatic child delivery requiring medication. Fgm sin of crime of honor humiliation for womanhood persists for many girls globally. There is no open fold of a foreskin in a sexual organ of a woman to cut round that hides dirty stuffs that stinks. There are no undue growths that warrant cutting and scrapping in her sexual organ. There is no part of her sexual organ that rots as she grows old from childhood. Those who justify fgm benefits in in any form are mare agents of satan in sheep skin. There are blunt lies of those women anointed by satan to propagate fgm when they claim women that are not cut stinks. Homes ,cities and countries where fgm is not practiced would have been stinking hell if their claim is true which would have been an open truth known by all. The devil is the father of lies and his accomplished do the falsehood. Fgm falsehood taught has remained guarded and guided in shrewd cover up of honored falsehood in fgm justification. If fgm has any level of cleanness then cleanness and holiness have lost reference value to some parents and men. There is Divine Holiness that belong to children of God and Christians must know the truth to be free from being trapped in greatly justified fgm falsehood taught ,Ephesians4:11-14 Fgm is the most horrible heart breaking tribute to satanic sacrifice in parenthood accepted and appreciated by many communities. They have given parents prime choice of terror in fgm prostitution castration curse positive face value with wholesome none existent cleanliness which is mockery to wisdom and Word of truth unearthed today in plain language regarding the tear of the helm of womanhood in fgm. Fgm classified evils and justified heinous atrocities held by elites are the hard issues of formidable sin of horror of honor firmly held in terror that reign on globally for many girls which many parents are unable to do away with in life in satanic cultural sacrifice. Can parents live to deliver dignified Holy honor to a girl child or they assert a girl child is sexually demonically born wild thus the need to sexually tame her in fgm prostitution castration operation.
    Today those women who favor crippling the heartbeat of womanhood in fgm and in fear of their marriages endangered under attack by unfolding truth on falsified physical and spiritual beneficial issues acclaimed in fgm, all they have is to keep their husbands mentally caged in epic cultural lies and remain relevant to their husbands without divine knowledge. Today it will be double tragedy for girls who have undergone fgm when men change their sexual orientation in favor of girls without the evil cultural cut. Even when some advocate for not cutting much for her benefits and the husband benefit ,this vindicate the opening door of intended sexual deprivation and suppression for the girl child bearing all the shortcomings of fgm. When some women vouch for safe mother child delivery, the devil is in front with others women in destroying the very gate way of safe mother child delivery system in fgm making the sexual organs of girls the arena of social morality without iota of remorse. Parents pay homage to satan in fgm. In old days old women who had undergone fgm used to pass direct messages to young men initiates that a woman once she grows old the man if he wants and wishes to marry another woman he should do so and not disturb her. It was clear message for the young men that past child bearing age they were not readily available for their husbands at their matrimonial bed. It were as though women were more for procreation value only. If uncircumcised was married, they called for her circumcision since she was sexually like a strong magnet to their husband and they needed him less of her. They passed the burden of fgm prostitution castration generation curse to young married women. Fgm destroys the natural glorious lustrous beauty of womanhood which men are able to note today. During fgm initiation ceremonies, immoral cultural songs are accepted and openly sang for a satanic banquet. Fgm remains the formidable honorable sin of choice favored by many parents globally enslaved by satan. Let men love those ladies who have under gone the awful risk of unkind cut in Christ’s Love that bonds on love. Let those ladies not condemn themselves . Let them abound in dignified liberty that is in Christ Jesus and enjoy full life and do away with satanic barbaric fgm for their daughters. Fgm castration is done without Divine dignity for womanhood but more hedged on man’s satanic sexual superiority sort endeavors in perfecting horror of justified atrocities in fgm. The devil has his own even among the smart elites in every society that will justify various forms of fgm atrocities at religious and medical levels at all costs. Falsehoods based on fgm evils clarified and justified by elites are the hardest issues to deal with and come out of them in life. Fgm is a demonic act associated with the existent of parenthood and the devil who has given it a religious backing a cover up of deceptive acceptance in destroying the bridge of womanhood. There are women who have undergone fgm and they hold and tell the bear truth on issues based on fgm. May God Almighty shower them with blessings of fortitude of grace to forbear the deprivations done in fgm. In fgm prostitution persecution castration parents are engaged in a clear active respectable satanic open sacrifice. They indulge themselves in orgy of mutilating the very womanhood of their own girl child for none existing morality for God. Fgm is the smart satanic strategic morality sacrifice hidden tragically and endorsed by many parents across all social status around the world. Parents have their own zeal of faith in fgm and have established their own righteousness not according to righteousness of God in the knowledge of his Word. Roman 10:1-4. Parents spearhead the immoral act in fgm which is a covenant of flesh and blood with satan for society morality acceptance whereby girls loose the natural thread and tread of lustrous beauty of womanhood to satan. Many fathers are bonded and bound by it and sink to abyss of solemn silence even when children and youth raise a protest the battle of minds against the terror of fgm castration persecution. Satan has for generations perfectly cushioned fgm in many families parenthood which is un institution of tender care and love as the acceptable way of life. It is the time Satan tragically prevails in honor in parenthood. Fgm is the parental dear paradox regarding girls chastity at their approved sexual disability for the girls. On fgm sin enslavement , fathers play the pivot role in sexually crippling their daughters behind the scene having been entangled and snared by Satan as it were with Eve and Adam in garden of Aden. There are parents comfortably settled down on mutilating their young girls for community social acceptance and honor at families managed altar of satan. This defeats any iota of holy love and care for the girl child under felony of fgm, bawling for mercy when heaped on her shoulders empty promises bearing the burden of the family and the society morality placed on her very womanhood in the heinous destructive fgm operation of honor.
