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More on the Edmonton MRAs and their “don’t be that girl” poster campaign.

The CBC story on Tuesday.

Posters that mimic the well-known “Don’t be that guy” campaign against sexual assault have gone up around Edmonton bearing a very different message.

The “Don’t be that girl” poster reads: “Just because you regret a one night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime.”

Late Tuesday night a group called Mens Rights Edmonton, a local anti-feminism group, claimed responsibility for the posters.

New data released Tuesday by the Canadian Women’s Foundation show that less than 10 per cent of sexual assaults are reported to the police.

The survey suggests about 19 per cent of Canadians believe women encourage or provoke assault when they are drunk and 15 per cent believe it can be provoked by flirting.

The CBC report yesterday.

In that one you get to hear the familiar voice of Karen Straughan explaining how the original “don’t be that guy” poster campaign “really does demonize all men.”


  1. says

    A sad blight on my home town. The comments and discussions around this have just proved to me how bucktarded fackwards many of the people here really are. Not just the MRA’s, but the people going ‘Oh hey yeah they have a point don’t they?’ Well…no. No they dont. GAH.

  2. hjhornbeck says

    Said group has issued an official statement about the posters. It’s typical MRA fluff; they weren’t excusing rape (false), they rely on unsourced claims of widespread false rape accusations (it’s actually very rare), they cry “What about the men?” (while quietly being bigoted against them) and claim they’re just promoting a dialog (that encourages violations of fundamental human rights). It ends with a creationist-style plea for credibility, by fishing for someone to debate them.

    I view MRAs as the secular version of creationists. They both use similar logic to defend their claims, and are equally blind to the reality around them.

  3. thascius says

    Isn’t it funny how in MRA world women are always lying when they accuse men of rape, but men who actually do rape apparently never falsely deny it? Or maybe it’s just that in MRA world men never commit rape.

  4. says

    In that one you get to hear the familiar voice of Karen Straughan explaining how the original “don’t be that guy” poster campaign “really does demonize all men.”

    But of course, the “don’t be that girl” campaign doesn’t demonize women at all, does it?

    Did this idiot quote anything that actually demonized all men? Or is she just making shit up as ueual?

  5. Andrew B. says

    When I first heard Schrodinger’s Rapist a few years ago, I felt demonized as a man. Then I realized something really important: some things in life are more important than my ego. Then I took it a step further: basically everything in life is more important than my ego. My ego being bruised isn’t worse than someone being raped. Each time my ego shrinks a bit, my humanity fills in the space.

    MRAs haven’t reached this point in their understanding, apparently.

  6. says

    Ibis3: pardon the threadjack, but in fairness, the Catholic League isn’t just one guy, it’s one guy who knows his Church is quietly allowing him to be their unacknowledged, unofficial outlet for any lies, bigotry or other propaganda they want to get out to the public without having to be responsible for it. If the Church didn’t approve of his actions, said actions would cease. He’s loyal to the Church, and pretending to be a separate agent is part of his job.

  7. says

    @9: I got a chuckle out of that, but: could we please not do this sort of stuff? I’m dreading slymey, lets-hate-Rebecca type comments on posts about TAM at other blogs; let’s not be the ones to start it.TAM isn’t MRA any more than WIS is a bunch of man-silencing feminazis. I hope the TAM attendees have a great time without The Issue over shadowing it, just as I hope the same for every other con in the atheo/skepto-sphere.

  8. Mattir, Another One With Boltcutters says

    I will begin worrying about false police reports the second that non-false police reports are taken with a modicum of seriousness, which won’t be any time soon. Sure, false reports happen. Sort of like sometimes deer injure human hunters during hunting season. But whatever small percentage of rape reports are false, that percentage would plummet if the people afraid to file truthful reports were taken seriously and became willing to report their victimizations.

    Fucking elementary probability – how does that work.

  9. cuervodecuero says

    Anthony K, from a drying out neighbour three hours South, good hunting.

    I like how the AVFM ‘contributors’ all women lie and cheat, unless they’re GirlWritesWhat agreeing with everything AVFM want said.

    The Edmonton ‘rights’ group has gleefully revealed they’re nothing more than a Canadian talking point of the AVFM. I hopefully await, perhaps in vain, for AVFM follow-through on attempting to call all media to promote their ‘side’ of things and media to dig into them and splash what people who *aren’t* them say, all over mainstream.

  10. says

    TAM isn’t MRA any more than WIS is a bunch of man-silencing feminazis.

    Hm, I don’t think that’s as clear-cut as you make it out to be. But I don’t want to derail this thread.


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