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    It was an incredible night at the Dail.

    But you know what was more incredible to me than the vote? The smiles, thumbs-up, and beeping (and bells on bicycles) that we got from passers-by. The people standing up on the top floors of buses to wave at us and tell us to give ’em (that’ll be the antichoicers) hell and keep fighting the good fight. Whoever it was who left a bag of bottles of water for those of us standing out for hours.

    I’m 30, and I remember when pro-choice activists would be spat at on the street. Only a year ago, I would never have imagined that people would stand up and come out publically as having travelled for abortions. Today? Today we get thumbs-up, and I just watched a friend talk on an international news station about her experience going to the UK for an abortion.

    This legislation is flawed at best, and won’t save every woman’s life who could be saved. It wouldn’t have saved Savita Halappanavar.

    But Ireland? Ireland has changed.

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