    In fgm operation, parents are heartless and lack ornaments of a holly heart. The formidable aggressive force against womanhood in fgm from her very parent is beyond many girls ability to withstand as the gilrl child is dispossessed of her womanhood. The mother’s love towards her girl child, in change of events is full of momentarily intimidation to her uncut state seen as unclean . They are faithful dependable apostles and ministers of satan bound in perpetuating fgm who taunt young girls on their uncut status which is a state of social mental torture for some hard to bear. Finally some face the martyrdom of womanhood in fgm for demonic cultural purity cleansing acceptance . To them, immorality is put to an end. The devil’s strike on womanhood is immortalized in a cultural religious ceremony given a cover up of wholesome acceptance by elders present us custodian pillars of demonic cultural sexual slavery. No earthly education and knowledge can save un ill-fated girl child from fgm with satanic fgm supper elites supporters beside her who have institutionalized women and their sex organs as the center of all evils on earth. It takes two to tangle. Men should stop having holy than though attitude and stop back setting all evils to womanhood in order to justify fgm as Adam did in the Garden of Aden when he blamed God and Eve for his sin. The filth of fgm honor is in the hands of parents and men. Men ought to seek holiness and all cleanness in Divine state. Fgm is a wrong and a sin on earth and in heaven. There is a narrow highway for Christian to follow in righteousness. There is no love or justice in fgm. Men have sought satanic refuge in fgm for their weak incompatible immoral sexual stand. In fgm, men’s protracted fear of women sexuality in Divine order is waged in fgm atrocities. They assert that God is wrong for providing girls with more active evil sexual organs not equal to men and the demonic mission of taming girls and women sexually is hatched by men for satanic cultural immoral quest for righteousness in God. Effectively men who support fgm have morally justified themselves as sexual weaklings before God and women. Thus many parents and men have stayed their morality faith in God in the sexual organs of girls and women under fgm which is demonic and abnormally absurd. Fgm has remained the satanic sacrifice sought by men for their sexual immorality prowls as many girls are dignified in fgm cultural castration atrocities. This is the scaring tragedy of satanic sacrifice and worship by some parents in Christian Churches which its existence is hard for many to believe.
    Love cannot fathom the era of zeal outburst in fgm prostitution castration ordeal that ravage the garden of love and joy enhanced in agony of cultural honor by parents account in chopping and tearing the helm of womanhood. What is left is a figure of womanhood. In fgm operation, parents are heartless and lack ornaments of a holly heart. Fgm heinous act defines parents more in demonic world of culture gripped by satan but not in God. Some parents are hell bent in propagating fgm to a point of performing fgm to newborn girls. They are faithful dependable apostles and ministers of satan bound in perpetuating fgm with willing evil hands . Parents and close relatives continuously taunt young girls on their uncut status which is a state of social mental torture for some hard to bear. Finally some face the martyrdom of womanhood in fgm for demonic cultural purity cleansing acceptance . To them, immorality is put to an end. This is the awesome chosen sin of honor by parents in propagating the grave yard of womanhood. This defeats real love and wisdom. Satan hedge footstool is amicably established in fgm by some parents in a prime sin of choice of honor in depriving sexual joy from a girl child with no remorse. Girls who face the evil cut become prostitutes on altar of satan sadly without their consent which pollutes the land. Magicians and witches in the world do not make girls prostitutes. But parents by subjecting girls to fgm make them prostitutes and are worse than them. Parents have soiled their hands in fgm honorary .Humanity has been subject to satanic celebrated sacrifice in fgm prostitution beyond imaginations in many families among generations. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead. Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed in marriage life . She bought her prostitution with her flesh, bone and blood on altar of Satan while still In her flower age when facing all evil forces under her parental care. Unless she gets saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her.John3:16-18, Isaiah1:18) she shall go to her grave a prostitute . Thus there were no sexual mutilations among the Israelis women.
    The Girl child was bought up in divine order leaving the petals and stay of love intact for a beloved wise husband core co-benefits. She remained a garden fenced , a spring shut up and blessed in sealed divine state. A woman to man she is a garden and a fountain. The man plants a seed and a child grows in the womb and is born. The man quench his marital thirst with her in shared joy for woman is a keeper at home. A fountain with a cover has more flesh safe water than uncovered well. A fenced garden has a defense and is a safe comfort. Song of Solomon 5:1-2. Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19. The banner of love is at even state over the garden of love at Divine state when his hand lands at the garden of love to prop it up undisturbed as the king of marriage mark and flag the fleshy coals for un intimate marital relationship in common joy. Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Man is instructed by God not to be immoral or do any severe harm to his wife of his youth and give her conjugal wrights and benefits in shared joy as one body in common control. Malachi2;12-17. 1 Corinthians7:1-5. The devil has vested harbored honorable demonic powers to some parents to permanently control and deform girls sexual organs in fgm before marriage for demonic chastity status acceptance which leaves man sexually morally dry and at a loose. Circumcision in man does not destroy his body integrity and his sexual ability articulation base remains intact ready for joy. Fgm remains a deadly liability to girls’ spiritual and physical live. Nothing more satisfying against fgm than hearing present generation of fathers say that they will never allow their daughters to be mutilated and forfeit their marital joy. Fgm lacks Godly Holy Spiritual integrity of parents and reflects men dedicated atrocities on womanhood with no compassion for womanhood. The issue of Christian men against fgm is not an affront confrontation on wives measure to sexual expectation of their husbands but a reality. A woman is not only a woman by her looks but by her Divine sexual prospects based integrity bestowed upon her that are destroyed in fgm .
    Does it require governments to ban fgm for parents to realize they commit grave honorable abomination in fgm? Can parents understand that fgm from its conception and inception was a crime against womanhood in nature? Up to when will parents linger on honorable fgm prostitution castration of young girls? In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be ashamed to remove the blanket of etiquette and prepare their daughters to play wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice. Let mothers have the final honor and pride themselves in remaking the conception beds of their daughters and prepare their husbands to know their daughters and give satan a due complete sacrifice without sanction. It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice. Fgm is an insult and assault to womanhood by parents. Let parents pride themselves in complete evils. The petals and stay of love are left strewn at alters of Satan. The sparkles of love cannot be rekindled. In natural world a door is provided for knocking before entry and an aerial is provided for effective communication so is the same for the girl child body by nature. Fgm prostitution is not done for the love of the girl child .This is misconception of love. There is no barbaric action done in love. Fgm prostitution is done when the sex organ of a girl child is viewed as a source of all immoralities and a center of all evils that engulf a community to satisfy men honored demonic cultural sexual whims. It is done as a sacrificial satanic proactive cleansing of a society from immoralities. They view mutilated sex organ of a girl child as clean and holy thus up rifting it’s status to satanic reverence.
