1. hjhornbeck says

    Bravo, Oolon! It’s great to see these issues getting mainstream coverage as well, as that’s an absolute necessity to any sort of culture shift.

  2. MrFancyPants says

    In the interests of fairness: Oolon, Oh, wait, yeah, those kinds of comments won’t appear will they, since you’re a dude?

    On a more serious note, awesome that you gave this some wider coverage! The question I’m wondering now is, why didn’t they interview Rebecca? If she’s the source of all this, as they implied, it seems like they might have wanted to get her take on it now, years after the incident.

    Overall, though I feel pretty happy about this turn of events. Things seem to be going our way. People are listening, conference behavior codes are being adopted, and people are speaking out.

  3. MrFancyPants says

    HTML broke my post. The “those kinds of comments” comment was something about Oolon’s appearance. Now I’ve spoiled the joke.

  4. says

    @MrFancyPants, well my appearance is not great ,even for me, as I rushed there unprepared after work and was hot and slumped in my chair for the interview! But no, weirdly nothing about my appearance, not relevant to my “wrongness” or my worth but totally relevant to women’s … For no particular reason that I can think of :-/

    I’m sure I’ll get some, but telling its never the first thing they reach for when its a bloke.

    Rebecca came up as Paul wanted to know the origin of the block bot and really its a response to “deep rifts” which mainly dates back to “elevatorgate” … He looked up the YT vid of Rebecca saying “Don’t do that” as they could hardly believe that a simple statement would lead to years of misogynistic abuse. So it fits into the history of the bot. No time to get RW as I was there a few hours after talking to them and looking up the vid happened at the end as Paul wanted to see what spawned the abuse.

  5. Maureen Brian says

    Here’s the spokesperson – no! no! Head of Trust and Safety – whom Twitter put up last evening to talk to BBC Newsnight.

    I’ve got a tenner, still with Charles Darwin on the back, on the bet that her fellow heads of this, that and the other have been keeping her in the dark all along.

    And isn’t Gavin Esler effective?

  6. PatrickG says

    Fantastic job oolon!

    Though now I’m going to “hear” all your comments in your actual voice. 🙂


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