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RTÉ follows the Dáil abortion legislation debate as it happened.


And we’re off again … with our second live blog as another round of discussions on the abortion legislation gets under way in the Dáil.


Clare Daly TD said where a woman believes that it is in her best interest to have a termination, that option should be available to her.

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    Joan Collins TD said we should not allow women to be treated as second and third class citizens.

Clare Daly TD – I was on a panel with her less than two weeks ago – a panel on reproductive rights.

This one, in fact –

I’m amazed at the things I get to do, sometimes.


Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald said that where there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother, she has the right to have her life saved.

She said that if you start saying that risk of death has to be set aside, then you are putting the life of the mother at risk and denying her, her rights.

Well quite.

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    The Government has passed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill by 127 votes to 31.

    All of the 165 proposed amendments were defeated by the Government which led to criticism from Opposition TDs.

    The Bill now moves to the Seanad.

So that’s done.


  1. Al Dente says

    All of the 165 proposed amendments were defeated by the Government which led to criticism from Opposition TDs.

    I suspect many of those amendments essentially gutted this very restricted abortion bill. The bishops must be howling.

  2. miraxpath says

    The Bill is so very narrow and limited that it is possible to vote against it from a strongly pro-choice position. I suppose. But this is Ireland, even such limited victories for the rights of women are so hard won and rare that it feels wrong to me to vote against the bill.

  3. AbortionKillsBabies says

    Go home, Pineapple.

    Having a superb time at TAM. It is so refreshing to be at TAM and not have to suffer garbage like you.

    Oh, and you have a personal hygiene problem.

  4. seraphymcrash says


    Writing up that kind of garbage as a comment is not an okay thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m positive you’re not, but you should be.

  5. says

    Ireland is taking small steps to change things. It is a small victory that would have been undreamt of in the not too distant past. The successive governments in power in the past refused to touch this thorny issue for fear of losing their seats and offending the Roman Catholic church. it took brave senators such as Ivana Bacek and intelligent strong people of her ilk to stand out amongst the crowd. There will be no turning back. There can’t be. Ireland will hopefully learn to walk and stand tall.

    Clare Daly, TD is an amazing speaker. She speaks with such utter conviction. All of the speakers on the reproductive panel were a force to be reckoned. So fair dues to one and all.

  6. says

    Just on the off chance, AKB@4, that you’re for real and not just spouting nonsense for the sake of it, I should point out that abortion does not kill babies; it destroys embryos, or in later stages, foetuses. If you can’t tell the difference between an embryo and a baby, or between a foetus and a baby, then I suspect your connection to reality might be a little glitchy.

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