    Love does not seek its own benefits, 1Corinthians 13:1-13. Prostitutes made by parents in fgm prostitution are honored and encouraged . Us no man can miss the mouth even when eating in total darkness, so shall man falter in search of the marital coals removed in sexual mutilation how foolish he is. From the family parliament man becomes a slave of satan . Fgm prostitution keeps man out of natural way of life in marriage .Song of Solomon 2:6-7. After fgm is done there are no boughs for man to hold since the woman was subjected to sexual excavation and torture of honor in fgm rampage by satan . Song of Solomon 7:1-8. Girls subjected to fgm is a reflection of man’s moral decay which leaves fgm atrocities flying back to his face. Men must decide and channel their spiritual morality command zeal for God eventually sealed in great dignity of personal love for God and not stayed in fgm. In fgm prostitution castration ceremonies parental authority is enhanced and preserved in funding satanic professional priests black bloody economic proceeds.
    When the wife at the family parliament loses esteemed value to her husband due to fgm , all that pertains to the family losses value to him and this is the widest wild gate for the man that leads to lack of burden of responsibility for the family that opens the highway of family destruction by the devil. Even higher university education may not save a girl child in hands of parents gripped by satan in fgm slavery. Fgm lays social foundations for unstable marital lives. Parents are highly entrenched in prostitution with their girl child. When in demonic world parents say fgm prostitution makes a girl child clean but God says she defiled and made a prostitute. Fgm remains the annual mass overwhelming celebrated parental satanic human sacrifice for the mankind under cover of social morality ever witnessed. Ironically these parents are active in the Church who shoulder burdens for the church but with continuous unresolved marital problems a dilemma to the clergy. They are workers of Satan who have camouflaged as believers in the Church of Christ. How do they differ from magicians and witches ? Fgm prostitution castration remains the coveted sin of choice by many parents for a satanic sexual morality held in deceptive assault, insult and abuse of a girls sexual integrity held in cultural cerebrated religious manner. They pollute the land in prostitution and the land becomes full of all evils. How can a father be obsessed with the sexual organ of his daughter as a bearer of holiness in the mutilated state? It is hypocritical for him to be in a place where GOD is worshiped. Why should parents be obsessed to place the family uprightness and the country holiness in the mutilated sex organ of their girl child? After fgm is done ,the girl child is highly esteemed and it is a demonic cover up of the plight of evils done. The underworld of fgm thrives with stubborn mothers energetically engaged in executing fgm in disguise for their daughters love which leave fathers subdued, desolated and disoriented when mothers declare that they cannot stand having uncut girls beside them when satan rule supreme in womanhood. Where are the wise loving brothers to stand up without fear that will not feast and cerebrate when their dear sisters are sacrificed to satanic under world in fgm prostitution castration by their own parents? Fgm was authored in Egypt by Pharaoh as Satanic sacrifice to increase pain and wailing in child birth . The fleshy sexual coals are excavated leaving her frigid and rocky thus denying her for live time Divine marital gift which she requires in marriage for a lively marital relationship with her husband. How stupid a man may be, by instinct a man will falter in search of the fleshy coals removed in fgm thus leaving him at moral loose for unfulfilled marital mission not achievement. The fleshy coals are provided for the benefits of their marriage life. 1Corithians7: 9. The fleshy coals help a woman in marriage to lock in emotionally with her husband in a cordial cushy marital sexual relationship. Some parents send their daughters far away to close relatives for retrogressive fgm as a cover up without the girl child knowledge of the adverse side effects on her body and spirit. The onus of fgm prostitution castration atrocities is more in parents hands as the power house of satanic honored culture.
    Today, knowledgeable granddaughters are running away from grandparents and aunts since they hold the mutilating blades of tear and terror of horror for their bodies. Wise parents are shielding their daughters from them. Paul told Timothy not to listen to old women unholy stories. This they call breakdown of extended families ties which brethren in Christ are ready to uphold for their faith in God .The spiritual and physical integrity of their daughters remain intact. The shedding of the blood and flesh of their daughters in honoring satanic sacrifice in fgm they cannot allow it us the uniting bonding force for the extended families unity. Their faith in Christ breaks the yoke of satan. It is quite evident parents are under blind cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice their daughters in Fgm at demonic alter of cultures for community social acceptance but they are an eye sore before God for performing this type of heinous prostitution. Fgm is more of rottenness of morals for the man as the head of the family. How would parents commit their daughters to Fgm so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honor of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How will girls ever be compensated after the evil trade of forced fgm is abandoned while their mutilated sexes organs remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to God Almighty. Young girls desperation explode without relieve in dying hope when the devil in his status establish authority over her body in fgm. Her fate in fgm is firmly sealed by her own very parents in stunning atrocities of honor held together by grandparents and aunts us bedrock of fgm prostitution castration cause in the society. Many parents are still committed and stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of Godly worship. Even from time of old women can perform all types of evils counting on their husbands support. Israelis women in the Bible told Jeremiah the Prophet that the sacrifices they offered to queen of heaven they did so with the support and knowledge of their husbands. Jeremiah 44:15-22. Even today women who force their daughters to undergo fgm count on their husbands full support. They confirm their husbands are part of Satanic sacrifice performed on their daughters in fgm when they disregard Godly advice and truth concerning fgm. It is the time parental love and care are nonexistent as the girl child is raised on alter of Satan for sexual excavation in fgm thus dethroning her from her very womanhood with full parental honor and the pleas by young girls for justice fall to deaf ears. The coveted cultural benefits and rights in fgm are left in the hands of parents who become cultural heroes out of fgm crime as the girl child is merchandised at the altar of Satan leaving her empty handed bearing all adverse severe effects and defects in her body and spirit for the lest her life time. For how long will parents hold this form of prostitution dear to their bosom for earthly respect ,honor and social acceptance? Is it that before God our beloved parents are not aware they are in a cerebrate honored prostitution with their daughters in fgm or they are stiff necked? The earth is annually drenched with the innocent blood of young girls and the seed of terror of evils is planted and established by parents in honor. Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of demonic illustrious cultures with love and care in order for them to overcome satanic tall order in fgm high window seat?
    Fgm is in the bosoms of parents and the community at large. It all boils down to communities morals social rottenness. The battle fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they fail terribly to test faith in God. GOD is not a respecter of persons and you cannot modify evils committed by parents to less evils to look upright. No form of gm is acceptable before God. To think you can subject girls to less invasive form of fgm is spiritually deceptive and not acceptable . Where Man circumcision involve removal of an open fold of the fore skin by cutting round the foreskin , fgm involves massive dense muscles cutting removal with high concentration of sensitive network nerves and soft bone removal which leaves a woman sexually excavated and crippled out phase with man. Her bone left in the air to dry like dead wood. This is not circumcision. It is Sexual excavation and rip of womanhood to the hilt. Let have fathers who can stand for God with their families when the lest rebel against God. Joshua 24:14-15.The greatest force behind fgm are fathers and young men. It is heart breaking to hear women say if it were not of demands by fathers and young men behind the sin they will not do it. In fgm parents break the spiritual and physical integrity well-being of their daughters. It is all known some men dare not speak against fgm for it propel them to social political powers. The parents and the whole families supports are crucial to them thus they endear themselves us champion of fgm bearer as a cultural heritage bedrock. Their enthronements to social powers are fueled by blood and flesh of young girls sacrificed to satan in fgm thus weakening laws passed to ban fgm crime the sin of honored celebrated atrocities. The thought of a woman having an open foreskin in her sexual organ is a demonic falsehood after thought by sadist men and satan intended to legitimize fgm under all costs. There is no fold of un open foreskin in a girl child’s sex organ. Which man would ever leave part of his bone cut to dry in the air like dead wood? After Fgm is done ,there are no bows left for man to hold. Song of Solomon 7:8 .NO blood should be spilled in Fgm. Leviticus 19:28-29. God purposed a woman to enjoy sex in marriage life and the husband to mark the coals in his joy endeavors for her sexual joy. No human being should play God to her life even her parent. Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Sexual joy is Divine given to her and parents have no rights in sexually crippling her in cold blood . Do not give parents a soft landing ground in their evils adventures by making them acceptable knowledgeable social criminals. The youths of today face great moral social battles against fgm which is a must win goal since they are blessed and enlightened with abundant interactive active knowledge concerning ills of fgm. They must not allow themselves to be engulfed in a cocoon of hypocritical suffering in fgm culturally mounted in rooted demonic cultural sexual atrocities in fgm which make the lustrous glory of womanhood to fade away faster. In fgm men must know that the devil has invaded the sanctuary of marriage and defiled the fountain of marriage. Fgm is no longer a trivial issue for the girl child since it has adverse effects on man in Christian marriage life style. The Royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ should not be spiritually comfortable when fgm satanic crafted sacrifice is not sideshow or walk over by parents which is destabilizing the Church of Christ in well-organized underground demonic manner globally. The hidden seasoned ills resulting from fgm satanic rituals atrocities are hostile to Christian marriages globally. Fgm is satanically tooled for cultural polygamous marriages.
    The desire for a man to be sexually at home with his bride as God had decided from time of creation still stands. Men must assert final authority against fgm in face of taunting incredible forces of demonic honored cultures. There is nothing more annoying than hearing in Christian discussion in place of worship of a learned uncouth sadist man declare that the clitoris which is well above the virginal opening obstruct man in intercourse. Nothing more unkind to truth than falsehood unearthed in fgm foul evil act by using truth in plain language only to be declared fouls course language by those who have holy than thou attitude. They view naked truth that can eliminate fgm overnight as a threat to their cash cow as fgm fighters. They black list truth as dangerous to their trade pretending it hurts more those who had the evil cut. This is the way the devil fights back. Those who teach the truth about fgm are not for character assassination. It is a an agonizing hair raising sensational experience encounter with a learned ardent fgm cultured man heaving angrily for an almost physical confrontation with those who are opposed to fgm prostitution castration on defenseless innocent young girls.
    In the Church of Christ, let fathers not exercise the dead terror of silence which has allowed satan to raid and rain terror on young girls in fgm. Let fathers stand up for the divine rights of their daughters in marriage. Where Christian mothers pride themselves in fgm , let them have their husbands know their daughters before they pass on from earth as the final functional triggered banquet for satan without sanction. This will give satan the deserved complete sacrifice . Parents owe their sons in laws lifetime gratitude for agreeing to marry their daughters whom they sexually assaulted, muted and sexually crippled. God has never asked parents to sexually cripple their daughters so as to remain virgins and holly. Is holiness attained by sexually crippling a girl child acceptable to God purposes for her live destiny entity? No! There is holiness that pertains to children of God. Fgm is direct mitigated assault and insult to her real womanhood benefits. The sex organ of a girl child cannot be manipulated through sexual mutilations as a gate way for man to heaven. Parents owe their daughters a life time apology for their inhuman acts which robbed them their divine marital gifts. Parents who force their daughters to undergo Fgm exercise the most dignified unreserved beastly cultural atrocities on the girl child with man child at the receiving end as beneficially in marriage. Parents owe their sons in laws lifetime gratitude for agreeing to marry their daughters whom they sexually assaulted, sexually muted and sexually crippled. God has never asked parents to sexually cripple their daughters so as to remain virgins and holly. Is holiness attained by sexually crippling a girl child acceptable to God purposes for her live destiny entity? Where God has created for the man a luxurious marital hotel between two sewerage systems, the increase of fistula complications due to fgm will leave man taking the marriage supper in sewerage blinded in fgm honor.
    Fgm remains the tested brutal cultural yard stick for girls sexual excavation in honored cultural morality preservation goals. The livelihood of devil’s priest in fgm is enhanced by parents with no remorse. Parents who perform the grand satanic sacrifice of fgm are sources of families marital instabilities and of great evils to the land. When their daughters face marital problems originating from their family parliaments, they offer themselves as prayer partners with their daughters before God interceding for stability and peace for their families. They do not count themselves as the cause of the marital problems affecting their daughters marriage, for they remain acceptable social criminals in life for breaking and dismantling the defense and the fences of the marriage courts in fgm. The grandmothers and aunts are in a more canning defensive hypocritical state buying time for their daughter to bring up girls just to storm in unto them demanding sex mutilation mayhem as an exercise of honor for them to behold. Paul told Timothy not to heed unholy stories from old women. 1Timothy4:7. In such deceptive manner unfortunately the cycle of demonic fgm prostitution repeats itself all again. Do they ever learn anything destructive in fgm or they are spiritually blind folded as they abound more in prayers? Fgm remain the most horrible ever chosen evil coveted by some parents. A foolish woman destroys her own house with her own hands Proverbs14:1-2. Some say fgm is done by parents out of love which is hypocritically wrong. Let parents face the truth and know that they demonize the sex organs of their girls in Divine state as sexually wild and source of immoralities in the society thus the need for them to castrate their girls in all forms of fgm to gain control over their sexuality. They should not be redeemed from fgm shameful carnage act in cover up of disguise of an act of love for the girl child. The realization of distraught mistrust brought by fgm between parents and some of their intelligent daughters has brought some on a mission to salvage parents in fgm castration atrocities as un act of love to safely salvage daughters to parents tainted sore relationship. Intelligent inquisitive girls have taken into tusks parents for their beastly act in fgm. This has put parents at crossroad of faith as they dare affirm they performed the beastly fgm atrocities in love of their culture but cannot associate fgm with the Church of Jesus Christ. Children should live in peaceful harmony in love with their parents but not bound in satanic sacrifices. It all sum up in fgm to bane of contention concealed in deceptive manner of honor sort out by parents in girls sexuality from birth to marriage live in a religious manner. The devil is always behind this deceptive allusion in fgm act as a Godly requirement acted by parents in love. Parents have specially honorary prostituted openly in unique fgm prostitution justification sin of honor without remorse only to accuse brethren who told them publicly in plain language of their abomination in fgm before God, only to react as an act of undressing them into open public shame. We care for them spiritually in love of Christ that calls for repentant and reconciliation to their daughters. Where is even the spiritual virginity of girls mutilated by men in martyrdom of womanhood? There are tares and wheat in the field of fighting fgm. You cannot miss Judas Iscariot in the field. Tares have intertwined roots with wheat. Let them grow together lest you uproot wheat together with tare . God is delivering victory against fgm with the remnant faithful few who do not worry about their own honor and stomachs.
    Parents should repent to God and ask for re-conciliatory forgiveness from their daughters without beating the bush. Let our beloved sister forgive them in Christ’s love and free them to freedom from hidden anger of cultural turmoil. It is unbelievable bearable that fgm satanic heinous act can be practiced by parents in Churches. It is not a home coming event for a girl child to release she has been sacrificed to satan in fgm in honor of the dead by her own parents. We are not demonizing parents and creating wedges and rifts between daughters and parents by calling unto parents to face the real reality diligently in due plain truth for their awful injustices in beastly fgm castration officiated by satan. It is more sickening for parents in their old to realize they had no clear warning from the clergy as pertaining to satanic sacrifice in fgm. We are just telling parents openly to stop prostituting honorably with their daughters in fgm and get saved for dear relationship with God.. Girls have come out to question the immoral act of fgm atrocities operation directed by parents which has caused cold blood between daughters and parents. In the spirit world parents spy their daughters and are envious of their marital bed enjoyment which they visualize bound to immorality unless castrated thus they raid the marriage court in fgm acts carnage. They view their daughters in Divine state us sexually wild and immoral children who have to be sexually tamed in fgm to gain moral control over sexuality before and after marriage. They have viewed their daughters as sexually wild without sexual moral s even in married life. But who is weak? Men or women. Is the immorality one sided based on women among themselves only? Is the girl child sexually immoral and wild to herself in her Divine state? Who is fooling who? Is the sexual organ of a girl child the pillar of immorality and evils in any given society? Fgm is the cold unjust satanic sacrifice involving blood ,flesh and bone which enhances parents more entrenchment in demonic world. Can men penis heads be cut to be near equal with women who have lost their clitoris in fgm castration? In Fgm, parents are more than a curse to their daughter and to a nation. In fgm parents craft and draw holiness for themselves and for the whole family together with the community from fgm thus they cleanse and protect themselves from immoralities in the blood of their daughters clothed in religious attires. The burden of family and the community holiness is pegged and delivered from the mutilated sex organ of a girl child. It is a complete demonic way of life. Parents will be at pains in their old age of being accused by their knowledgeable daughters for destroying them sexually in heinous fgm act crafted by satan in cultural religious manner . This pertain more to human satanic sacrifice and worship than many would like not to believe they are more submerged in demonic world. Parents have subjected their children to satanic slavery in fgm without remorse. Fgm was designed to deliver sexual crippling effect on a girl child from her very womanhood. The liberation straggle must start with the young men as the deciding factor in fgm eradication and abandonment. Fgm prostitution castration is done for them and on their behalves which is demonically wrong. Youths have to free themselves from cultural sexual slavery in fgm prostitution banqueted for them by old generation for their none existent spiritual and physical stability benefits . In fgm prostitution parents are in satanic world together with witches and magicians turning the sexual organ of woman into an institution of satanic reverence. The devil footstool in fgm fuels men beastly carnage in societies. After fgm is done in honor of the dead, at a time in life , all evils come to the land and no other are better placed by satan to deliver the evils more than men. The purpose of excess of fgm brutality destroys the girl child sexually and the excess of the naked plain truth taught Spiritually in the Holly Bible about fgm leaves agitated camouflaged demonic collaborators in the dark underground world jittery worried and wounded in their honor. Their in-depth fear of men releasing of being fooled on benefits of fgm in marital life and the negative devastating counter reaction of men in marriages is real. We handle fgm in Christ’s love for mankind which is an eye opener for wise Christians to keep off fgm satanic sacrifice.
    It is hypocritical and mockery for parents in Church of Christ to spend patiently their early marriage live in double standards life to perpetuate FGM and live in their twilight years as devoted loving caring parents close to the clergy having soiled their hands with the blood of their daughters in a planned time staged managed shedding of blood and flesh of their daughters in fgm in early marriage life as she wade through the jungle of life for demonic chastity sacrifice acceptance. Can any wise God fearing parents subject their daughters to fgm to justify in a religious manner the sin of grandfathers for their past historical generation sexual immorality dynasty pacification cover up? Fgm remains the grandfathers generation to generation curse and sexual social slavery for culturally battered women. Us far as parents remain in honored prostitution in fgm they will never fathom from the bottom of their hearts the unjust physical and spiritual injuries inflicted in fgm? The girl child is deprived of her authority and integrity of her womanhood to demonic world and men who believe in their objective holiness gain for earthily humanity gains based on her precarious live in fgm. Parents pride themselves in fgm for tearing down the defense and fences of the marriage court a sacrifice to Satan. Women and girls are given to demonic world morality and will of men which is the hid out of satan. They do not pride and delight themselves in God. But GOD can never be mocked. Some men force their daughters to undergo fgm under the mothers pressure and pleasure forgetting there are no curses for those in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb26:1-2. It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice their daughters in fgm at alter of demonic cultures for community social acceptance. Fgm is the historical prostitution and plunder of womanhood bound in cultural respect and honor. Evil committed by parents in fgm cannot be justified by existent of time done or by one’s sacrificial faith to do it willingly at peace. Fgm cultural sexual slavery is fortified by parents pretense of love for the girl child.
    Men must soberly disengage themselves honorary behind the scene for being the custodian pillars of sin of fgm making the sex organs of women as the moral battle fields of faith in God and call fgm the bygone unjust case of mayhem. Fgm foe must be purged from the battle field of minds and hearts of men in order of give girls social justice and enable women to overcome fgm. Youth must diligently determine the breaking and leveling of grandfathers extra ordinary generation curse in fgm grip to enable girls walk over it to freedom. This is the present single generation gigantic cultural crush win for youth to freedom from shackles of cultural sexual slavery in fgm. Train men to do away with fgm and there will be no fgm. Men form the bedrock of fgm. Man cannot seek Holy Almighty God in mirror of fgm castration. Can a man kneel before God and support fgm? It is awkward to hear men say what is good for a woman and not say what God says is good for a woman and him. It seems some men want to craft a way of holy life from the sex organ of women for themselves in name of purity for God. When God told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to fgm in honor of the dead or have sex with them, He did not leave any form of fgm for a girl child. To suggest there can be mild form of FGM is not acceptable before God. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the annual mass satanic sacrifice done honorably by parents. Once the blood of a girl child is shed in fgm the land is polluted and the country becomes full of all evils. Mothers are the accomplished with devils’ priests in satanic underground of honor who mutilates the sex organs of young girls with full expressed active acknowledgment of fathers when sold to satan.
    Youth in unique spiritual flight must dislodge themselves from the yoke of fgm prostitution slavery offered honorary by parents in satanic sacrifice. They are dependable defensive force for young girls who cannot be ignored. Let brothers give our beloved sister a heart of change with helping hand against fgm. How would parents commit their daughters to fgm so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honor of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How would parents commit their daughters to fgm so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How will ever be girls compensated who are forced to fgm in their flower age after abandoning the evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated injured defenseless girls remain and the wounded souls and spirit in anguish of their heart cry to Almighty God. Fgm prostitution is a satanic prime reward sacrifice more tied to man as the enforcer but he does not bear the physical scaring scars sufferings women go through silently with physiological scars and no Christian should apply it in life. Christian should eliminate FGM with ability given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for in him there are no generation curses. Christians must redeem the time and not be foolish in daily life. The sex organ of a woman is not a battle field of faith for man in God. Men must purge social evils from within the depth their hearts, minds and not from the sexual organs of women in fgm operation ruins. Fgm was started by men and they must battle it to a dead end. It is a deeply rooted cultural faith they can win overnight. It takes less than two hrs to teach men and women on Biblical perspective of fgm ills to bring it to a dead end. And this is the Lord doing.
    Laws to ban fgm may not eliminate fgm since it can be done clinically at home. Parents require deliverance of their souls and spirits to God. In their liberated hearts their will not suffer any loose for abandoning fgm for their trust in God is paramount. Let all Children of Abraham by faith face the full real reality of life that there is no fgm with God. God bless you all united against this demonic cultural practice called fgm, a hard nut to crack preserved and hidden in parenthood for honorary acceptance. It is the time the promises in fgm die out and the demonic world open her gates wide for the girl child and closes its’ behind her as she leaves the alter of Satan empty handed for the rest of her life time. This is satanic torture for a girl child has to face to satisfy the demonic world cultural purity. Can the young men and girls muscle enough will power and do away with fgm prostitution forced down their lives by the old generation? Yes, they can since they are strong with open clear minds. They have the divine provision of a happy marriage within their reach. Their marriages belong to them and not to their parents. Youths obedience to parents stays within the confines of Godly practiced boundaries. God says you are strong and you can overcome the wicked one. 1 John2:14. We must hold the Word of God within its content and contest lest or we be found to have contempt for the Word of God. Fgm prostitution defeats any Godly purpose for it. The survival of young girls from fgm is in the hands of men who must salvage girls from fgm in the hands wicked culturally enslaved women. Their hands are washed with innocent blood of young girls sacrificed to satan in fgm. Fgm betrays and dwindle the full dignity of men in faith in God. When parents advance in age they present themselves as faithful model of faith full of prayers which is a mere mockery to devotional integrity of a holy faith in God having well planned to accomplish honorary executed fgm for all of their daughters in early marriage life. Many parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of Godly worship. Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? Let all Children of Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in God. God bless you all united against this demonic cultural practice called FGM.
    Some men say when women are sexually crippled, men and women remain faithful but to who? Which men are sexually crippled for women to remain holy? Is the sexual organ of a woman an institution of worship for men? GOD IS HOLLY. Men shouldn’t have defiled faith in God based on crippled sexual organ of a woman. Men should love God with a pure heart. The sexual organs of women are not stays for men to anchor their faith in God. Should a man share a wife with the devil? Fgm is ill tagged as a benefit to man child by those who perpetuate this demonic sacrifice. Men who view their holiness in God through the mutilated sexual organ of a woman put their faith in God in demonic practices perspectives Fgm prostitution is a satanic prime reward sacrifice more tied to man as the enforcer but he does not bear the physical scaring scars sufferings women go through silently with physiological scars and no Christian should apply it in life. The sex organ of a woman is not a battle field of faith for man in God. Fgm was started by men and they must battle it to a dead end. It is a deeply rooted cultural battle field they can win overnight. It takes less than two hrs to teach men and women on Biblical perspective of fgm ills to bring it to a dead end. The survival of young girls from fgm is in the hands of parents and men. Men must salvage girls from fgm in the hands culturally battered enslaved women. Their hands are washed with innocent blood of young girls sacrificed to satan in fgm. Fgm betrays and dwindle the full dignity of men in faith in God. The young girls fate in fgm hangs of balance since she cannot count on rescue even from her dear brothers. Her fate is sealed in dying hourly hope held by those who thirst and hunger for her flesh and blood since the injustice her beloved parents is awful cruel. It is in the hour of need when a father turns a cold shoulder to a girl child and commit her to Satan in fgm prostitution castration curse persecution of honor . The girl child lives with unresolved burning personal reserved resentments against her parents but all they see is well to their eyes. The dark embarrassing day of losing her womanhood in fgm remains vivid to her mind. Parents will have their daughters physically but emotionally detached from them in their old age a dilemma and a surprise for them to unravel. Their silent heart acre of lack of mutual trust between their daughters will go down to their old age. A great social rift is emerging among the youths and old generation based on increased abundant interactive active knowledge on whole evil issues based on fgm with youth calling for social justice in ending fgm. It is the dare devil fight win for the youths against the respected old culture elites.
    Legend has it that men were going for wars for a very long time against others communities and on return they found their beautiful young wives and girls were sexually molested and impregnated by the old men that were left behind . Sexual depression and deprivation were introduced in fgm as a tool of sexual suppression oppression. The macabre of fgm castration by parents was left settled by satan in prime hands of women so as appear as women affairs.. Can any wise God fearing parents subject their daughters to fgm to justify in a religious manner the sin of grandfathers for their past historical generation sexual immorality dynasty pacification cover up? Fgm remains the grandfathers generation to generation curse and sexual social slavery for culturally battered women. Men must soberly disengage themselves honorary behind the scene for being the custodian pillars of sin of fgm making the sex organs of women as the moral battle fields of faith in God and call fgm the bygone unjust case of mayhem. Fgm foe must be purged from the battle field of minds and hearts of men in order of give girls social justice and enable women to overcome fgm. Youth must diligently determine the breaking and leveling of grandfathers extra ordinary generation curse in formidable sin of honor in fgm filthy firm grip to enable girls walk over it to freedom. This is the present single generation gigantic cultural crush win for youth to freedom from shackles of fathers faults in disgrace of cultural sexual slavery in fgm. Culturally women who had gone FGM as they passed child bearing age and hung up the h, the old man would marry another young woman who had gone fgm referred to us the wife of his old age with desires to have children. No eyes blow were raised against the wife by the other wives since they understood their frigid morbid rocky sexual state as the aged. Their sexual live was thrown into disarray by fgm. They were not a joy to have as wives in their old age. Love to them was like surgery awake and they acknowledged the sexually active state of their husband. It was a time their husband was like a sexual beast to them. They sexually off loaded themselves through their husband’s young wife of his old aged thus shifting the burden of the fgm curse to the younger woman. If a man has to be circumcised in the Church of Christ, he should join our sisters in spiritual circumcision for all that is salvation. Colossians 2: 8-12. Roman2:28-29. Can a wise man pride himself before God counting the benefits of marrying a prostitute? In Church of Christ, only uncultured men in Godly practices, uncouth, no witty and demonic sadist will applaud sexual mutilation of young girls.
    Men must break free overnight from long overdue cultural desert edge of fgm atrocities and roll back the sheet of fgm loose to historical events. Youths are on a race against time whether to subject their marriages to generations prostitution in fgm. Parents can socially lose their children in their old age with phenomenal of being neglected by their children becoming more apparent. Fgm condemns a girl child to a life time of sexual cultural slavery. This is the misery bestowed upon her by her own parents in honor of the dead which they hold dear to their hearts. Parents pride themselves in fgm prostitution since they receive their communities social recognition and acceptance at a price of permanently sexually deforming their girls in fgm which they can view in a mirror. God says a woman is strong like merchants ships but the same easily destroyed and she has to submit to her husband who is supposed dwell with her in knowledge and love her as she navigate the stormy sea of live heavily loaded. This very strong vessel in waters of life called woman who can carry heavily in abundance is easily destroyed like merchants ships which have to navigate storms, rocks and remain without holes or eroding rusty floors to remain afloat in water .Ephesians5:22-25, Proverbs31:10-17. Parents have no rights in deforming and destroying the fountain of marriage. Proverb5:18-19. A virtuous woman girds her loins with strength and thinks of no harming her husband. The word weaker vessel Peter 3:1-7 is an illustration of being easily destroyed irrespective of her great strength in carrying capacity.
    Some parents are in Sodom of their own even in places of worship. Laws to ban FGM may not eliminate fgm since it can be done clinically at home. Even from time of old women can perform all types of evils counting on their husbands full support. Israelis women in the Bible told Jeremiah the Prophet that the sacrifices they offered to queen of heaven they did so with the support and knowledge of their husbands. Jeremiah 44:15-22. Even today women who force their daughters to undergo fgm count on their husbands endorsed full support. They confirm their husbands are part of Satanic sacrifice performed on their daughters in fgm when they disregard Godly advice and truth concerning fgm ill side effects. Parents require redemption and deliverance of their souls and spirit to God. In their liberated hearts they will not suffer any loose for abandoning fgm for their trust in God is paramount. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to fgm in honor of the dead or have sex with them making them prostitutes, Leviticus 19:28-29. In honored sin fgm prostitution, parents plant the seed of all evils which is watered and guarded by them in joy. Let all Children of Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in God that fgm is demonic cultural practice preserved and hidden in honored parenthood for hard acceptance as the girl child is merchandised at the altar of Satan leaving her empty handed bearing all adverse severe effects and defects in her body and spirit for the lest her life time. For how long will parents hold this form of prostitution dear to their bosom for earthly respect ,honor and close social acceptance? Is it that before God our beloved parents are not aware they are in a cerebrate prostitution with their daughters in fgm or they are stiff necked? The earth is annually drenched with the innocent blood of young girls and the seed of terror of evils is planted and established by parents in honor. Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of illustrious demonic cultures of fgm with love and care.
    In fgm ,parents’ cultural promises die out and the demonic world open her gates wide for the girl child and closes them behind her back as she leaves the alter of Satan empty handed for the rest of her life time. This is the satanic torture for a girl child has to face to satisfy the demonic cultural purity acceptance. Can the young men and girls muscle enough will power and do away with fgm prostitution forced down their lives by the old generation? Yes, they can since they are strong with an open clear mind. They have the divine provision of a happy marriage within their reach. Their marriage belong to them and not to their parents. Your obedience to parents stays anchored within the practices of Godly confined boundaries ,Ephesians 6:1-4. God says you are strong and you can overcome the wicked one. 1 John2:14. We must hold the Word of God within its content and contest lest or we be found to have contempt for the Word of God. Fgm prostitution defeat any Godly purpose for it. The sin of fgm castration is in the harbor of men and fathers hearts who hold firmly the filthy fgm as a stronghold for their source of morality enrichment support from womanhood castration. The faith of man in God cannot be rooted and stayed in mutilated sex of a woman for him to remain holy in God. Fgm remains the worst religious dogma with elite religious support. This has falsely given satan the upper arm in force religions. The dark embarrassing day of losing her womanhood in fgm remains vivid to her mind. Parents will have their daughters physically but emotionally detached from them in their old age a dilemma and a surprise to some. Their silent heart acre of lack of mutual trust between their daughters will go down to their old age. A great social rift is emerging among the youths and old generation based on increased abundant interactive active knowledge on whole evil issues based on fgm with youth calling for social justice in ending fgm. Men must break free overnight from long overdue cultural desert edge of fgm atrocities and roll back the sheet of fgm loose to historical events. How is it that others forces have to come in to stop parents determined in subjecting their girls from fgm atrocities brutality? Where is the binding code of love and Divine wisdom for their daughters?
    Can any clergy support fgm prostitution ? Only those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support fgm prostitution . Fgm exercise the most Dignified unreserved beastly cultural atrocities subjected on womanhood which is the deadly yoke of Satan hidden in parenthood for demonic chastity acceptance. Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD. Fgm prostitution bleeds horrible sorrows and suffering for a woman in her life time . When the mind of the man child is redeemed from fgm prostitution castration acts and fathers break the deadly terror of silence against the inherent morally disgusting and offensive fgm prostitution then it will be the natural death of fgm. Fgm prostitution has evaded men perspective of Divine Holiness in God. Men have subjected women to brutal evil discovered cultural slavery and sexual deprivation of marital joy in fgm as a precondition for love and marriage. This is a demonic and the most hypocritical selfish life style for men on earth when their hearts breeds absolute anarchy and evils for women left desperate and defenselessly cornered by onslaught of fgm .When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God instructions to the letter. GENESIS 17: 1-27. When will it dawn on parents that they are in demonic world together with magicians and witches in fgm? Parents only way out of this demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by asking for forgiveness and get saved. Since in fgm the girl child is sacrificed in historical generation to generation prostitution and plunder on womanhood bound in cultural respect and honor for the benefits of the man child concealed nonexistent benefits ,the man child ought to be brought in the front line to fights fgm empowered with wholesome active knowledge of all ills involved in fgm prostitution. The life time miseries the girl child goes through in fgm prostitution is not a gift to a man child. Parents have subjected their girls to fgm satanic slavery without remorse. Fgm was designed to deliver sexual crippling to a girl child from her very womanhood. The liberation struggle against fgm must start with the young men as the deciding factor in fgm eradication and abandonment. Fgm prostitution castration atrocity is dedicated to men which is demonically wrong. Youths have to free themselves from cultural sexual slavery in fgm prostitution banqueted for them by old generation for their none existent spiritual and physical well-being phase out. In fgm prostitution parents are more entrenched in demonic world together with witches and magicians turning the sexual organ of woman into an institution of satanic honored reverence.
    Men should not enter into marriage in seeking vain glory of sexual competition with women which raises gain to fgm prostitution castration for men to attain sexual superiority over women since it is a Divine given equally shared joy. Men should not take pleasure in sexually humiliating and hurting women in fgm prostitution castration persecution . This is a demonic and the most hypocritical selfish life style for a man on earth when his heart breeds absolute anarchy and evils for womanhood. Men should not seek selfish cultural sexual competition inclinations which make women vulnerable to fgm castration atrocities. Fgm prostitution is a satanic prime reward sacrifice more tied to man as the enforcer but he does not bear the physical scaring scars sufferings women go through silently with physiological scars and no Christian should apply it in life. Christian should eliminate FGM with ability given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for in him there are no generation curses. By instinct a man’s hand lands at the garden of love and joy to prop it up at Divine state how foolish he may be. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to fgm in honor of the dead or have sex with them making them prostitutes. Leviticus 19:28-29. Fgm is a Satanic sacrifice involving blood, soft bone and flesh and parents are more bonded to demonic world by sacrificing their girl child in fgm. It is hypocritical and mockery for parents in Church of Christ to spend their early marriage live in double standards life to perpetuate FGM and live in their twilight years as devoted loving caring parents close to the clergy having soiled their hands with the blood of their daughters in a well-planned time staged managed shedding of blood, soft bones and flesh of their daughters in fgm in early marriage life as she wade through the jungle of life for demonic chastity sacrifice acceptance .